HOVR Gives Oculus Gamers Some 3rd Person VR Racing Action

Game Cooks recently released a new third-person racing game called HOVR. The game is a throwback racing game where players take control of a young kid on a hoverboard. The game is available both on the Oculus Store and for the Gear VR.

The press release mentions that the game is currently only available in the concept stage and will be updated through development by Game Cooks as they expand the content for the racing title…

“The game currently has one level – it is launched under the concept section and will be updated very soon with 3 more new and exciting levels. This is the first Mobile Virtual Reality title from Game Cooks, an independent game development studio based in San Francisco and Beirut.”

You can check out the video trailer below, which gives gamers a short look at the new racing title.

The game takes place in a dystopian alternate reality where the world is being enslaved by mind-control. In order to combat the mind-control devices hackers must decipher the signal and race to the highest bidder willing to pay for the intel.

Players be able to choose between four different characters as they gather up the info and race through various stages to get back to the bidders while attempting to outrun other hackers or beat the clock.

There are power-ups that can be acquired along the, including speed boosts, shields, bombs and air strikes. Based on the video above it reminds me of Razor: Freestyle Scooter meets Mad Dash.

Graphically it’s very rough around the edges and the frame-rate looks pretty clunky to be VR title. Hopefully Game Cooks and smooth everything out and ensure that it’s a solid experience for Gear VR users. Props to Game Cooks for at least going with a racing game instead of making another teleporting FPS title, which seems to be the go-to genre for a lot of devs to lazily and hurriedly throw things out onto the Oculus Store.

You can check out HOVR on the Oculus Store right now.


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