Project Socus Gameplay Trailer Reveals Combat, White Knights And Betas

If you’re tired of all the beta-male white knights making life and your favorite hobbies difficult because they’re injecting a lot of “problematic” politics into everything, you’ll likely get a kick out the new gameplay trailer for Project SOCJUS from the four-man development team at Anomalous Games.

The new trailer features around a minute’s worth of gameplay, with heroine and protagonist Vivian James taking the fight to the Social Justice Warriors in a “Safe Space” utopia governed by the very people who constantly want to be the moral arbiters over the cultural content we consume in today’s society. The trailer can be viewed below.

The trailer is very impressive. Vivian, the mascot of #GamerGate – a scandal involving corruption in the media industry, which has expanded to the highest level of government – enacts some mean justice against the beta male worshipers and the heavily armored white knights.

You can see that there are different tactics required in order to take down different enemies. You can’t fight white knights head-on because they deflect all your attacks, you have to get them from behind, where they’re less shielded, just like David Gallant, the independent developer who revealed that he doesn’t cover his behind when white knighting on Twitter.

There’s also a brief look at the boss battle, which requires a lot of wall-hopping and tactical awareness in order to overcome his assault.

The different weapons look pretty neat and the environments are the real showcase and highlight of the video. All the propaganda and Social Justice Warrior aesthetics that structurally give the environments their identity help bring Project SOCJUS to life.

The work is moving along slow but steadily, and there’s a lot of promise for the game if it gets finished. You can keep track of the development of Project SOCJUS by visiting the game’s official website.


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