South Korean Officials Forced To Resign Amid 8 Goddesses Corruption Conspiracy
(Last Updated On: October 31, 2016)

South Korea has been rocked by a large scale scandal recently involving President Park Geun-hye and massive corruption charges. Ten senior political secretaries and multiple other government officials are being asked to resign in what could be one of the biggest scandals in South Korea’s political history.

President Park Geun-hye is also being asked to resign by tens of thousands of South Koreans amid a controversy that is being glossed over by the media.

CNN is reporting that many citizens have taken to protesting in the streets for Park Geun-hye’s resignation following a 90-second on-air apology she issued after the scandal broke that a secret shadow group was puppeteering the South Korean President and her cabinet, and that millions of dollars of profiteering was involved.

Arirang News posted up some of the footage of Geun-hye’s apology.

Sites like CNN and NPR are stating that a friend involved with giving Park advice on her speeches also had access to confidential government material and was funneling money to private channels. The power broker in question would be Choi Soon-sil, who first came to light in this conspiracy when people began investigating into her daughter’s attendance at a “prestigious” college for women called Ewha University.

According to NPR, people began noticing discrepancies with Choi’s daughter – such as receiving preferential treatment and gaining incomprehensibly high grades with extra credit. This caused people to begin investigating the financial ties to Choi’s daughter and the school, and then into Choi herself.

Like all common scandals, investigators began following the money, which led them to Choi Soon-sil, which led them to an abandoned computer that implicated the President’s involvement with Choi. According to The Guardian Choi has been implicated in funneling up to $70 million from major conglomerates into private, non-profit organizations.

NPR tries to gloss over a far more serious issue, writing…

“[The President’s] approval rating has hit an unprecedented low of 14 percent and Park’s ordered all 10 of her senior aides to resign, following revelations an unelected, unappointed confidant was receiving advance copies and altering dozens of confidential policy speeches. They have led to charges that the friend is a secret “puppet master” and the real power behind “the throne.””

But what the media isn’t talking about is the more bizarre and outlandish aspect of the story involving a conspiracy of what some people are calling the “8 Goddesses scandal”.

Images about the conspiracy were spreading around the anonymous imageboards by Korean users, who explained that eight power brokers in South Korea, all females, were pulling strings for the country behind the scenes and had the ear of the President, Park Geun-hye.

It seemed silly at first, but NPR and the New York Times alluded to a “Rasputin”-like influence that had the ear of the President.  This “Rasputin” is a certain South Korean Shaman from a deep religious sect. Choi and the alleged “Rasputin”, along with the other goddesses, were allegedly controlling Park’s decision making and influencing the direction of the country. The cult-like behavior was further detailed on a blog called Ask A Korean!, where some individuals speculated that Park was involved in ritualistic ceremonies.

Whistleblowers supposedly had pointed out this kind of corruption several years ago, informing the government and media about it, but according to anonymous chan users, when the whistleblowers first came forward about the info people didn’t believe them. Some of the users stated that these whistleblowers were jailed, but there have been no mainstream news reports to verify that part of the story.

However, according to Bloomberg, following more whistleblowers and investigation reports coming to light, they stated that this corrupt shadow organization may have affected more than what Park is letting on, writing…

“Park’s hastily arranged address fanned suspicions that Choi may have meddled more extensively in government affairs, as well as peddling influence over businesses. Students and civic groups are protesting, demanding a full investigation and response from Park over the allegations.”

The chan conspiracy was also covered in depth by, which pointed to another group that might have ties to this corruption known as the Megalians, who are a group of anti-male feminists.

The radical feminist group were briefly in the news regarding what some dubbed the “Korean #GamerGate”. The South Koreans have been protesting the group, according to, after the Megalians tried to start a boycott of game company Nexon over claims of patriarchal misogyny, which spawned from an incident involving a voice actress amicably parting ways from the development studio after she wore a Megalia t-shirt and a public outcry took place. This particular incident was covered by a couple of outlets, including sites like Kotaku earlier this year.

