Final Fantasy XV Omen Trailer Sees Noctis Steadily Losing His Clothes

If you like the boy-band theme of Final Fantasy XV, and you’ve been dying to get your eyes fixated on some effeminate boy meat, you’ll likely enjoy the new “Omen” short film that Square Enix released for the upcoming JRPG.

The film is about a premonition that haunts king Lucius. It foretells of things to possibly come, but centers around Noctis and his journey and battle from within. Things start off all symbolically with Noctis riding a car through the valleys and looking out the window of his old bedroom, but then things begin to take a turn after the leader of the combat boy-band flips his Regalia after falling deeply in love with the cuteness of a little arctic wolf.

From there, Noctis experiences a deep journey through losing his clothes slowly throughout the rest of the film. Check it out below.

The short plays on the concept of Noctis potentially turning evil; he has a battle with Luna that hints as much.

If this isn’t just another fancy promo but actually ties into some aspect of Final Fantasy XV’s storytelling then it would be really fascinating to see how Noctis battles his demons from within and if it’s actually possible for him to turn out to be evil.

Final Fantasy XV

For now, Square has focused on him being the sole hero of the tale, with his boy-band members providing backup like the rest of N’Sync did for Justin Timberlake.

Beyond glimpses of possibilities, majority of the short was about setting up the expectations gamers might have of the world of Final Fantasy XV. Obviously , it was all CGI so unfortunately it’s not at all representative of the game’s actual in-engine graphics, but at least they kept the combat the same, and consistent with what they’ve been showcasing in the trailers and live-streams, as well as what they introduced in Kingsglaive.

You can expect to play through Final Fantasy XV for yourself come November 29th.


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