Sakura Nova Walkthrough Reveals Naughty CG Pictures

Winged Cloud’s Sakura Nova has been tearing up the charts like any other ecchi-themed visual novel and some gamers are looking for a walkthrough of the uncensored version of Winged Cloud’s VN that covers all the CG images and pictures that go along with it.

Resident lewd Let’s Player LudaAaGames has a 24 video playlist available that covers Sakura Nova from start to finish. The game is currently available right now over on the Steam store for only $14.99, but if you already have the visual novel or looking for a reason to buy it you can check out the walkthrough below. To keep from being banned from YouTube, the uncensored version of the game has various bits obscured, but there’s very little left to the imagination.

This version of Sakura Nova has Japanese voice overs, with the other female characters having some dedicated voice acting. LudAaGames provides a voice for the main character, Mikage.

The game starts with an explosive bra and panties scene, where the player-character, Mikage, walks in on Kaguya and Arisa changing in the locker room.

The next notable CG scene takes place at the 26:26 mark when Arisa gets trapped in a tentacle, slime monster trap.

Sakura Nova - Slime Monster

Sakura Nova moves on where Arisa expresses some regret about holding up the team during the botched dungeon run after she ended up getting slimmed.

The next CG scene happens at the 27:00 minute mark in the second video.

Later on in the video at the 32 minute mark a far more explicit scene takes place as Mikage and Arisa bump and grind in front of the slimes.

In the next video at the 14 minute mark Kaguya and Arisa find themselves in a compromising position with some grope-prone tentacle called a Roper.

A very NSFW situation erupts in the video at the 21 minute mark, leaving both Kaguya and Arisa in an extremely… lewd circumstance with the Roper. They stay lewd throughout the rest of the video.

In the next video – part 4 – there’s just a groping scene at the 18 minute mark. Nothing else besides the grope takes place.

The following scene has Mikage and Kaguya discussing more of their training and going over their dungeon runs, at the apartment, which leads to Kaguya hopping into the shower at the 17 minute mark in the video below.

Of course… Mikage helps Kaguya get clean by using the flesh brush between his legs to clean her upper torso.

In part 6, Arisa, Kaguya and Mikage further discuss their relationship while an extremely lewd sleeping scene takes place involving Kaguya at the 8 minute mark. If you’re into nighties and thong panties… well, the purple-haired beauty leaves almost nothing to the imagination.

Part 7 features more of Kaguya and Arisa hanging out with Mikage at the apartment, this time the two girls are in the bed together in their sleepwear. You’ll find that particular scene at the 11 minute mark in the video below.

Part 8 doesn’t have much other than Arisa’s young brother being super lewd, where he’s exposing her white panties while they play on the field.

Outside of the incestuous little brother being a peeping Tom in the making, there are no other noteworthy CG images in part 8.

For part 9 there’s just some horny goblins that commandeer the body of Arisa… but the images aren’t quite as risque as you might be expecting. You’ll find the goblin sequence at around the 16 minute mark.

The goblins having Arisa in their grasp almost led LudaAaGames into a fit of rage as eye-bleaching would have been necessary or a mental asylum may have been required to restore his mind. Those goblins were straight pimps.

After Arisa gets saved from becoming a human bun for multiple goblin hotdogs, she drags Mikage back tot he apartment where they have thanks-for-saving-me sex. It gets right into it at the 5 minute mark in part 10.

Part 11 goes back to Arisa becoming a sexual pincushion for a monster. At the 10 minute mark Arisa finds herself drowning while they battle against a water serpent.

Following the boss fight, Reika debriefs the trio about the battle, which then leads to Kaguya and Mikage heading back to the apartment to polish Mikage’s lance.

The scene doesn’t take long to get to in part 12; taking place at the 7:32 mark in the video below.

Part 13 doesn’t actually have any lewd scenes, but they do introduce a character wearing an outfit that would trigger break a third-wave SJW feminist so hard that even the NRA couldn’t lobby Smith & Wesson with enough money to repair it.

Part 14 features the infamous massage scene at the 17 minute mark, but there are also a couple of other sequences in between, including one featuring the succubus and a few more featuring Arisa and Kaguya in some action poses.

After Mikage gives Reika a massage, one of the endings includes creating a harem with Kaguya and Arisa. There’s a super lewd image as part of Mikage’s reward for his efforts covered in part 15.

The video isn’t very long but gives you an idea of what one of the endings are like in Sakura Nova, which is a far longer gamer than the other Sakura titles by Winged Cloud. You can check out the harem ending below.

But it doesn’t end there!

LudaAaGames continues onward, with the rest of the eight videos in the playlist covering the different individual endings for the girls as well, including getting married.

If, however, you wanted to check out a gallery for some of the images present in Sakura Nova, you can click the image below to check out a few of the CG photos from the visual novel.

Sakura Nova - Succubus

Sakura Nova is available right now over on the Steam store, or you can pick up a digital copy of the uncensored version of the game from the Denpasoft digital store. Alternatively, you can get your hands on the uncensored, 18+ patch for the Steam version of the game from the Steam forums.


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