Other sites like Korea Bang also covered the rise of the Megalians and their radical feminism in South Korea, along with Quartz, who said that the Megalia group — which came to prominence in June of 2015 — is battling against rampant “deep-seated misogyny” in South Korea.

As pointed out by the Korea Expose, Megalia has received most of its criticism for its stark hatred directed toward men and its unfiltered, 4chan-like atmosphere.

Some have questioned why the government has not put the Megalians under the microscope and why they have not come under fire from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family given their stark extremism.

We briefly reported on the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family during our look into how the South Korean Government has been making it increasingly difficult for youth to play video games. In fact, the Ministry of Gender Equality have been focusing a majority of their time fighting against porn and video games. Moreover, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family labeled video games as one of the ”four evils” that plague South Korean society, along with gambling and drug addiction.

As points out, there’s no actual concrete connection between the eight goddesses conspiracy and the Megalians, but a lot of people have been calling this whole ordeal an anime plot come to life.

(Main image courtesy of Korea Press Production)

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  • On the Front Page!

    Considering Choi is a psychic, is she the leader of the 8 Goddesses?

    I hope she’s the final boss, because if she’s the weakest (since she’s the one who got her identity leaked), then God knows what the other 7 are capable of.

    These are some Metal Gear Solid-tier bosses here.

    • I hope she’s the final boss, because if she’s the weakest (since she’s the one who got her identity leaked), then God knows what the other 7 are capable of.

      The weakest, if some of the reports are to be believed.

      She was caught one too many times with her hand in the cookie jar, the others haven’t even been talked about (yet). However, given the way the Ministry of Gender Equality is being run, I wouldn’t doubt some of the others are positioned close to or near SK’s civic and social institutions, just the way Choi was in the ear of the President.

      In all reality, if the others are pulling strings the way some of these conspiracies say, they’ve likely already started cutting ties and wrapping up their affairs to go underground. Choi appears to be the fall person for this particular outing.

  • Hawk Hopper
  • jlenoconel

    South Korean Hillary Clinton.

  • Javier Vega

    Anime the South Korean Story.

  • Shad3y

    Country leader manipulated by monolithic financial interests that truly govern the state of civilian life. The Federal Government of America must be watching this with proud dewy-eyes.

  • Gerg Arata

    The porn ban is retarded given that you can easily go to a massage parlor, get a “special rub” or just straight up buy a hooker for the night. It’s ridiculously easy and the authorities turn a blind eye to it. As far as im concerned porn is a victim-less crime while the rampant prostitution sure as shit isn’t. Source: am living in Korea

    • Whoa, whoa, whoa… prostitution is legal there?

      Also, I thought the porn ban was to protect the youth and nuclear family?

      • Gerg Arata

        prostitution isn’t legal, but the cops turn a blind eye to it. There’s a famous area in Itaewon (the foreigner district) called hooker hill, 3 guesses as to why. The porn ban is technically for those reasons, but going to massage parlors and having a mistress is pretty ubiquitous. Lastly, if kids want titillation all they need to do is watch some KPOP dancers. Kpop dancers = strip tease

  • jjj0309

    Gookanon reporting
    Sitrep going through
    Situation Normal: All Fucked Up.

    • “he says Korean White-hats, the conscious, righteous politician and business men, who oucasted and punished by The 8 Goddess and their puppet Park, formed a vengeful vigilante group and planning to cleanse this country with the truth”

      Wow, looks like at least some men over there have some balls.

      If only men in the West could do this instead of constrantly grabbing onto their ankles, closing their eyes, trembling and gritting their teeth as their await the insertion of the strap-on.

  • Fenrir007

    At this point, I’m prepared to believe the wildest conspiracies people tell me. Too much crazy shit going on. What’s next – reptilians are actually real?

  • Krimhelm

    This is what happens when you mess with our porn.

