Shadowverse: Beginner’s Guide To Learning The Basics
(Last Updated On: October 31, 2016)

Folks who are into card games and like using card-based tactics may like Cygames’ Shadowverse. However, if you are new and are looking for some good tips and tricks to get into the card game there are some video guides for you to look over, along with some other helpful tips. Shadowverse is out now for free and is for PC, iOS and Android devices.

Now that Shadowverse is out for PC via Steam, which accompanies its older iOS and Android versions, there is most likely going to be a group of new players who will want to learn how to play. Well, this is where this guide comes in.

Standing as a JRPG card game, Shadowverse challenges players to collect more cards and master the most efficient way to come out on top when dueling. This calls for players to pay attention seeing how battles in this game require specific classes and play styles to triumph opponents.

The image below shows numbers and properties. These numbers and properties hold helpful info on how to play the game, which will be noted in a numbered list underneath the image.


  1. This lets you change your controls, change the settings or retire from a match.
  2. The icon of the enemy. Once their defense reaches zero, you win.
  3. This displays followers and amulets that you play or put out. Upon tapping a card will provide additional info, or will evolve them.
  4. The icon shown in four is your leader. Their defense is shown in the red shield on the upper right hand. If the number dwindles down to zero, you lose the match.
  5. These are the cards that are in your hand. When you have enough play points to put one out, it glows green. At the start of a turn each player draws one card from their deck and places it in their hand. The player who goes after the first draws second. Cards in the deck cannot be seen during battle. A player will lose if they run out of cards.
  6. Off on your right displays how many points you have ready to use each turn. Both players start with zero points on start and can have a maximum of 10 play points. At the start of a turn players will gain one point.
  7. This displays evolution points. The players who goes first gets two EV points, while the second player gets three EV points. The players who goes first can evolve followers from their fifth turn, while the player who goes second can evolve followers from their fourth turn.
  8. Ends the turn upon pressing “End Turn”. A turn will end after every 90 seconds.

The first video that comes in is by Exgecko who shows a quick tutorial guide, while the second video arrives in by RednuSV who details some things about the game and how to get the best start by re-rolling your stats. The videos offer some strategies on how to manipulate the deck to the best of your abilities, and which stats best benefit a certain kind of play-style, depending on if you’re aggressive, casual, passive or tactical.

Shadowverse is out now for PC via Steam, iOS and Android devices, and is running for free across said platforms. For more information on getting started you can visit

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  • Alistair

    I was going to give this game a try, but then something stop me, can you guess what that was?

    I do not like it when artwork look different from 1 version to the next.

    and Its from the same Retarded group of people.

    Now i see on IOS and Android some card games like Valkyrie crusade showing more skin as much as possible, without going too far not all cards are like that.

    And monpiece naked too on IOS, but there a cold wind coming a certain RPG is censored on IOS but not on Android, but then why two games on IOS are okay but not the other.

    Apple doesn’t like sexual themes but let monpiece naked on their platform.

    Another thing the game removes the word satan, but you can have satan mention in videogames like persona games. So removing that due to backlash is bullshit.

  • C G Saturation

    Oh, this is that game most of the JP streamers I watch have been talking about. Seems very popular.

    • Grab a drink, sit down and check this thread out.

      You’re welcome. =)

      • Ethan42

        That SJW’s post made no sense. It started off saying that the devs made a really good game that was well balanced and “fun”, but then when on to say that it never played the game!?!?

        Afterwards, it when on the typical SJW septic spewing rant that comes in as no surprise. But, yes, I did enjoy that with my drink. =)

        • C G Saturation

          I’m sure it’s hard to be morally superior when completely dismissing characters and other people as “objectification” based on how sexy they look. Says a lot about exactly who is doing the “objectifying”.

        • SJWs don’t need to make sense. All they have to do is to just scream “sexism” and keep peddling it. The rest of the stuff they’ll just usually make up to appear as if they’re knowledgeable/credible of the game, because this stops people using the “you’ve never even played the game” argument against them. In this case, it appears that the SJW has slipped up.

          I’m glad to see overwhelming dissent against the SJW. And I’m also glad to see some people bringing up the issue of male characters being “sexualized”/”objectified” for the female audience as well, and stuffing it right into their hypocritical faces. It’s actually an argument that works quite well against them.

          • C G Saturation

            If it was Reddit, Facebook, Twitter or mainstream gaming websites, they’d just delete all the non SJW posts to make it look like everyone agrees.

            Because who cares about reasonable discussion when you can shape the narrative to your personal agenda!

          • If Donald Trump is elected as president, I wonder if his policies will really end up stopping these bullshit practices from mainstream media?

            The foreign policy, immigration, trade and war are of course the big issues that everyone focuses on, but it’s always been hard to say whether he’ll actually fix the corruption in mainstream media and games media, which is what us gamers want. Not to mention the SJWs and feminists in education/academia who are indoctrinating children and young people with gender politics.

            I don’t think he will touch those issues. But I would love to be proved wrong.

            Personally myself I hope he burns modern feminism down to the ground, but I realize that’s asking too much.

          • I thought about dropping into that thread but most of them already made the points. It’s good it was locked because the last thing people will read from that thread is the SJW getting BTFO.

      • C G Saturation

        Ironically the JP streamers I recall talking about it are female.

        I like how whenever some piece of shit SJW starts bitching about non-issues, most replies immediately dismiss their insanity as complete nonsense. As they should.

        Only in bizarro Western lands do obese thick glasses women hate being sexy.

        • Yeah the overwhelming dissent is a huge positive, because going into the thread I was expecting a 50/50 split, or possibly even less in favour of us.

          Good to see there is still sense. And good to see people using terms like “SJW”, “feminist” and “feminazi”, because it shows that people are knowledgeable in where this political agenda comes from.

          • C G Saturation

            I think a lot of people ignored the SJWs before, thinking they were too insignificant and ridiculous to be taken seriously. Now that they’ve been proven to be screwing with everything everywhere, more people are tired of their BS and openly bashing them. Deservedly so.

            The impression I get is most Japanese see feminists as extremely selfish, self-absorbed, stupid but dangerous assholes. If only the rest of the world could see that.

          • “I think a lot of people ignored the SJWs before, thinking they were too insignificant and ridiculous to be taken seriously. Now that they’ve been proven to be screwing with everything everywhere”

            These were the people who said “just ignore them” and “they’re crazy, they won’t do anything” to anyone who brought the issue of SJW-feminism up and tried to warn them of it.

            Don’t forget the people who were foolish enough to believe the SJW cause was good for society.

            And of course, there’s the gynocentric white-knight brigade who refuses to see or hear anything negative about women whatsoever.

            Boy, are they choking down on their feminist shit-sandwiches now.

            “more people are tired of their BS and openly bashing them. Deservedly so.”

            Too late in my opinion, because they’ve already infested and fully integrated into the strongest institutions/organisations, such as mainstream media, news media, academia, education, politics, government, entertainment media, TV, activism, etc.

            The time to do something about it was 20-30 years ago. The ship has sailed.