Matt Hickey, Anti-#GamerGate Journalist Charged With Rape [Updated]
(Last Updated On: October 20, 2017)

Tech journalist and anti-#GamerGate critic, Matt Hickey — who also happens to espouse feminist ideology — has been formally charged on three counts of rape by King County in Washington state, based on allegations from a total of five victims.

According to The Stranger, the charges that were levied against Hickey are not light. Rape in the second degree is stated as being sexual intercourse with an individual who is mentally or physically incapable of consenting under the circumstances of intercourse. They’re asking $200,000 for Hickey’s bail because they see him as a flight risk, and the prosecuting attorney has stated in the court documents that…

“The defendant has committed multiple rapes, going back as far as 2001, in which he has had sexual intercourse with women who were either too incapacitated by alcohol to know what is going on, to stop what is going on, to provide consent, or to express a lack of consent. The defendant has raped both acquaintances and women he has just met. His pattern is always the same. He provides alcohol to them, waits until they are drunk to the point they are having difficult knowing what is going on or remembering what is going on, and then has sex with them.”


“If the victim later confronts the defendant and accuses him of rape, he denies raping them and tells them they initiated it or were “into it” and that he would never rape a woman.”

According to a separate article on The Stranger published back on July 20th, 2016, Hickey had denied the accusations made by some of his victims, one of which claimed he had raped her multiple times while she was blacked out. She explained to The Stranger…

“I asked him if he had used condoms, and he said, ‘Yes, until I ran out.’ So I asked him how many times, and he said, ‘I had three condoms and then it was two or three times after that.’ So he raped me at least five times in one night while I was too drunk to stand up or walk home to my house, which was five blocks away,”

Hickey responded by saying…

“I don’t know what she’s talking about in regards to the multiple condoms and stuff—even back then in my 20s I sadly didn’t have that kind of stamina.”

Some of the women reported waking up after having blacked out, naked and feeling violated. One of Hickey’s alleged victims tried committing suicide after she discovered what he had done to her.

One of his victims told The Stranger…

“I was really ashamed and disgusted, and didn’t know how to deal with that.”

Almost all of the women have the same story about Hickey; and charges of second degree rape are being pushed forward by the prosecutor. Hickey has denied the claims of rape, however.

Originally, Hickey would lure women in under the prospect of being a pornographic star using a fake Facebook account of a woman named Deja Stwalley, who was based on a high-school crush he had. He claimed to run a porn recruitment agency. He would get them drunk and claim that in order to get into the business they would have to have sex with him. He would proceed to have sex with the women after he got them drunk enough, and in some cases, after they had passed out.

Matt Hickey used to write for the Stranger and was a contributor for Forbes. Hickey had attacked Microsoft for having gogo dancers at an after-party at the Game Developers Conference earlier this year, and also was critical of #GamerGate, attacking the consumer revolt that has been aimed at improving ethics in journalism. In the piece published on Forbes on March 18th, 2016, he wrote critically of Microsoft and gaming industry, stating…

“[…] many women are turned off by the prevalent sexism and thus don’t game. There’s money to be made by not putting off would-be gamers, and most of the industry seems to have figured that out.”

Following Hickey’s attack on Microsoft and #GamerGate, the news surfaced in June that certain women had come forward to claim that Hickey had raped them. Hickey isn’t the only male feminist to have accusations of sexual assault disrupting his social justice activism, Devin Faraci, another journalist, also came under fire for alledgedly sexually assaulting a woman recently, forcing him to resign from his position as editor-in-chief at Birth.Movies.Death.

[Update 10/15/2016:] Matt Hickey has been arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada where he was attempting to further his career as a pin-up and fetish photographer, according to The Stranger. Hickey will be arraigned in Seattle, Washington. An image of his FetLife profile can be viewed below.

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  • gush

    Remember people, don’t fall for bullshit just because it’s against people you dislike.
    Unless there’s some kind of proof, like e-mails of him admitting to it around the time it allegedly happened, etc, DON’T FALL FOR IT!
    Remember, there’s such as thing as too good to be true.

    • Dude, there’s a huge paper trail this guy left behind that he tried to wipe from the internet. It’s why he removed his website, scrubbed his Twitter, Facebook and other accounts. Just read the whole story on The Stranger. This is not a “too good to be true” story, it’s a guy who got called out for a fraudulent scam that dipped into sexual assault territory, and this kind of behavior was dating back to 2001, 15 years ago.

