GOG.com Introducing 2-Step Authentication Starting October 24th
(Last Updated On: October 16, 2016)

Steam does it, PSN started doing it, Battle.net has always been doing it, and now GOG.com will do it. What are they doing? Two-step authentication. Starting October 24th GOG.com will introduce two-step login authentication to prevent users from losing their accounts to pesky hackers, key-loggers, account pilferers and scandalous scammers.

A brief e-mail was sent out to GOG.com users letting them know that things are about to get tight… real tight… when it comes to account security, of course. They state in the e-mail…

“[…] we will start enabling Two-step login on all current accounts, with a goal to increase your account’s security. Once enabled, the first time you log in from a new device or network, we will send you an email with a unique code, which must be entered in order to proceed. If you’re using GOG mostly from home or work, you should only be required to use the Two-step code very rarely.”

They say that the two-step authentication will be very easy to use and won’t be intrusive. For people who absolutely do not care about securing their account, it is possible to head into the account settings and disable two-step authentication before October 24th. Quite naturally, they warn users against disabling the new security protocol because… honestly, why would you want to?

This is a nice step by GOG.com to further secure their wares as they continue to grow and expand the business. They obviously don’t carry as many games as Steam, Origin or Amazon, but the fact that their games are DRM-free and they have that super sexy GOG Galaxy client makes it worthwhile. They also don’t have any obnoxious client setups or obstructive designs like Uplay, Games For Windows Live, Battlelog or Battle.net. Everything is made easy-peasy when it comes to buying, downloading and playing games through GOG.

They offer a quick FAQ for people still on the fence about the new feature, and you can check it out over on the official GOG website to learn more about securing your account and how their two-step authentication process will work.

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