Hired Ops, Russian PvP FPS Gets Mixed Rating While In Early Access

AbsolutSoft proudly rolled out their new trailer for their first-person shooter Hired Ops, which recently entered into Steam’s Early Access. The new shooter features weapon customization, mercenary customization and plenty of high-end gunplay and action. However, not everyone is liking what the Russian developers have brought to the table.

Hired Ops is a little like an FPS version of Jagged Alliance. Players take on the role of a private mercenary outfit, tasked with rocking the bad guys with high-powered weapons and completing contracts in a timely and efficient manner. You can check out the gameplay trailer below to get an idea of what the Russian developers have in store with the Early Access rendition of Hired Ops.

Players can earn combat skills and money, and apply those skills toward a rather extensive tree that allows you to unlock various specialization abilities and perks.

You can also use the money to purchase new weapons, new weapon modifications and weapon upgrades.

Graphically, I’m kind of impressed. The game has visuals that you would expect from the latest Ghost Recon or Escape From Tarkov.

The actual gameplay is setup like many of the free-to-play MOFPS games that flooded the market during the mid and late aughts. It reminds me of an updated version of Operation 7, which was a PvP based first-person shooter that was free-to-play.

There are some really sexy weapons in the game’s cache and the physics, screen space lighting and ambiance look top notch.

However, the game currently has a mixed rating on Steam due to a number of issues, mostly from what some people are calling an “unplayable” night time segment with the nigh vision goggles being too bright and the natural night light being too dark. Others have consistently complained about ping being too high, that finding games takes a while and that matchmaking needs a lot of help.

It’s a good thing it’s in Early Access because it gives AbsolutSoft time to polish the game.

Not everyone dislikes Hired Ops, though. Out of the 322 user reviews, 211 are positive. Many people enjoy the gun physics, the controls, the gameplay and the graphics. If they can iron out the matchmaking problems, fix the night vision and ensure that the ping is handled properly, I think there’s a good chance they could turn things around.

The game is currently available on the Steam store for $9.99. They have plans on keeping Hired Ops in Early Access until the first quarter of 2017.


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