Psychological Horror Game, Make America Great Again: The Trump Presidency Launches On Steam

A recent game to make its way to Steam is a psychological, political horror game called Make America Great Again: The Trump Presidency has found a growing following on Steam. What’s the game about and what do you do? Well, you take on the role of Donald Trump as President of the United States. The objective is to make America safe again, make America rich again and make America great again.

The cover-art alone is completely ridiculous and over-the-top, but the general goal is that players will take on the role of the red power-tie-wearing businessman turned President, as he attempts to build a wall around America, fight ISIS and take on the globalists through trade deals.

There are side-scrolling action segments, an ever-changing economic geoscape where players must make quick decisions that will alter the entire history of America’s legacy, as well as unlock gear and strategically try to make America great again. You can see what the game looks like with the trailer below.

The game, made in collaboration with the Trump sub-Reddit, doesn’t take itself too seriously. There’s an obvious tongue-in-cheek vibe to the title, including having ridiculous goals like making North Korea fear America again, or threatening countries to raise the World Anger capacity to World War III levels.

It’s a bold, big, ambitious, ridiculous game. Heck, even the Illuminati manages to make an appearance, so don’t be surprised if it ends up in an MLG video at some point.

The system requirements are about as silly as the game itself, with processor and sound card minimum specs being “Any”. I tend to doubt Sound Blaster 16 from way back in the day would work well, but I think the gist of it is that anything off a store shelf within the last 10 years should have no problems running the game.

The feedback for Make America Great Again: The Donald Trump Presidency is nothing short of very positive. In fact, just as you would expect from the PCMR, there are more memes in the review section than Bill Clinton’s secret hard drive stash of Ashley Madison contacts filed under “white women rejected by black guys”.

Nevertheless, some of the reviews are designed to mimic Trump’s speaking patterns, with Knight-hart writing…

“It’s official folks, we have the best games. Here at Steam, our games are just the best, they can’t be beat. We’ve got some good people out there – the best people, in fact – working to bring you videogames of the highest quality, and now this game actually allows you to be the president himself. It’s a great experience, folks, gaming is finally great again.”

Kicked by Noobs, sporting a rather explicit avatar that says everything it needs to say about how he feels about Donald J. Trump, wrote…

“Best post-apocalyptic psychological horror game 2016.”

In fact, a lot of people feel this is a psychological horror game for 2016 because it puts America in the palms of the hands of someone that many people absolutely despise.

The game itself is a tongue-in-cheek take on a rather tense moment in American history where one candidate cheated and killed their way into a presidential nomination where they’ve gone on to a build their campaign on a war on memes, while the other is a candidate’s only noteworthy achievement in life has been making money off the physical objectification of women. America will truly need to laugh a little before the elections arrive because otherwise there are going to be tears for eons.

You can check out Make America Great Again by hitting up the Steam store page. The game is available for only $2.99.


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