The Walking Dead App Celebrates 25 Million Downloads

After a year in Google Play and the App Store, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is celebrating a milestone in reaching more than 25 million downloads. The intense and mature RPG is expected to gain $100 million annual sales after a steady increased over the past 12 months.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival has joined other successful titles inspired by the popular TV series, such as The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land by Next Games and the Fear The Walking Dead: Dead Run.


GameZebo gave the turn-based RPG a 4 out of 5 star rating, which they said gave fans a story running parallel to both the comic book and the popular AMC television series. The title is said to be very light to download at only 146MB, despite its graphic-intensive and HD gameplay. It has no problem loading on almost any type of smartphone, whether it’s a premium one with a powerful processor or a low-range handset with a smaller memory and RAM.

The game revenue was also on a steady flow. Based on the data shared by Businessofapps, over 30% of the active daily users pay for in-app purchases where the average amount per daily player spent is over $5. Both numbers are over the industry average.

“This game has an incredible trajectory,” said Walter Driver, CEO of Scopely. “There is a perception that gaming is a hit-driven business. The question is, how do you sustain long-term revenue streams?”

The company said it was the huge influx of users over time that they have sustained for 12 months that led to the successful output of The Walking Dead after a year.

“It’s a highly engaged audience. We created a game that feels really authentic to The Walking Dead universe. We tried to make it as authentic as possible and give people a chance to live inside this universe on a daily basis. That’s a lot more excitement for them than a show that airs once a week or a comic book that comes out once a month,” said Walter Driver, CEO of Scopely.

After the success of The Walking Dead game series, Scopely is working on bringing the same level of success to its other upcoming titles, including a strategy title Breaking Bad and a WWE match-3 puzzler.

Driver said the game wasn’t affected by the rising popularity of other apps such as the Pokémon Go, as it has a different target audience.

“Our fans play when they have a gap in the day. The TV shows draw a rabid fan base. We see consistent numbers of downloads throughout the year. We think it’s a multiyear franchise that can be grown over a long period of time.”

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