      Just after the allegations surfaced Hickey ran to Las Vegas to do THE EXACT SAME THING. They said it was a pattern and his actions seem to prove that. He’s still innocent until proven guilty but his own actions — not the allegations — scream guilt.

      • gush

        But I’m not seeing it here, haven’t saw anywhere.
        Is there a link here?

      • gush

        Ok, saw it, didn’t though of clicking on it first time around.

        • Reaper of Salt

          This ain’t The Ralph Retort bro, just saying.

  • MusouTensei

    It’s like they only become SJWs to atone for their sins.
    “Hm the more I oppose sexism in videogames the more I can rape without feeling guilty”

  • metroid_fetish

    Typical white male.

  • Alistair

    but isn’t it rather strange, that a Anti GGs who oppose the very things we play that they hate. (ecchi games) and here they pull sexual assault on women.

    funny that isn’t it.

  • durka durka

    Nothing suprises me about anti gg, meanwhile zooming games painted gg as a “hate campaign” and “it is now considered a joke”

    Kill yourselves…do it. Waste of skin.

  • Alistair

    is there such thing as a Light Rape, because Rape is Rape.

    because it the first time i heared of that. so does Light Rape gives you less time in jail?

  • Slartibartfast

    I believe in due-process, so I will not prejudge this case until all the relevant facts have come out in court.

    I will, however, laugh in the face of his self-imposed catch-22 the entire time.

  • hurin

    Didn’t Alison Rapp not also complain about dancers at Microsoft? Before she was revealed to have an alter ego name Maria Mint.

    • C G Saturation

      There was also an IGDA dancers thing a while back. Those people smeared GamerGate too. Probably all closet rapists.

      “Don’t look at our objectified dancers! Kill the gamers! The gamers!!”

  • Jesus_marley

    I don’t give a shit if someone is my (self proclaimed) political enemy or not. Rape is a serious allegation, and I will extend the presumption of innocence to anybody so accused until the evidence says otherwise.

    While I can appreciate the supreme irony of vocal feminists coming under fire for alleged sexual crimes, Truth and evidence must still carry the day.

    • Mr.Towel


      Still, can’t deny the enjoyment of the sword comically turning against the swordsman.

  • Epitaph Keyblade Hero

    If he actually is a rapist, I hope he get’s what he deserves. If not, I hope he get’s a good lawyer, because his side will turn against him.

  • Travoltron

    I don’t believe that he actually raped anyone. I’m pretty sure this is another Jian Ghomesi scenario. Seattle is just an SJW nightmare where you say or do the slightest thing out of step and everyone gangs up to destroy you.

    • I would agree with you if there hadn’t been a decade of allegations against Hickey from more than six different women (that The Stranger interviewed) several more women that the prosecutors managed to find that made allegations against Hickey as well. If Ghomesi had a decade’s worth of allegations but still came out innocent, then I suppose the same could apply to Hickey, but that doesn’t absolve the multiple counts of fraud and abusing his position to lure women into sex.

      Plus, some of those accounts of how depressed and suicidal a few of the women got back when they were first interviewed by The Stranger — and Hickey’s nonchalant dismissive attitude about the whole thing — makes it difficult to think that he’s being setup.

      Another thing that was consistent across all the stories — even the other women who were interviewed who did not press charges — was that ALL of the women said they found him unattractive or disgusting and none of them wanted to have sex with him. Is it really so far fetched to believe that in a couple of those cases he got the women drunk enough where they couldn’t resist?

  • I wonder what this prick thinks of his precious feminist “listen and believe” principle now? 🙂

    • Epitaph Keyblade Hero

      Either he is a rapist and he get’s the hell he deserves, or he’s not but everyone treats him like he is. Either way, his own ideology works against him.

  • ShepardRahl

    What is this the third or fourth one now? I’m seeing an obvious associative trend…anti-GamerGate and feminist.

  • Guy Dudebro

    The answer is to invest in a tenga, stay home and never interact with anyone.

  • m0r1arty

    Examples of GamerGate having sexually harrasing women: 0

    Examples of aGGro sexually harassing women, children and men: Must be in triple digits now.

  • C G Saturation

    Only SJW-approved Rape ™ is allowed.

