Speed Freeks Is A Combat Racer Set In Warhammer 40K Universe

Game Workshop and Artcode Interactive announced recently that the game Speed Freeks is coming worldwide to mobile devices such as the iOS iPhone and Android Galaxy. The mobile title is a 3D combat racing game where players will build up their vehicles and battle it out against enemy forces across a variety of maps.

Speed Freeks puts players in the role of an Ork that must scavenge for parts and build up a battle machine that will be raced across the frontlines of the WAAGH. The game is being put together by independent studio Artcode Interactive. It looks like a mix of Forsaken and the original Twisted Metal games.

Players will be able to choose from multiple vehicle classes, ranging from dune-buggy style roadsters you might expect to see in a Mad Max film to low-riding motorbikes that pack a real wallop when they fire.

The art-style is mirrored after Gearbox Software’s Borderlands, sporting a inked outline around the vehicles that give them a semi-cel shaded and comic book look. It doesn’t look bad to be an indie game for mobile devices. In fact, it looks a heck of a lot better than many games that have landed on Steam Greenlight in recent times.

Speed Freeks centers around players attempting to battle their way up in the ranks and become a Warboss. This means slowly fighting to earn and loot new parts, building new vehicles, getting a hold of stronger weapons and then defeating additional Warbosses until you capture their territory.

The game has a Galactic Conquest-style map setup where defeating the bosses and taking over their region will open up additional regions to conquer. The goal of the game is to win the territories and control the planets.

In addition to the Arcade Mode where players will battle to become the greatest, there’s also an Endless Mode where gamers can take on hordes of unflinching opponents in a survival mode where enemies become increasingly difficult.

If you live in Netherlands or New Zealand you’ll be able to play Speed Freaks right now on iOS devices as part of a soft launch for the game. There will be a much larger launch down the road for both iOS and Android devices in additional regions. For more info on the game be sure to visit the official website.


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