Hello Neighbor Releases New Alpha 1 Trailer And Playable Alpha Build

Hello Neighbor is a really unique stealth-horror strategy game created by Dynamic Pixels and published by Tinybuild.

Hello Neighbor isn’t like your average horror game. It takes place in a peaceful neighborhood with bright colorful friendly looking cartoon style 3D graphics. The art style and character designs also has some Psychonauts-esque vibes going on, which in my opinion gives the game a bit more personality and character.

The game revolves around you, the player, attempting to break into your neighbor’s house; your really crazy neighbor’s house. Apparently he has something hidden in his basement, something really strange, and it is up to you to figure out what he’s hiding. You know, kind of like that 2007 movie with Shia labeouf stalking his neighbor.

The twist, the game features an advanced AI that will track your movements, hunt you down, and adapt to how you play to keep you out of the house!

The developers released a gameplay video from their earlier pre-alpha build, so check out the below video that features about 10 minutes of pure gameplay.

The cool part is that with every new build the developers put together, they change the house a bit to see how the AI moves about and reacts to your playstyle and movement, and the newer versions have become a bit more ambitious with the content. They are now experimenting with a second floor to see if the AI can still move about the house freely and keep up with the player, and so far it looks like the AI can indeed navigate a complex 2-story house.

Newer builds have sharks, graveyards, lots of doors, puzzles, barricades, and a whole lot of other stuff for you to discover. The developers released a new Alpha 1 teaser trailer on their YouTube Channel that showcases some of the new content which also includes a new house design, so check out the new video I linked below.

I’ll be honest, that trailer terrified me when he couldn’t get the door open. I played the older Pre-Alpha build and I have to say it is extremely stressful to play and it does a great job of building suspense and keeping you on the edge of your seat with its music, sound cues, and overall atmosphere. There are no ghosts or monsters, but somehow Hello Neighbor manages to make a seemingly harmless man terrifying, and I love it!

The free Pre-Alpha version doesn’t include the basement portion of the game or the 2-story house, but it will give you a pretty good idea about what the game is like and what it has to offer.

If you are interested in playing the new Alpha 1 build for Hello Neighbor, you can follow the provided link to visit their Official website to buy the game. You can also follow the same link and download the older free Pre-alpha version.

If you buy the Alpha 1 version now, it will also gain you access to all future alpha and beta builds, as well as future access for when the game officially releases next Summer.


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