  • Mr.Sixes

    “he was just being a middle age edge lord”

  • Hawk Hopper

    “…even back then in my 20s I sadly didn’t have that kind of stamina.”-Matt Hickey

    Hickey is a sex pervert attacking gamers and a corporation for not having his sex problems.

    He attacked women physically, even in written form in that article, for his sex problems.

    How flustered this guy must have been that there were women, the Mircosoft dancers, not under his sexual control. It must have really pissed him off that women he tricked into thinking he’d get them into the porn industry wouldn’t just fuck him because he told them to, so he needed to get them liquored up. From the whole fake pornographer disguised he made, I wouldn’t doubt if he has photos or videos of what he did to them.

    The world SJWs are making, one full of fake rape allegations, real rape by SJWs, and their glorification of pedos, is a dark world.

    • The world SJWs are making, one full of fake rape allegations, real rape
      by SJWs, and their glorification of pedos, is a dark world.

      It’s the stuff of fiction… some dystopian, cyberpunk totalitarian society where they have strict moral codes but all the enforcers of that code go around raping people and sexually assaulting them for “their own good” while dragging off kids for their pedo camps and castrating men who aren’t betas. It’s like 1984 meets Caligula meets Equilibrium.

      • Hawk Hopper

        And with how many guns Americans have (blessed be our arsenals) we fight the dark madness with gun kata.

        • ShlomoShunn

          Why isn’t Sarkeesian whining about the number of men killed in movies?

  • DDD-kun

    It’s hardly funny, anymore. Mirth of irony died a while ago. Now this is all just sick and sad.

  • I feel really bad for the victims, but oh man, the schadenfreude is so strong with me after reading this article.

    Fuck you, Matt Hickey!

    • It’s disgusting. These male feminists and SJWs are literally the worst kind of people on the planet. Literal, actual, indefensible rapists.

      The fact that the people the past two years have been attacking #GG relentlessly have turned out to be the very people they claimed to be fighting against makes this all the illuminating. I get the feeling this is just the start.

      • Hawk Hopper

        Imagine how many women Johnathan McIntosh has raped.

        • C G Saturation

          I remember when they had a convicted pedophile moderating Sarquasar’s stream.

      • Grey

        Every time this happens, as well, they all rush to excommunicate the accused. Then, as if it somehow reflects on them as anything other than loathsome, many go on about how they already knew or had strong reason to suspect the crime of happening or otherwise held the accused in low regard.

        If the accusations are true, then you’ve a disturbing number of people implicit in covering up a crime for the sake of maintaining the brand image of feminism/social justice/whatever they want to call it. If the accusations are false, then you’ve a mob of hyenas who grin at each other in public while eagerly waiting for the chance to rip each other to shreds at the first sign of weakness.

        In either case, it’s ugly.

        • StolenEyes

          And in Faraci’s case, actually try to suggest he was a #Gamergate *supporter*, not a critic.

          • Grey

            What blithering ninny made that claim?

          • StolenEyes

            Someone on Twitter called retroaperture. Got called out multiple times on it, including by @mombot, so locked their account while they deleted all the tweets, I think. Naturally, said tweets were archived.

        • A Hyena

          Hey now, hyenas have nothing to do with this!
          We are a proud noble race of the savannahs!

        • nitch

          they are all implicit in each other’s wrong doings and know it. They will only disavow people that have been outed its exactly like how the mafia works everyone knows each other’s dirty business but no one says shit

      • lucben999

        Well, it makes sense.

        Try to put together all the shit feminists say about rape:

        First, taking cautionary measures to prevent being raped apparently promotes rape culture according to feminists, so it’s bad.

        Second, they claim that fighting back against rapists will only get women hurt or killed and if you successfully do it and then talk about it you’ll only hurt the feelings of women who didn’t fight back, so that’s bad too.

        Third, they say that the police is in favor of rapists and reporting a rape is a horrible and grueling process where nobody will believe you and everyone will say that you were asking for it, so apparently reporting rape is not even worth it.

        Fourth, they frame rape in a way that paints all men as inherent rapists that must be taught not to rape and they dilute the meaning of rape as much as possible, making it seem that it’s a normal thing that regular people can do simply due to a lack of understanding the feminist definition of consent instead of, say, rapists being a very small minority of psychopaths and likely to do it again if they’re not reported.

        To summarize, the feminist idea for dealing with rape seems to be: don’t prevent it, don’t fight it and don’t report it, also it’s normal and everybody does it.

        Yeah… the picture is starting to form now.