Meadow: Online Shelter-Style Adventure Game Launches On Steam
(Last Updated On: October 27, 2016)

Meadow is a cute little concept created by developers Might And Delight, the same guys that brought you the Shelter series and their earlier game, Fables From The Den.

If you don’t know what Fables From The Den is, also called Fables for short, it is like a digital visual novel that follows the life of animals in their natural habitat, but it plays out like an illustrated childrens story book.

The Shelter series on the other hand, is an adventure survival game where you play as a wild animal that is taking care of her cubs and attempting to keep them alive at all costs.

After both series received positive review scores, developers Might And Delight decided to make a game just for the fans. Meadow takes the concept of both games and combines it into what the developers describe as “A forum in games clothing”. From what I’ve pieced together, it is a friendly game for you to explore the large world together with your friends, by playing a large variety of different animals and creatures from across the Fables and Shelter series.

Meadow will feature about 9 different animals, 60 different skins, and more than 90 different expressions to communicate with the other animals. The developers released a new launch trailer for their new game, so take a look at the video linked down below.

So, what do you do? I think that’s about it. It looks like a social hub for fans of Might And Delight to join up and just explore together and chill out. The way the game is designed, you unlock other animals based on the previous titles you own. So if you own Shelter 2 you unlock the Lynx, and if you own Shelter 1 you will get the Badger, etc.

For players that already own all of the previous titles I can see how that can be rewarding to have extra “DLC” style content by owning more games, but if you are just jumping in to the series it might seem a bit annoying that you can only unlock certain content by owning the other games.

The good news is that Meadow launched with the very low price tag of $2.99 USD, so you won’t break your bank by purchasing this game. In fact, if you already own other Shelter or Fables games you could consider Meadow to be a cheap little DLC add-on to increase your fun to hang out with your friends online.

If you are interested in checking out Meadow and learning more about it, you can visit their Steam store page for more information, or check out the official Might And Delight website to learn more about the game and the other mentioned game titles.

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