The Art Of Fight Brings 4 Vs 4 VR Shooting To Steam Early Access

Taking notes from older, classic games like GoldenEye and Perfect Dark on the N64, and a more recent game entitled Superhot, Raptor-Lab’s The Art of Fight seeks to rekindle the mechanics found in the above games, but do so in VR. The Art of Fight currently has a 40% discount that brings its initial price down from $29.99 to $17.99, and is now available via Steam Early Access.

Yes, I know, VR and Early Access are enough to drive someone away and out of sight, but there are some features in The Art of Fight that pays homage to classic games like GoldenEye and Perfect Dark. I should note that all of the shooting mechanic features that were available in said games are pretty much evident in this game, along with multiplayer and configurable bots.

“Art of Fight is the fastest-paced multiplayer shooter in VR. It uses a game-changing locomotion method that avoid motion-sickness allowing unparalleled 4vs4 competitive battles online or against configurable bots.”

Speaking of movement, The Art of Fight doesn’t sport the same old stand-still and shoot or teleporting to another location for directional movement, but actual walking, climbing and back-peddling locomotion.

Other features like dual-wielding, 3D modeled hands (in-game), custom matches, online play and bots are all present. If you like fast paced FPS arcade shooters I think that you should check out Raptor-Labs‘ videos below.

For those that like VR games but suffer from motion sickness and/or other symptoms when playing with a headset, the devs crafted a “comfort capsule” that eases the brain with a visual cockpit so that visually the game doesn’t cause any motion problems when playing.

Again, if you are into stylized arcade shooters like Superhot or classic older FPS arena games, I think that The Art of Fight might be something worth checking out. For more information on the game you can either head on over to, or Steam Early Access.


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