MovieBob Chipman Says He Was Complicit In Silencing Devin Faraci’s Sexual Abuse [Updated]
(Last Updated On: October 20, 2017)

More anti-#GamerGate critics are coming out in acknowledging that within some of their ranks there is the existence of the very kind of perversity they supposedly claimed that #GamerGate was about.

[Update 10/14/2016: The wording of this section was altered at the request of Bob Chipman in accordance with our Right of Reply policy] This time it was Bob “MovieBob” Chipman who acknowledged that he was complicit in the current climate of “abuse” and silence” by dismissing past claims about Faraci’s uncouth behavior, which permeated the inner circles of the anti-#GamerGate ranks. In particular, the scenario that Chipman is referring to is yet another case involving second-hand claims levied at former Birth.Movies.Death editor-in-chief, Devin Faraci, separate from another recent claim made against the movie critic and tech journalist.

In a series of tweets posted up on his Twitter account on October 13th, 2016, MovieBob — an avid anti-#GamerGate critic — wrote…

“OK. No more being a chickenshit about this. Someone I love tried to tell me what theyd heard about Devin Faraci a year ago. I didnt listen.


“I was dismissive, thickheaded, didn’t want to hear it and ALL for stupid, selfish, shortsighted reasons. In doing so, I was complicit in a status-quo of abuse and silence, caused pain to someone I care about and likely made others around me feel less safe and able…to be open themselves. There’s no excuse for it, no justification, no getting around it.


“I did the exact wrong thing. PERIOD.”

This confession came after a weekend of tumult involving Faraci being accused of having sexually assaulted a woman a decade ago, where he claimed he didn’t remember it happening but believed her anyway and begged for her forgiveness. The incident Chipman is referring to is not the same as the one that Faraci recently acknowledged.

Faraci received a lot of criticism for the move because many felt it was dismissive of the victim’s plight and that he didn’t actually acknowledge the hurt he may have caused her. The founder of the company that owns Birth.Movies.Death had Devin Faraci come offline and prevented him from tweeting anything else. Shortly thereafter, Faraci announced that he was stepping down as editor-in-chief from Birth.Movies.Death.

Chipman further wrote about the topic of sexual abuse, something that seems to be rampant within Chipmen’s circle of peers consisting of movie critics and tech journalists. The movie critic and outspoken pundit wrote…

“Silence hurts. Not believing hurts. Being dismissive hurts. Don’t do it.


“I am ashamed of myself, of my (lack of) actions and my callousness to those whose love I proved I did not deserve. I have to live with that. Bottom line: Believe women. Believe people when they try to tell you these things.”


[…] “Well, one more thing: I’m sorry. That can’t POSSIBLY account for all of it, but I am. Truly.”

A lot of people are criticizing MovieBob Chipman for enabling alleged sexual abusers like Devin Faraci and for not speaking up sooner, especially for espousing the beliefs of third-wave feminism and taking a position that comes across as a male feminist.

Other supposed male feminists, like tech journalist Matt Hickey, were engaged in similar incidents of sexual misconduct along with a former member of Crash Override Network, Robert Marmolejo, who turned out to be a sexual harasser, as reported by Mombot in a piece on Medium.

MovieBob Chipman has been a strong anti-#GamerGate proponent, making many videos and Twitter comments criticizing the consumer revolt. Back in September, 2014, Chipman wrote…

“It’s hard for me to “objective” about the organized campaign of harassment going on via social media, both before and now through the #GamerGate stuff. Mostly because so much of it is being launched against people who are my friends and colleagues, but also because it’s difficult for me to even find a proper way to respond – hence why I’ve occasionally been seen to resort to harsh language, angry name-calling or simply retweeting the anguish I’m seeing from others (those first two I’ve apologized for already, the third demands none.)”

It turns out that the people Chipman are friends with have been involved with countless instances of corruption, as evidenced with the Crash Override Network leaks, the GameJournoPro leaks, and plenty of breaches of Federal Trade Commission regulations. We can now add to the list that Chipman was defending friends and complicit with covering for individuals who have been involved with alleged sexual assault.

[Update 10/14/2016:] In compliance with One Angry Gamer’s Right of Reply outlined in the Ethics Policy, Chipman explained in multiple e-mail messages that he did not feel that this was a newsworthy story and that the focus should be on the victims. He also stated that his quotes do not infer complicity in covering-up Devin Faraci’s alleged sexual assault, but that he was complicit in the general and broader atmosphere of a “cycle of silence”. Chipman requested that none of the e-mail statements be posted or quoted in full.

