FBI Reopens Investigation Into Clinton E-Mail Scandal Due To Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner is tied to the reopening of the FBI’s investigation into the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal due to some messages popping up in a separate investigation involving Weiner’s sexting scandal.

According to New York Times, the FBI is back on the e-mail case after they originally closed it back in July. FBI director James B. Comey notified Congress about their move to reopen the investigation in light of new information that surfaced during their investigation into the Anthony Weiner case, where he was sending lewd photos to females.

Clinton quickly made an address to the public about the case, dismissing its importance and pledging to move forward with tackling the issues plaguing America at the moment. The short press statement was captured by the Associated Press on October 28th, 2016.

Various spokespersons and representatives of Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee have either abated the questions by putting the onus on Comey for answers, or dismissed the investigation altogether by saying that it’s not important until more pertinent details are made available. One of those people dismissing the investigation includes Donna Brazile, interim chair for the Democratic National Committee, who unironically enough was involved in the recent scandal involving violating FEC regulation by working with splinter cells to troll Trump.

The internet social media machine was on full blast following the news, with many Hillary supporters claiming that it was a waste of tax payer money to reopen the investigation so close to election day. Others claimed it was a ploy by the GOP to divert attention away from the sexual abuse allegations levied at Trump.

Right wing website Prntly was quick to point out that following the news about the FBI’s reopening of the investigation led to Obama “quietly” canceling his speaking engagements on behalf of Clinton. However, later in the day the official Hillary Speeches website re-updated the page to show that Obama was still scheduled to speak in various key states leading up to election day. Archives are still available of the tweaked schedule, which did seem to show that some of the speaking engagements had been briefly axed following the news.

The speaking engagement cancellations wouldn’t seem too surprising given that President Barack Obama was implicated in the Clinton e-mail scandal by Clinton aide Cheryl Mills, according to a report by Mint Press News.

The e-mail was part of the Wikileaks Podesta leak, and in particular was highlighted by the whistle blowers in a tweet posted up on October 25th, 2016, where Mills says “We need to clean this up, he has emails from her – they do not say state.gov”.

But the shenanigans surrounding this election doesn’t end there.

On October 27th, 2016 the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that discrepancies with voting machines in various counties across Georgia had been reported to the NAACP President Francys Johnson. At least six counties had reported that voting machines were “flipping” votes for the presidential candidates.

One of the machines in Bryan County had to be replaced for “flipping” votes from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. It’s a surprising turn of events for some people because previously it was all news about Democratic shadow organizations and splinter cells being reported for voter fraud. This followed on the troubling revelation from a New York commissioner who also alleged that lots of voter fraud was taking place in New York under the mayor’s watch.

In the Georgia case, multiple individuals had reported that their votes for Clinton kept switching to Trump, and despite this happening across multiple machines in multiple counties, the county election officials are saying these are simply isolated incidents. They are also chalking up these issues to the voting machines being 13 years old, and possibly acting up to do age.

In states where absentee ballots can be cast, it’s possible to vote early and also change your vote before election day. Michigan is currently under legislative contention for trying to get early voting in place instead of absentee ballot casting, but there’s some push back because early voting means votes are tabulated instantly instead of on election day, as reported by the Detroit News.

This means that when scandals like the FBI reopening their investigation into illegal e-mail servers possibly being used for classified information, absentee ballots can be altered in case people would prefer not voting for a candidate with the FBI breathing down their neck. Early voting prohibits that kind of leeway.


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