Endless Space 2 Cheats Let You Access Infinite Resources
(Last Updated On: June 7, 2017)

One of the new games to make its way onto Steam Early Access is Sega and Amplitude Studios’ Endless Space 2. The new game is a 4x grand strategy title featuring diplomacy, military strategies, planetary terraforming and resource management. For gamers who just don’t have the time or the patience to grind for resources, there’s a cheat to help with that.

It’s become clockwork for cheat dispensaries like Mr. Antifun to roll out trainers by the boatload. And even though Endless Space 2 is still in Early Access and will continue to stay there for anywhere between the next four and six months, a new cheat trainer was made available via Mr. Antifun on his official website.

So what does the cheat trainer do? Well, it opens up only two cheats for Endless Space 2: infinite resources and access to the developer menu.

Now keep in mind that while there are only two cheats, the developer menu will grant you all sorts of options to manipulate in the game. In fact, you can take a look at what sort of features and tweaks you can make by poking around in the dev mode thanks to a video Mr. Antifun uploaded that quickly runs through some of the features of the trainer.

In order to activate the dev mode, you first have to start a world and then turn on the trainer and activate the developer menu cheat. To activate the menu hold down “Shift” and press “F1”. The video should provide you with a good visual guide on how to activate the dev mode.

[Update:] Additional cheats have also been made available courtesy of a trainer you can download from MegaDev’s page.

The MegaDev cheat trainer contains 48 different cheats you can utilize in the game, ranging from increasing military might to upgrading your research points. There’s something in there for everyone.

If you already bought the Early Access rendition of the grand strategy game, you’ll likely be able to blast through the available content with the cheat trainer in no time.

According to the Early Access page, Amplitude Studios has plans on adding in four more civilizations to choose from, the ability to customize your own civilization, 10 extra minor civilizations and 25 additional academy heroes.

They also have plans on expanding the galaxy customization options, including in more galaxy types, more colonization events and the ability to engage with and discover more planets and anomalies.

They also want bigger and badder space battles, more resources, more maps, more battle plays and more meta elements to add a richness to the player’s options when it comes to gameplay styles as well as depth to the strategies that can be employed while expanding your galactic empire.

The Early Access rendition of Endless Space 2 is available right now for $29.99. You can grab a digital copy from over on the Steam store. Additionally, you can download the cheat trainer, for free, by hitting up Mr. Antifun’s download page.

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