Summer Lesson Will Have English Subtitles In Southeast Asian Version

Bandai Namco rolled out a new trailer and a bit of new info for their upcoming VR title, Summer Lesson. Producer Katsuhiro Harada said the game wasn’t coming to North America to avoid any kind of SJW backlash, but Getmasu is reporting that the game will arrive in Southeast Asia and that version will contain English subtitles when it launches in early 2017 for the PlayStation VR.

The new trailer reveals that players will get to spend seven days with Hikari, the virtual thespian in Bandai Namco’s upcoming Summer Lesson. The new trailer also reveals some of the gameplay features that will be at the disposal of VR enthusiast.

You can select what you study and how you study each day. This will prompt gamers to have to perform various tasks, all the meanwhile players will be spending time and trying to get to know Hikari better.

Summer Lesson

Illusion took the exact same concept but spruced it up with their game VR Kanojo, which features the exact same premise of spending time with a young school girl, only you get to perform upskirt peeks, see her boobs jiggle all the time and engage in some presumably licentious behavior.

Summer Lesson keeps it tame, though. Bandai only teases gamers with possibilities of making a grand taco, where-as Illusion Soft throws the whole taco at your face. I suppose you could say Summer Lesson is like Katy Perry and VR Kanojo is Miley Cyrus.

You can check out the new trailer below, courtesy of Gematsu.

One of the things that’s pretty cool is that even though the game takes place over the course of seven days, the fact that you can replay it multiple times and get different scenario is really neat. It’s one of those rare games where it seems like Bandai Namco is aiming to make it as replayable as possible to give it a long tail-end when it comes to user engagement.

Of course, you’ll need a PlayStation VR headset if you want to get in on the Summer Lesson.

The game will be available in Southeast Asia starting early 2017. Expect to see it arrive on import shops like Play-Asia soon.


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