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  • AdoEdem

    Ah, good old Moviebob. I have fond memories of watching Breitbart regulars hand him his ample backside every time he commented well before Gamergate was a thing. (Engaged in a little bit of it myself from time to time, I’m not above admitting that)

    I would hope this would become a teachable moment for him, but I’m skeptical that he has the learning capability God gave the common brainless cockroach. Something about self-reflection being fatal and hypocrisy being too great a temptation, I suppose.

  • Felchmeister777

    “Bottom line: Believe women”

    Holy shit…it goes from one extreme to the other. What a stupid thing to say. What the hell has the internet done to people…(!?)

  • MightyVikingHamster

    I would not go as far as saying that he is complicit but reading his reply to this article I found it amusing that he failed to refer to Faraci by name. For all the talk of protecting the victim he still feels the need to protect the perpetrator because he is one of theirs.

    And maybe this was not news worthy to most people but it was news worthy to me.

  • Shadowsafter

    Honestly this literally sounds like Bob just tagging on to any shit to become more relevant than a blob of sedentary fat melted over a leather chair… (the joke is that’s what he objectively becomes once his piss-streaked little youtube presence goes under).
    Honest to god, this guy is so pathetic I wouldn’t put him past making up shit to involve himself in someone else’s rape guilt just to satisfy his cuck need for attention.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    > he did not feel that this was a newsworthy story

    Oh, it is newsworthy because it shows Moviebob to be the hypocritical piece of shit that he is. He has pounded GG for years because we don’t fit with his narrow minded view of the world and then finally he shows himself to be the piece of shit that all the aGG figureheads are turning out to be.

  • Julie Shaw

    Of course he is saying this article is on the level of libel…his words bit him on the ass. Can’t sue for that dickweed. Karma is a bitch Bob…

  • Jegsimmons

    bam bam biggleblob has always been a scumbag

  • Mr.Towel

    Woot, first time I’ve seen the Right of Reply being used well and fairly in a publication. Don’t know if I should be sad as well as it took years to actually see one.

    • Sadly, despite supposedly claiming to be unbiased and affording multiple voices viewpoints on controversial topics, the mainstream media and just about every other biased site covering topics like GG don’t actually allow people the right to reply unless they get a lawyer involved.

  • Sorry? Rape APOLOGIST it is then.


    Well the author of this article has chosen to interpret someone else’s words in a unique way so it makes them seem they said something that was never actually said.

    • Joseph Fanning

      Roll around to somewhere else, Bob.

      • Killer Kane

        Can’t stand another opinion, Joe.

  • StolenEyes

    And if a known #Gamergate supporter was found to have raped or sexually assaulted someone, the response from Chipman and his ilk would have been, “We were right! We knew all along!” Because that would have fit the narrative of misogyny. Instead we get an apology, and an expectation of forgiveness as well as excuses for prior behaviour towards #Gamergate supporters. Well guess what? That shit don’t wash. 🙄

  • George Thomas

    Male feminists are the biggest perverts of them all.

  • Timothy Lai
  • MusouTensei

    Yeah now he’s all sorry, but if Faraci wouldn’t have been exposed Blob would have never said something. He probably would keep silent if he knew Anita murdered a child as long it’s a secret.

  • Bio Sock

    I have no beef with Bob, personally. I really am sure he’s a nice guy underneath all that bravado. But considering he and his “Anti GG” peers have planted their flags on the moral high ground I would argue that shit like this is worse than just his unwillingness to act. He, along with so many others, are bleating far and wide about thier superiority and how they would never tolerate shit like this. Yet here we are.

    I’m hoping this and all the other examples of scummy behaviour will make people like Bob stop and just reflect for a damn minute. I have no hopes for the really evil people like Randi Harper and Devan Faraci et al. But, again, I think Bob is decent when you get right down to it – he just has to realize that he doesn’t need these vicious backstabbers in his life to justify his own existance. And there are many more decent people like him in that group who should think long and hard about the people they associate with. Hell, I’m willing to bet that there are plenty of “Anti GG” people who would love nothing more than to swear off the manipulative weasels at the core of the group but they’re afraid to. Knowing full well what would happen if they did.

  • Alistair

    wow just wow, they coming out of woodwork, and admitting they bullshit.

    it like they dont care, getting caught with they own bullshit.

    moviebob was so crictical of gamers like a true SJW.

  • BrahmsTwiter

    Check his twitter feed, he didn’t let a full day pass before claiming the moral high ground on jack shit. False apology, false humility. the usual.

  • Ebalosus

    Y’know what really gets me about this whole thing? The people involved won’t learn the very lesson that they can plainly see.

    What lesson is that? Forgiveness, owning up to one’s mistakes, and most importantly, realising that people we perceive to be in the wrong may in fact be in the right, and vice-verse. What do I mean by that? Do you think the likes of Faraci, Chipman, et al will extend the cutesy of “He made a mistake but owned up to it so we should grant clemency/forgive him” to people they disagree with? NO!

