MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune Vs Zombies Cheats Arrive With Censorship Comparison Video

Idea Factory International and Compile Heart recently brought over MegaTagmension Blac + Neptune Vs Zombies – which is a hack-and-slash 3D romp through hordes of zombies with school girls as the main protagonists – to Steam for PC. Gamers looking to cheat their way to victory will be able to do so thanks to a new trainer that’s been made available.

MegaTagmension‘s cheat trainer was recently released to the public by Mr. Antifun. The trainer features four cheats, including infinite health, infinite special gauge, infinite credits and super damage. There’s absolutely no special gimmicks or requirements needed to make the trainer work. You simply boot it up, turn on the game and you’re good to go.

You can get your hands on the cheat trainer right now, which clocks in at 4.4mb by downloading it from over on the Mr. Antifun website.

In addition to the cheat trainer being made available for MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune Vs Zombies, there’s a new video that was posted up by Censored Gaming featuring a comparison between the Japanese version of the game and the English version. This just gives you a brief look at what changed during the localization process. The video is only a minute and 48 seconds long, and features the main intro version.

The changes are a bit on the line of “blink and you missed it”. In one section the word “high” is removed from the line “high school” and in another segment “Middle Schooler” is changed to “Junior” and the characters Rom and Ram are made “Freshman” instead of “Elementary Schooler”.

The changes sparked a debate about the modifications, with some people claiming that Idea Factory International lied about censorship and that they can no longer be trusted. Others said that the changes are negligible since it required reading the description of Censored Gaming’s post to understand what actually changed.

Some simply suggested not buying the game if the censorship changes are that bad, while others warned not to give IFI too hard a time since some of their games are already banned in some regions because they choose not to censor lewd content.

You can learn more about MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune Vs Zombies by visiting the Steam store page. The game is currently available on Steam for $29.99, but during the first week on sale you can get it for 40% off.


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