Gears of War 4 Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

The Coalition has their first try at the Gears of War franchise with Gears of War 4. The new game for the Xbox One and Windows 10 features an all new cast of playable characters along with a few familiar faces. For gamers looking to get a little help in their journey through the game, there’s a complete gameplay walkthrough guide available.

The game’s prologue is a retread of missions that happened before, during and leading up to the end of the war with the Locusts. The prologue is used to help gamers get acquainted with the gameplay, including learning how to shoot, how to throw grenades and how to get good.

After doing the prologue players are put into the role of JD Fenix, as he and his merry band of special friends attempt to steal a Fabricator, which can be used to spawn weapons and ammo.

Players will make their way into the settlement and fight off a bunch of DB robot units using a spastic sub machine gun, a pistol and a shotgun. The way through the level is completely linear so all you have to do is follow the set path.

Eventually you’ll end up inside the tower where you’ll need to take an elevator down into the facility to grab the Fabricator. Once it’s back on the elevator you’ll have to battle your way back up by facing off against waves of enemies on each floor.

Upon getting back up to the top and exiting the facility, gamers will be treated to a short cutscene before heading into the next section of Act 1.

After you head through the area and get back to the village, you’ll have to partake in a Horde Mode defense mission where Kait’s mother directs you on how to take out the robot invaders.

You’ll likely want long range weapons to keep the robot away and use the turrets to help safeguard the base, as showcased in the video below.

In the second act the game moves back old school, bringing Marcus Fenix back into the fold. You can move through the house to Fenix’s family heirloom room that contains a bunch of shooting against the robots leading up to the room.

After you get your equipment you’ll have a mini-boss battle against a helicopter. It might be best to get something that packs a punch and blast the crap out of the helicopter.

Following the helicopter fight you’ll need to travel to the barn where there’s more robot battling that takes place in close quarters. The robots will attempt to flank you while the shielded robots try to suppress you from the front. It’s best to clear out the ground troops first.

After going through the wine cellar and battling more robots through the courtyard heading toward the barn, you’ll have to face off against another helicopter mini-boss. Be sure to aim for the engines on the left and right side of the copter to kill it quickly.

This all leads toward a huge boss battle against the Vulture, a giant ship that tries to stop JD and his friends attempt an escape on the motorcycles. You can zoom in to shoot out some of the barricades that are blocking the pathway.

For the Vulture fight, just shoot out the engines in the rear and then take out the turret guns on the side. The final core will be exposed in the center, once it’s open just shoot it until it blows. MKIceandFire did a video covering how to take it down.

After beating the Vulture the next step is to battle through some tight corridors and fight off some of the Swarm from the incubators.

Be careful with the Swarm because they will literally swarm you. It’s best not to bust open the the pods to spare yourself any of the heart ache of having to fight any more than you need to.

The Lancer works best for dealing with the Swarm when they get in close, so it’s best to keep it at the ready. The pathways are quite linear, so basically it’s just a matter of following the pathways as the trio attempt to track down Fenix.

You’ll have to then make your way into a church, where beefy versions of the Swarm will come out of a nest, naked, muscled and dangerous. They can use guns, so you can’t just rush them like the crawlers.

After moving through the church you’ll face off against more drones in the graveyard as they emerge from the nests. Just like in previous Gears of War games it’s completely possible to throw grenades into the nests to destroy them and keep them from coming out. Those tactics are outlined in the video below, as the trio make their way through the graveyard.

Things get difficult when the three kids make their way after the Snatcher carrying away Marcus. They run into Pouncers, who pounce on you and shoot quills at you.

The best weapon for the job is the shotgun, because the Pouncers are very heavily armored and using automatic weapons will just deplete your ammo reserves way too quickly.

Their undersides are vulnerable so it might be best to try shoot their vulnerable parts.

After riding the funicular up the mountainside after the Snatcher, the three have to make their way through toward and through the tower keep.

When you get to the segment where you have to clear out the Swarm from on top of the tower, you can get a hold of a Boomshot. If you don’t want to waste the Boomshot, it might be best to save it by using the turret on top of the tower and saving the Boomshot for later.

You’ll need to make your way across the keep’s drawbridge and toward the catacombs. The areas leading toward the keep consist more-so of long-range encounters, so long-range rifles are essential.

When you get into the keep there are a lot of close-range combat scenarios, so a Knasher might be best.

When making your way through the catacombs it’s probably best to use the buzzsaw to cut through the Swarm and all of the pods during the corridor firefight. It’ll save you ammo and allow you to avoid having to waste a lot of ammo on the smaller Juvies.

The Lancer is vital for this part to get through all the little Juvies.

From there you’ll need to move through the catacombs until you get to the Pouncer, where the Torque Bow will make quick work of it.

When you take out the Pouncer a short cinematic will play where the trio will move down into the underground caverns. There will be a choice to take the high or low ground. The high ground will give you an option to snipe from above to help out Del and Kait.

Following a short trek through the caverns you’ll encounter the ore operation in the mines.

A Dropshot can be found that will make it easy to take out the Swarm nests before taking the “Elevator to Hell”.

During the mining command post segment, players will have to do another Horde 3.0 segment, where defensive towers can be placed down to defend the control room.

Auto-turrets will free you up so it can do some work while you blast the more fast moving Juvies trying to get close. A mountable turret will spell trouble.

