Mafia 3 Gameplay Walkthrough

2K Games and Hangar 13 Studios managed to capture plenty of attention with the release of Mafia III. The game launched for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. If you were looking for a walkthrough of the game’s main story mode, there are some walkthrough guides available.

YouTuber MKIceandFire has a massive cache of videos in a playlist that spans the game’s story from start to finish. You can check it out below.

The beginning parts of the game are all just a tutorial for the first hour or so. The game will eventually move you forward through the story after Lincoln gets a mission to take out the Haitian boss, which will put players on their first real mission that can either be played stealthily or as an all-out Rambo fest.

At around the 40 minute mark in the video above, you can see how to sneak through the Haitian camp and take out each of the guards without alerting the entire camp.

You can manage to sneak through the whole thing without alerting anyone by sticking to the outer buildings, using the insides to sneak around and whistling to draw lone guards to Lincon for quiet takedowns.

Mafia III

After taking out the Haitians there’s some more driving to be done before another cinematic plays where Lincoln is giving an opportunity to take over the Hollows from Sammy, the man who raised him as an orphan. Lincoln declines the proposition but still works with Sal Marcano on his Federal Reserve heist.

The game puts players back into the vault where they have to fend off Giorge from the waves of guards trying to smoke them out of the vault. The MG-42 should help make short work of the guards.

Between shooting the guards and cut-scenes, eventually the game puts you in a speeding boat chase through the underground street canals.

While attempting to blow a hole through the vault, Danny ends up getting hurt and Lincoln has to carry him to a grocery store.

With the cops closing in on the group, Lincoln decides to distract the cops to draw them away from the group. You can use the ins and outs of the nearby buildings to avoid being spotted by the cops. You’ll eventually end up in the cemetery where you can continue to use stealth to void being spotted by the police.

A police chase ensues where players will have to dodge cops while heading back to the house.

Things don’t work out so well for Lincoln, however, as he ends up getting shot in the head.

Lincoln begins to suffer from hallucinations while accessing his stash at the very first safehouse in the game. You’ll need to further discuss your objectives with Donovan before getting busy taking over the Bordeaux.

Lincoln’s first task is to win over favor with Cassandra by taking over the Perla and giving Cassandra the Hollow district.

Before Lincoln can give the Hollow to Cassandra and take over the Perla, he has to free some prostitutes and ruin some of Marcano’s businesses.

After talking with Sheila Lincoln will need to sneakily find and free the girls before heading to the Perla.

You’ll find the strung out prostitutes on the second floor of the building.

Additional missions will include taking out the pimps to further damage Merle’s business. After doing enough damage to Merle’s pimps, Lincoln will go in for the kill at the Perla.

After killing Merle and taking over Perla’s Nightclub, Lincoln lets Cassandra know that she’s running the Dixie gang out of the district.

Charlie Kincaid is the next target, but first you’ll have to wiretap the communications of the church, just like the HBO show The Wire.

In order to wiretap junction boxes you’ll need to gather electronics parts scattered around the Bordeaux to tap the junction boxes.

After interrogating certain people you can either recruit them to work for you or kill them. You can begin to take out the operations of rival mobsters after a successful interrogation leads to the location of a hideout or racket.

Completing a few racket sub-missions will make it viable to take on a racket boss, for whom you can either kill or bring into your fold.

Recruiting more men into the fold will help grow your hold on the Bordeaux.

Lincoln will make his way through the abandoned amusement park, killing countless henchmen in order to deal with Ritchie Doucet.

From there you’ll need to make your way back to Cassandra where you can assign her a district. Throughout the game you can assign different under-bosses districts depending on what you want them to have.

Lincoln will be able to receive two new story missions to add Vito and Burke as his under-bosses.

Lincoln saving Vito opens up new opportunities for Lincoln to take out additional rackets. This also opens up the Consigliere that will come by and allow Lincoln to deposit cash toward the finances.

Part of taking out the rackets includes sabotaging the union trailers , having to do tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

In order to do this damage you will have to drive around the Bordeaux and take out the installations, which is what you’ll see in the video below.

Following the deconstruction of the labor union racket, you’ll need to confront Andy Turetto, who likely has no affiliation with the Dominic Turetto from the Fast and Furious.

Turetto will have various sentries and guards watching his back so you can either sneak in or just take a shotty and blast them all down.

After taking out some of Grecco’s men working for Turetto, it’ll be time to head across town to deal with Roy and his enforcers.

One of the missions involves stealing a medical supply truck in ord er to destroy it or stash it and ensure that Roy and his men don’t get it.

The majority of the missions leading up to Grecco will require taking out hordes of his men through his enforcement rackets.

It all comes to a head through a big chase as Grecco takes off in Clay’s old car.

Lincoln and Vito – after chasing down Mikey Grecco – will find out more about what Marcano has planned with his son and a casino he wants setup across the bayou.

Clay ends up having to head across town to a Cuban named Alma, who sets Clay up with dealing with the trafficking business.

As you begin to deal with the new trafficking missions it becomes apparent that the map in Mafia III is huge with all the districts.

Eventually you’ll need to recruit Burke for the death of Danny. However, Burke will require some convincing so you’ll need to drive like a madman to convince Burke to join your squad.

It will take some convincing Burke before he finally joins Lincoln and works as an under-boss for the Vietnam vet.

Burke will only join after Lincoln takes out Barbierri. This requires having to take down Barbierri’s moonshine distillery. There’s also a new vehicle delivery option that Lincoln gains access to as well.

With having Burke, Cassandra and Vito working under him, Lincoln – through the player – now has the option of being able to choose which objectives to complete.

There are multiple endings to the game based on the decisions you make during the final missions. RabidRetrospectGames captured both endings.

The first ending features Clay exacting vengeance like the 1960’s version of a Louisiana Punisher, and after doing his business he decides to take flight.

The second ending sees Clay attempting to take over the Bordeaux after doling out justice and taking out the scum that rule the city.