The Long Reach, Puzzle Survival Game Enters Steam Greenlight

If you are into Steam Greenlight games, preferably ones that have stable footing, you might fancy Egnech’s latest project. The devs project goes by the name The Long Reach, which sees players trying to survive, hide and solve puzzle to get away from caveman-like humans.

A game that hit Steam Greenlight not too long ago comes Egnech’s puzzle adventure game, The Long Reach. It should almost come as no surprise that the game rocks a pixelated look, but what is surprising is that the game is borderline horror and doesn’t sport any zombies.

The devs, according to the description, note that The Long Reach is all about trying to escape from the mentally debased individuals that roam the surrounding area, which happens to have little means to escape.

The devs also note that in some cases you will need to work with the dangerous humans around the area so that you can get extra information on how to escape. If you choose to help them it requires you to sort out their memories and deal with uncanny horrors that reside in these strange people.

The good news about this entry to Greenlight is that The Long Reach can be tested and played before voting for it. By going over to Game Jolt you will be able to test a demo of the game to see if it’s worth voting for, or if you should skip the entry.

If you are on the fence with this game, two video trailers reveal what The Long Reach has to offer. You can check out both trailers that come in by Stewart Rippley‘s channel.

If this game seems interesting to you and something worth voting for, you can head on over to Steam Greenlight to support the game. For more information on this The Long Reach you can check out the team’s Twitter page seeing how they don’t have an official website yet.