Following defending the control room for a while you will need to hit the emergency brake for the elevator. Don’t get bogged down trying to fight off all the Swarm. Only kill the ones directly in your way and make sure you run fast. It’s best to use the cover-pull tactic to yank them over the barrier and then kill them with a melee attack instead of trying to play whack-a-mole with them.

When you reach the bottom there will be more whack-a-mole combat, but a new enemy type will also appear who can buff up the Swarm Drones. It’s best to take out the enemies before fighting the Drones since the Drones will get buffed.

Moving further through the mines you’ll eventually be able to get into a loader and smash through some of the Swarm and smash through some of the walls.

This eventually leads to a battle with one of the Snatchers. Only it’s underbelly is vulnerable, so lob grenades under its stomach as often as possible. Also, be sure to save your grenades for the Snatcher, since it can be difficult to battle if you’re not properly equipped.

After defeating the first Snatcher and freeing Marcus, you’ll have to use another loader to break through one of the crystal walls and battle yet another Snatcher. If you have a shotgun it might be best to get close and shoot it directly on the underbelly.

Eventually you’ll need to make your way back to the ore collector in the mine shaft, but on the way back you’ll need to battle another Snatcher. It can be tricky battling the Snatcher because you’ll either have to fight it in an enclosed space or in the open. One of the advantages of the enclosed space is that you can get off a few shotgun blasts, but once the Snatcher faces you within the enclosure it’s hard to go anywhere and you’ll likely die. So when it faces you head out into the open area to draw it out and then move back under the enclosure when it’s away.

After defeating the Snatcher you’ll need to head back to the ore collector and battle through more Swarm.

There is a slight mini-game style event involving riding up the elevator shaft on the cables. Be sure to blow up the explosives as they fall to avoid taking damage.

Following the elevator ride you’ll need to move through the riverbed around the dam toward the next Locust burial site.

During the windstorm segment where the group makes their way through the empty riverbed. You can use many of the physics-based traps to wipe out most of the Swarm forces during the stoarmwall section, just shoot out the supports holding up some of the loose structures to wipe most of them out.

Moving through the service tunnel into the dam will lead toward a boss fight. Like the other Swarm enemies, you’ll need to shoot the weak points to do damage, which is located at the center of its chest. It’s not a difficult boss to defeat if you simply keep your distance and pepper it with fire in the chest there shouldn’t be any problems taking it down. Proceed through the dam’s inner workings to free up the turbine from the Swarm gunk to get the elevator working again, and then head back to the elevator.

The elevator still won’t work even after getting the turbine working again. Players will be given a choice on either going to the operational deck or restoring the generators.

Turning the generators back on will be a close-combat affair, so bringing a weapon that can cut through the Swarm will be essential.

When taking out the Scion mini-bosses, there’s a sniper rifle that can be used to take them out. A couple of headshots will take them down so save the sniper rounds for them.

Later there’s a Carrier you’ll need to fight, so grab the buzzsaw and use it against the Carrier when you finally have to face off against it after taking the elevator halfway up the dam.

After defeating the Carrier you’ll need to head up the dam and travel across the turbines, which will lead into another whack-a-mole Drone firefight.

You’ll have to battle through the Swarm while dodging some smashing chains. The shotgun will work well along with the Lancer since you will be getting in pretty close to the Locusts.

After getting past the Mortal Kombat-style chains of doom, you’ll need to ride the turbine up to the upper level of the dam. The Dropshot might be useful but they also provide you with a sniper rifle as well.

You’ll have to battle another Snatcher before entering back into the dam in order to reach the top.

There’s a progressive battle across the dam as the group attempt to get the satellite so Marcus can call in some reinforcements. There are some Scion master units to fight across the dam, but simple whack-a-mole tactics will take care of them easily enough.

The dam will continue to lead you toward the satellite, but first you’ll have to do a mini-game involving a siegbeast to take out a turret. You’ll need to aim the siegebeast away from the turret by a couple of centimeters and then only give it just a little above half power to take out the turret.

Once the turret is down you can head through the dame and face off against more Swarm. A Torque Bow is perfect to wipe out the nest at the construction site just outside the dam.

Eventually you’ll have to face off against a Swarmak inside the dam. You’ll need to open the transformer doors, and destroy them. Shoot the highlighted scabs on the Swarmak to damage it and then rinse and repeat the method of activating and destroying the transformers to hurt the Swarmak.

Some Drones will appear to help the Swarmak, so it might be best to to use a long-range rifle to take them out before they get to the squad.

After defeating the Swarmak you’ll need to head through the courtyard toward the radio tower. You’ll need to fight off both the Swarm and the Deebees in the process.

It’s best to help the Deebees against the Swarm since the Deebees are easier to kill than the Swarm.

Following the battle with the other two groups and heading through the courtyard the group will need make their way toward the Metalworks factory.

There’s some additional battles that you’ll encounter through the factory, including a Scion with a buzzsaw. Coming out of the Metalworks factory leads toward a hill with a turret that suppresses the entire group. The best thing to do is inch forward by taking out the drones and avoiding the turret while moving in close. After inching around to the side of the turret you can take out the Drone operating it.

Marcus makes his way inside and brings out a fabricator for another Horde 3.0 segment. During the first round you’ll have to deal with a Scion and plenty of Juvies, so turrets to keep the Juvies away is ideal.

You’ll spend around 10 minutes engaged in the fight against the Swarm, including a fight against the Snatcher.

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