  • Grahav
  • Emanuel Hoogeveen

    Here’s an article with some more historical context that might explain why – and to what degree – the president was under Choi’s influence:

    • Excellent article. Finding more in-depth stories about this that don’t just “skim” the surface are difficult. I’ve had to use Duck Duck Go instead of Google because Google only shows the mainstream sites reporting on it, which excludes a lot of the Korean sites that offer more depth on the matter.

  • Alistair

    Well as the NA Election isn’t clear cut.

    This one is, as wrong doing is proven by the forced resigned, and a apology.

    If only they go the extra mile and haven’t thought Video games and porn are bad.

    Then they be on a winner.

    Edit: Well drugs are bad that take young lives, that need to be tackle I give them That, but for the media entertainment crackdown, No.

  • FailDRE86

    Looking back at how gamers in Korea were arrested for owning the hentai game Touching Feeling it all make makes sense why their government has such f’ked up mentality.

  • lucben999

    Anime plot?

    This shit is straight out of Deus Ex.

    • durka durka

      all conspiracies in deus ex are real. It even says it on the box.

  • C G Saturation

    A few days ago I saw someone talking about 8 major corporations controlling South Korea, or something like that. Didn’t look into it, but not surprising.

    Remember that incident where around 400 kids drowned on a South Korean ferry? Turns out that was because of huge corruption in the South Korean shipping industry. I’ve also heard their idol industry is corrupt as hell.

    Disclaimer: Obviously I’m not saying all South Koreans are corrupt. But you can see there’s a lot of widespread corruption going on.

    • such deep corruption seems ironically fitting for a country where people
      greatly value outward appearance to the point where facial surgery is
      the norm

      Sounds like ‘Murica.

      • C G Saturation

        Plastic surgery is that common in the U.S. now as well? I know they love Botox and Photoshop. And that women’s magazines say getting breast implants is like getting a new handbag.

        I heard plastic surgery in China is somewhat of a necessity for celebrities.

        I skimmed through something a few weeks ago that went into detail about how important outward appearance and facial surgery is to South Koreans. Can’t remember where I saw it, though. Aging sucks.

        • Sevuz

          It’s pretty normal in the U.S.A. Has been for a while. If they ain’t doing it to their face, their are doing to their body.

        • jlenoconel

          The thing I don’t like about certain Asian countries is how some women will get surgery to make themselves look less Asian, like Western beauty is the ideal or something. It makes some Asian women look really weird. They still look Asian, but just more plastic.

  • durka durka

    what in the actual fuck?

  • Asking women to resign from their jobs? How dare they. This HAS to be sexism, misogyny and woman-hating.

    “We briefly reported on the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, who actually have been focusing a majority of their time fighting against
    porn and video games. In fact, Ministry of Gender Equality labeled video
    games as one of the ”four evils” that plague South Korean society, along with gambling and drug addiction.”

    Four things that happen to be things that mainly boys/men enjoy. Typical of these feminist groups isn’t it?

    “Some have questioned why the government has not put the Megalians under the microscope and why they have not come under fire from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family given their stark extremism.”

    Just like Western government with their SJW-feminist brigade then.

    “As Break points out, there’s no actual concrete connection between the eight goddesses conspiracy and the Megalians”

    Bet you any money they’re behind it.

    Good job Wiliiam, I’m glad the Megalian issue has been brought up.

    • C G Saturation

      I wonder what the fourth “evil” is. Bet it’s not “corruption”.

      • I think it’s already mentioned in the article: Porn, Gambling, Drug Addiction and of course, Video Games.

        • C G Saturation

          Kinda seems like anything that interferes with men working their asses off like slaves is considered “evil”.

          • It’s basically a full-on attack on any entertainment media that appeals to and is geared towards men.

            Men enjoying themselves and not working = sexism and misogyny!

    • snooze321

      Drug addiction is not something you enjoy. It is by definition something to be fought. The ban on pornography is a feminist’s wet dream though so maybe they are influencing these decisions.

      • “Drug addiction is not something you enjoy. It is by definition something to be fought.”

        Yep, agreed. I got confused because I skimmed it, didn’t think deeper and subconsciously thought it was just recreational drugs they were attacking.

        Edited the original comment.