Serious Sam VR Set To Enter Early Access On October 17th

Croteam and Devolver Digital announced that the next entry in the Serious Sam franchise will be Serious Sam VR and it will launch on October 17th.

The upcoming game will enter into Early Access later this month in just two week’s time, featuring a robust virtual reality-based first-person shooter experience.

The base game will launch with various levels and weapons, as revealed on the Steam store page. However, Croteam will slowly tweak the gameplay, implement more content and add new features such as more planets to explore with different maps on each planet, more enemy variety, additional weapons that span the Serious Sam mythos, new power-ups, shields, an additional difficulty mode and a new player skill tree.

The skill tree is an interesting proposition for the Serious Sam gameplay style because usually the entire thing is played like Doom where you just blast through from start to finish trying to get your hands on as many weapons as possible. Adding in a skill tree could either do wonders or make the game tedious.

According to the store page, they plan on keeping Serious Sam VR in Early Access for up to six months. They’ll be rolling out content to expand on the several levels that the game will launch with.

Unlike previous Serious Sam titles, there will not be a cooperative mode or a multiplayer feature. You will have to go at it alone. Facing off against monsters all by your lonesome.

I haven’t been too impressed with virtual reality apps so far, and the disembodied hands/guns is one of the biggest turnoffs in all of gaming. I hate seeing floating guns in the air with nothing attached. It just grinds my gears. Nevertheless, people have claimed that player-view arms get in the way. I would prefer if gamers were actually given the choice because the floating guns just doesn’t do it for me.

Anyway, you can keep track of the updates as Serious Sam VR rolls toward its October 17th Early Access release date by visiting the Steam store page.


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