    If you’re a GGer, or an alt-righter, or even someone who just disagreed with them or their dogma, if you fuck up you are forever stained by your fuckup. I’m all for forgiveness and second chances, which is why I find it so egregious that these so-called ‘progressives’ won’t practice what they preach with people they disagree with.

    Donald Trump said some offensive things about women but apologised for it when called on it? “Fuck him I hope he dies in a fire!”

    Devin Faraci sexually assaults women but apologised for it when called on it? “He made a mistake and apologised for it, let it go!”

  • If Moviebob isn’t the most too-faced mother fucker on the planet.

  • Eagleeye595

    I wonder if anyone ever bothered doing some deep background checking on Rape enabler bob. I bet they might just find some serious dirt.

  • Jason Murdock

    In the back of my head the reason I think Bob didn’t say anything was because of money, ie. his career. Someone like Bob, that is probably barely tolerated because he comes off like that kid down the block that was desperate for people’s attention, would have been eaten alive if he came out with this information.

    And a lot of people did this as well, I’m sure. A lot of people are coming out of the woodwork saying “Yeah, I knew he was a scumbag” and I have to seriously think that these people are denying rape and supported a rapist. They hid what they knew until someone else was willing to take him down. And now that Faraci isn’t in a position that can harm them, they are all saying “Yeah… so… about that…”

    But he was in a position of power. And as much as these twits say to fight
    those in power, they will suck up to those in positions of power they
    think they can get something from. That is what happened to Chipman
    here. He knew something but worried more about his career then anything

    And lets be honest, if he had come out when he heard about this
    people would have left Chipman to twist in the wind because Faraci would
    have denied it then. Faraci only did this because he is so anti-Trump,
    that with everything going on he knew he’d be fucked otherwise. Faraci
    did the smartest thing he could do and is letting it blow over. Yes,
    he lost his job, but give it six months to a year and he’ll be back in
    the limelight and people will be clapping for him, saying “Isn’t he such
    a nice guy!? See, he reformed himself!”. But he’ll be the same
    scumbag he was before.

  • m0r1arty

    It’s nice to see rape advocate MovieBob admit to his shortcomings. Now that he’s in a reflective mood could he apply some of that critical thinking towards what evidence there is to suggest GamerGate is a hate group who are against women please?

    Particular now that there is plenty of evidence that he has aligned himself with rapists and paedophile enablers (Top picture tells all).

  • GeekVariety

    MovieBob is a coward in every sense of the word. He wants to be liked so badly that he will throw in with whomever he sees as being cool, or who shows him any positive attention. He is a perfect stooge, a classic rube and a complete and unflinching moron who takes on others battles because they told him the dang dirty gamergaters said a nasty thing and he cant let muh ladies good name stay varnished by the shame of mean words. This is not surprising, this is not shocking, this is par for the course and will continue to play out in the years to come as more and more of these vile hypocrites are exposed for the spineless liar dirtbags they are.

  • Mr.Sixes

    Okay this is getting deep, too deep

  • JoeSislack

    There was never any doubt that Bob was, is, and forever will be a spineless suck up pseudo intellectual coward.

  • C G Saturation

    Too little, too late. And it again proves that the SJWs are the ones who are perpetrating every crime they accuse others of.

  • DDD-kun

    This year just never stops.

  • Italy GG

    From now on, Moviebob shall always be addressed with a title before his name. Title can be rape accomplice, rape apologist, rape advocate, woman abuse supporter, misogynist, pro-rape activist… You will never ever again spell his name without the title. For example if you want to say “moviebob said this” you will say “rape advocate moviebob said this”. I declare this as the Amendment #0 of every constitution of every nation on plant Earth.

    • ayy lao


  • ” “I was dismissive, thickheaded, stupid, selfish, shortsighted” “

    lol @ “was”, trying to imply that he isn’t all those things by default.

  • Hawk Hopper

    A strange thing about this was this morning I was thinking about an argument people have had about SJWs and corruption. I had seen people saying that SJWs are inherently corrupt.

    But when I had heard about this I always thought “what about Movie Bob? He’s a dumbass coward, but I don’t think he’s corrupt. I could be wrong about this, but I haven’t seen him taking bribes, shilling the games of his friends (joke’s on Bob, he doesn’t have friends), etc.”

    …and then he admitted to doing this.

    I guess it’s a low priority for a white knight to listen to women telling him they’ve been sexually assaulted by one of the white knight’s fucking white male white knight friends. But seriously ladies, if something like that happens, go to the police, not to a fucking basement dwelling projectionist.

    Also, Arthur “It ends tonight” Chu did the same thing.

  • Hawk Hopper

    the face when u didn’t believe gamers or womyn telling u what a piece of shit Faraci is