Summer Lesson Will Have English Subtitles In Southeast Asian Version
(Last Updated On: October 17, 2016)

Bandai Namco rolled out a new trailer and a bit of new info for their upcoming VR title, Summer Lesson. Producer Katsuhiro Harada said the game wasn’t coming to North America to avoid any kind of SJW backlash, but Getmasu is reporting that the game will arrive in Southeast Asia and that version will contain English subtitles when it launches in early 2017 for the PlayStation VR.

The new trailer reveals that players will get to spend seven days with Hikari, the virtual thespian in Bandai Namco’s upcoming Summer Lesson. The new trailer also reveals some of the gameplay features that will be at the disposal of VR enthusiast.

You can select what you study and how you study each day. This will prompt gamers to have to perform various tasks, all the meanwhile players will be spending time and trying to get to know Hikari better.

Summer Lesson

Illusion took the exact same concept but spruced it up with their game VR Kanojo, which features the exact same premise of spending time with a young school girl, only you get to perform upskirt peeks, see her boobs jiggle all the time and engage in some presumably licentious behavior.

Summer Lesson keeps it tame, though. Bandai only teases gamers with possibilities of making a grand taco, where-as Illusion Soft throws the whole taco at your face. I suppose you could say Summer Lesson is like Katy Perry and VR Kanojo is Miley Cyrus.

You can check out the new trailer below, courtesy of Gematsu.

One of the things that’s pretty cool is that even though the game takes place over the course of seven days, the fact that you can replay it multiple times and get different scenario is really neat. It’s one of those rare games where it seems like Bandai Namco is aiming to make it as replayable as possible to give it a long tail-end when it comes to user engagement.

Of course, you’ll need a PlayStation VR headset if you want to get in on the Summer Lesson.

The game will be available in Southeast Asia starting early 2017. Expect to see it arrive on import shops like Play-Asia soon.

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  • Reels Rihard

    These people are getting absolutely infuriating. There’s a slow building backlash against sjw. Eventually they’ll be beaten back. Telling them to f off is what’s starting to happen.

    On the issue of subtitles I have np watching films so this wouldn’t be a problem.

  • Alistair

    The whole not coming to the west is rather mooted.

    As a VR game is pointless It need something rude to get the not coming to west title.

    1st off try to sneak a peek up her skirt for pantry shots, you cant just a black sceen.

    • Cats736

      I’ve posted this to you over on Niche but I’m posting again for those here.

      The black screen is from the headset going out of range, not from looking at panties. You can see panties just fine.

      • Alistair

        Well thank you for pointing that out, the dude should get closer to the console then to avoid drop-out.

        Well it’s Tea time, Im off for my humble Pie. No very often Im wrong.

  • C G Saturation

    These screenshots really don’t look great. The original trailer was way better. It looks like there’s way too much fov/fishbowl/perspective, and the general shadows/detail/lighting look bland and the character blends into the environment too much. Visual issues aside, I still can’t imagine this being much of an actual “game”.

    In other news, and I don’t know if this is still just part of a farce, but “they” have apparently cut the internet for Wikileaks/Assange, just to stop the DNC leaks. Funny how they can do that and censor us, but from what I’ve heard, they won’t even so much as touch ISIS romping around on FarceBook, Shwitter, etc.

  • If I had to be completely honest here… this sort of defeats the purpose of VR. Don’t get me wrong, the fact this is getting an English release is great, but adding subtitles is rather immersion-breaking. I know Harada said the game is unlikely to get a Western release due to lipsync issues and SJWs, but the addition of subtitles doesn’t give you the same immersion anymore, ’cause now you have to take your eyes off your VR waifu.

    The solution should’ve been to bite the bullet and dub/sync it into English anyway, as there is definitely a market for the game over here. You just need to find a voice actress who can get the job done and whose voice would fit the aesthetic. Plus, the overwhelming salt from SJWs would not only expose them as gigantic fuckwits, but Harada would be able to use the backlash against them and further tell them to fuck off.

    • C G Saturation

      I don’t have a problem reading subtitles and watching moving images at the same time, but the very concept of having floating text in a VR setting would certainly put a heavy damper on the immersion.

      Anyway, I think they should always give people the option of sub/dub. But they’re not going to invest in a Western version for the time being, so there’s not much point going out of their way to employ good English voices for the Asian version. I’m sure they will consider it for an official Western English release. If it gets one.

      • Dunnlang

        Have either of you tried it? This is one of the best PSVR experiences so far. The only real “problem” is the low resolution of the game. Other than that, the game has some of the best sense of presence and no real motion issues. It has me excited for VR narrative content. Telltale should take note.

        The subtitles and menus are great, not an issue for me in the actual game. Try it.