Portland Mercury Calls James Rolfe Misogynist For Not Seeing Ghostbusters Reboot

Months after the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot from Sony tanked and has reportedly cost the studio $70 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter, small sites like the Portland Mercury are still issuing invectives aimed at people who didn’t like the film or even want to see it, such as Cinemasscre’s “Angry Video Game Nerd”, James Rolfe.

In a “Things To Do Listing” by various staff of The Portland Mercury, they listed a number of happenings around the Portland, Oregon area, including the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Twitter user Lyde15 spotted a particular entry penned by Erik Henriksen on October 21st, 2016, which drives off on a tangent to smear Rolfe by stating…

“Avoid the events featuring one of the Expo’s special guests, James Rolfe—better known to gamers as the obnoxious YouTuber “The Angry Video Game Nerd,” and better known to everyone else as one of the jackasses behind last spring’s misogynist anti-Ghostbusters campaign. Make no mistake: The Portland Retro Gaming Expo is still totally worth going to. But Rolfe typifies the kind of outdated, exclusionary thinking that gives gamers a bad name.”

The left-field comment caught the ire of people who were outraged by Henriksen’s outrage over Rolfe choosing not to see the reboot of Ghostbusters. In fact, Rolfe didn’t get involved with the outrage of Ghostbusters so much as he simply gave his opinion on why he didn’t want to see it. You can view the video below.

Rolfe not wanting to see Ghostbusters had the media and certain male feminist attacking Rolfe, including Devin Faraci, who recently had to step down as editor-in-chief at Birth.Movies.Death over multiple sexual assault allegations. Kotaku in Action captured the tweets.

Realistically, male feminists have recently been outed for abuse against women, and being charged and arrested for rape. So Faraci seemed to be projecting more than making an observation.

Anyway, the reality is that Rolfe didn’t lead anything, and many people had no intentions of seeing the Ghostbusters reboot anyway (which ended up coming to pass, no matter what Rolfe, the director, the fans or the corrupt media had to say about it).

The Portland Mercury will likely receive quite a few hits over the whole ordeal given the amount of chatter surrounding Henriksen’s piece, but it certainly doesn’t change the fact that the only organized movement that worked against the Ghostbusters reboot was the media’s bias in labeling anyone who didn’t want to see the movie as a “sexist” “misogynist”.


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