Dual Gear, Mecha Game Closed-Alpha Test Now Available For Backers
(Last Updated On: October 18, 2016)

Backers of the indie mecha game, known as Dual Gear, will be able to test Orbital Speed Studio’s closed-alpha trial for the mecha game right now. The closed-alpha test, like any other, is used for community feedback to change the game for the better. Dual Gear is set to come out next year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Starting off on Steam Greenlight, developers Orbital Speed Studio have been working on their mecha indie project ever since the game hit the platform on Steam, and even stuck with the project afterwards. As of recent the devs have announced that Dual Gear will hold a Close-Alpha test for all backers.

“For Alpha/Beta backers, we need a little bit of time around 2-3 hours to compile our supporter list to send a confirmation emails. After you completely fill up our confirmation email, we will send a Close Alpha access steam key within 24 hours after you send back a confirmation!”

The devs elaborate even more on the matter by detailing that the game will receive another closed-alpha test that will allow backers to test the mecha game, and provide more feedback after the first test.

“This version is the first release of Close Alpha! We plan for two updates on Close Alpha phase. During an alpha test time, you can give us about your feedback, critic, and ideas what you want.”

Sifting through some of the “Engrish” on the dev’s site, there will be mod support for fans to mess around with to add features of their own into Dual Gear. It’ll be interesting to see what some modders will add to the game when said support becomes available.

Moreover, something I think really needs fixing ASAP is the animations and sound effects in this game. Listening to some of the sounds can get a little annoying, and if some of the animation were smoother I think it would help with the overall feel. But you can be the judge of that by watching two alpha build videos of Dual Gear.

The first video shows mech customization, while the second video shows gameplay.

For more information on this game you can hit up dualgear.com.

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  • C G Saturation

    Damn, that looks nice. Then I realized its a turn-based game :/

    • durka durka

      there is always project nimbus.

  • durka durka

    -Make a game that you got huge mechs wrecking havoc
    -Make a turn based game that you control and fight other mechs.

    Yeah lets go with the second option.


    • Squirly

      Because the latter has a huge glut of games… oh wait, no it doesn’t. We have real-time shoot-everything mech games. We don’t have a whole lot of what they’re offering here.