Negligee, Wild Romance Add Sex Appeal To Steam’s Fall Offerings

Two new visual novels have released on Steam recently, a visual novel called Negligee from Dharker Studio and a visual novel called Wild Romance from first-time localizer Zoo Corporation and renown Japanese VN maker Norn/Miel.

The first VN, Negligee, sees gamers in the role of a manager of a lingerie boutique. Already that’s like the dream job of every guy between the age of 12 and 30 (young boys don’t fantasize about that until puberty and dudes over 30 have too many bills and overhead to think about running a full-time business). The novel requires players to vet various employees – three beautiful young women – as it becomes crucial for not only building a trustworthy rapport with the girls to maximize business efficiency, but there are also yuri opportunities involved to develop budding personal relationships.

Dharker Studio’s visual novel plays heavy on the lingerie fetish, featuring lots of different styles of lingerie on display, along with giving gamers a lighthearted story with multiple choices and four different endings. You can scope out the art-style with the launch trailer below.

Negligee offers multiple save slots for replayability, 17 achievements, Steam trading cards, along with a ton of bonus content, including Dakimakuras for the characters, a companion art book, wallpaper and character avatars… all of that is included in the deluxe edition of Negligee or you can buy some of that stuff separately as DLC.

You can pick up digital copy of Negligee from over on the Steam store for $12.99.

The second recent visual novel that released on Steam is called Wild Romance.

Wild Romance

The game follows a fed-up young man, Kazuma, who tires of his life in the big city of Tokyo and decides to head back to the small village where he grew up with some of his best friends, all of whom happen to be beautiful young women.

It turns out that Kazuma is let in on a little secret by the girls… they’re not of this world.

Each of the four girls are animal spirits embodying the physical form of young women. It’s up to Kazuma to reconnect with his old classmates and friends and discover more about the spirit realm from which they come. All the meanwhile romance will bud and it’s up to players to help Kazuma score some wild romance.

You can get a look at the art-style and CG scenes with the trailer below.

The Wild Romance visual novel is focused more on the Japanese lore centering around youkai, the supernatural spirits of myth. The novel intertwines some of Japan’s lore with the budding romance that Kazuma can share with any of the four girls.

There are no reviews in for the game as of the writing of this article, so there’s no telling how good or how long this particular visual novel is, but this is Zoo Corporation’s first attempt at localizing a traditional Japanese VN into English, so go easy on them but stay critical.

You can learn more or pick up a digital copy of the game by visiting the Steam store.


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