Skyrim: Special Edition Cheats Grant You Infinite Health, Gold And Items
(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Bethesda’s re-release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition has found its way onto home consoles and PC. The Xbox One and PS4 are receiving the game for the first time, and PC gamers who were too afraid to upcoming the vanilla version of the game with 4K mods get a little bit of something extra as well.

The cheats made available for the Special Edition of Skyrim are part of a trainer put together by the folks at Mr. Antifun. I’m pretty sure most people will simply use mods to cheat, but if you aren’t comfortable with tweaking your game by modifying game files, the trainer is a safe bet that doesn’t involve any sort of editing or modding knowledge.

The trainer features 14 different cheats designed to work with version of Skyrim: Special Edition. The 14 cheats include standard stuff like infinite health and stamina so nothing can hurt you and you won’t run out of energy while wielding a shield and swinging your mighty sword. Infinite mana also makes the cut so you’ll never run out of magic while battling trolls or giants in the the mountains of Riverwood.

There’s also cheats for those who don’t want to go around with just infinite everything. If you find yourself in trouble during a fight you can use the fast kill cheat to wipe out whatever you’re facing off against. Infinite weight will allow you to carry as many heavy items as your inventory can hold. And speaking of inventory… there’s also a cheat to carry unlimited items.

The ability to carry unlimited items works well with cheats like the infinite items, which will allow you to stockpile as many items as your heart desires. Infinite gold will make all your money troubles go away and infinite arrows mean that you can turn a dragon’s hide into a pin cushion for the contents of your quiver.

A slightly more creative cheat on the list is easy crafting… this makes it easier to craft higher quality items. Infinite perks means you can become a Gary Stu or Mary Sue just like Rey from Star Wars: Episode VII. Super speed will grant you the ability to run really, really fast. However, keep in mind with the speed cheat if you want to deactivate it you’ll need to turn it off in the trainer and then run again in the actual game.

The last two cheats are instant shout and infinite Dragon Souls.

For some of the cheats you’ll need to have the items first before the cheats will work. For infinite items you’ll need at least one of that item type in your inventory before using it. For infinite arrows, you’ll need to have at least one arrow in your inventory for it to go into effect as well.

For the infinite gold, you have to turn it on in the trainer and once you open your inventory you’ll have infinite gold.

You can grab the Skyrim: Special Edition cheat trainer for PC from the Mr. Antifun download page. Use at your own risk and for crying out loud make sure you backup your saved game before popping the trainer on. There’s also a cheat trainer available for download from the Megadev as well.

Skyrim: Special Edition is currently available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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