Nintendo Switch Announced, Features Portable And Home Console Gaming

The Nintendo Switch is the official name of the Nintendo NX. It’s a hybrid system that has a home console docking bay so you can plug it in and game on your big screen TV or you can unplug it from the docking bay and bring it with you while you’re out and about around town or on the go.

The Nintendo Switch features a wireless controller with detachable sides. The left and right side both feature an analog stick and four face buttons along with a bumper and a trigger on the back. The controllers can work with the Switch while it’s plugged into docking station or while you’re out and about and on the go. They demonstrate how it works with the teaser trailer below, which is quite catchy and pretty self-explanatory without requiring any dialogue, any explanations or any guys in suits to explain it like you’re a five-year-old.

Nintendo’s device can also be played via local area network. We find out that you can link the devices together wirelessly, just like with the Nintendo DS and 3DS, for local area network multiplayer.

Additionally, multiple players can play from a single Nintendo Switch tablet screen. One person can use the left analog while the other person can use the right analog. This allows gamers to be able to play split-screen or local screen co-op or competitive games even through a mobile tablet. Nintendo’s commitment to split-screen play means that big devs no longer have an excuse for not making more PC games support split-screen!

Nintendo Switch Controller

Another neat feature is that you don’t have to turn the system off to go from playing at the home docking station to taking it on the go. You can interchangeably move from one to the other without any problems whatsoever. You can simply unplug it while you’re in the middle of a game and head outside, or head inside and finish up your gaming session.

For those of you who are not into hybrid controllers and wacky-doodle designs, there’s an equivalent of the Wii U Pro Controller in the form of a Switch Pro Controller, which looks just like an Xbox One controller for traditional wired or wireless gameplay. You can also use the Pro Controller whether you’re playing the Nintendo Switch at home or using it as a mobile tablet device.

You can currently pre-order the Nintendo Switch ahead of its official March, 2017 release date.


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