Here They Lie, Creepy And Bizarre Horror Title Now Available For PSVR
(Last Updated On: October 15, 2016)

The PlayStation VR has launched this past week and it did so with a number of budget-priced games designed to get you enthralled and enticed in the VR gaming experience. One of those games happens to be the psychological horror title designed by the Santa Monica Studios spin-off from Tangentlemen called Here They Lie.

The Mature-rated thriller takes players to a world beyond death, where the creepy culminations of the human mind twist and bend with the bizarre surrealism of a horror-filled experience. You can see what the game looks like with the launch trailer below.

Based on the gameplay clips it appears as if Here They Lie is more of an interactive narrative experience than a typical survival-horror title. If it’s a thoroughbred walking sim with horror elements then I don’t think that’s going to be too bad, because the horror thrills and pop-out scares will be more deliberate and moderately paced as opposed to free-form survival-horror games.

In a way, I can see a sub-genre of horror games within the walking simulator category excelling in the virtual reality space. The main reason why I think walking sims work better in VR is simply because the immersive experience that they try to convey finally comes through in a more visceral and personal experience.

In this case, I’m not entirely sure how much interactivity is within Here They Lie, but thankfully there’s YouTube and you can check out a playthrough of the game courtesy of YouTuber Suzy Lu.

Graphically, Here They Lie looks pretty darn good. I love the atmosphere that the Tangentlemen managed to bring to life in the title, along with the superb use of film-filtered lighting so it looks like you’re actually walking through a horror movie.

Oh yeah, and another really cool thing is that you can actually walk in this game, none of that awful teleporting nonsense that’s featured in a bunch of other VR titles.

If you think Here They Lie is something worth checking out for your PlayStation VR, you can learn more about the game or pick up a digital copy by visiting the PlayStation Store. Be warned, the game doesn’t hold back on some of its content and features violence, sexual themes, partial nudity, plenty of blood and strong language.

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