Two More Members Confirm Authenticity Of Crash Override Network Leaks
(Last Updated On: October 11, 2016)

During the bustle of the original Crash Override Network Skype chat leaks and Trello card dossiers making their way into the public limelight, most people focused on Ian Miles Cheong and Randi Lee Harper confirming that the chat logs maintained a level of authenticity about them. Well, two others also commented about the authenticity of the chat logs, including a Lars Flyger, who goes by the handle of Zennistrad on Twitter, and another member of the group named Peter Coffin.

In a recent updated editorial digest post from Deep Freeze owner Bone Golem (who informed me about the update), it was explained that multiple individuals confirmed the authenticity of the Crash Override Network leaks beyond former members Randi Lee Harper and Ian Miles Cheong.

Back on August 8th, 2016 Peter Coffin, another former member of the group, confirmed on Twitter that he was part of the group.

On August 27th, 2016, Coffin again confirms that he was involved with the Crash Override Network leaked chat logs.


Coffin wasn’t the only other member involved with the Crash Override Network leaks who talked about their authenticity. Lars Flyger, better known as Zennistrad on Twitter, also confirmed being part of the group on August 29th, 2016. He starts a long Twitter chain with the following remark.

Technically, Crash Override Network was founded in 2014, according to the Trello card leaks. They didn’t go public until January, 2015.

Crash Override Network co-founder Alex Lifschitz made entries on the Trello cards back in December of 2014, as evidenced with the entry below.

However, it appears as if they didn’t fully start calling it “Crash Override” until January, 2015, as evidenced by the January 17th, 2015 Trello card entry that is headlined with “Crash Override Network”, as evidenced with the entry below, created by Peter Coffin.

Nevertheless, despite trying to say that the leaks didn’t involve Crash Override Network, Zennistrad proceeds in the Tweet chain to explain his participation in the group, writing…

“Since people will likely use this to attack me regardless, I may as well clarify that I was rarely a participant in the chatroom and was largely kept unaware of discussions because I seldom use Skype and usually leave it closed. The extent of my comments there were: a) Saying “Merry Christmas.” b) Talking about my frustrations with people who’d argued with me.”


“Anyway, that’s my statement on this. Some folks in this chat I’ve since grown to despise (cough *Randi Harper* cough)…and I honestly cannot say that I care about attacking GamerGate anymore, despite my disagreements. My politics have moved beyond that.”

What Zennistrad states is true, insofar of his limited participation in the group. In the main Skype chat leaks he does mention “Merry Christmas”.

He doesn’t appear to have made any entries on the Trello cards, though. However, as evidenced by the time stamps, Zennistrad’s comments were made on December 26th, 2014 after Lifschitz had already begun filling out the Trello cards, which began on December 20th, 2014. So technically Zennistrad was part of Crash Override Network.

This information stands in stark contrast to some of the claims made by Wikipedia editors who have filibustered the Crash Override Network page on account of the logs being edited or lacking in authenticity and that they were damaging to the biographies of living persons. PeterTheForth, who has been known to engage with anti-GamerGate communities, wrote the following on the Crash Override Network Wikipedia talk page on September 25th, 2016

“Randi Harper has stated that the logs have been edited, which means that somebody has denied it. Secondly, things are not true or worthy of inclusion simply because they have yet to be denied- often, it is because the rumour is so far fetched that people either do not hear about it, or do not feel the need to respond.”

In this case, even though she claimed that the logs were edited in some way, we still have Randi Lee Harper at least confirming that she was a part of the chat logs, Ian Miles Cheong confirmed the authenticity of the chat logs, Peter Coffin confirming that he, too, was part of the chat logs (and also made entries on the Trello board), and Lars Flyger (aka Zennistrad) also confirmed that he was part of the chat logs, if only briefly.

The Wikipedia editors have tried hard to avoid including any information about the chat leaks involving Crash Override Network’s involvement with doxing and harassment – which has been reported by Heat Street and Washington Examiner – in the Wikipedia entry for Crash Override Network, but the facts seem to be heavily stacked against them.

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  • Elilla Shadowheart

    Olsen. He seems to have the whole vibe going and still enjoys puppets.

  • AcidFog

    nah coffing seems like an idiot caught up in things he doesn’t understand, i’d go with lifhsitz

    • Guy Dudebro

      Peter Coffin is, without irony or exaggeration, probably one of the most pathetic human beings to ever exist. Lower than Chris Chan, at least that guy has some fight in him.

  • C G Saturation

    Sort of relevant (but not at all surprising): Wikileaks shows Huffington Post writer colluding with Clinton campaign.

    “Frankly, if we can get ahead of the narrative on this email issue then we
    can shape the discussion on trust.”

    Reminds me of how they mistreated GamerGate.

    • Guy Dudebro

      Would CON be considered part of the alt-right? The definition of alt-right has fluctuated wildly in the last year, but one core element seems to be that alt-righters are “people who use the internet a lot and don’t swallow everything they are told immediately”

      • Mr.Towel

        The behavior is not the core.

        Alt-Right is an abbreviation for Alternative Right. While the “Alternative” is the most distinct aspect of the group, the “Right” is also very important. Their core values have to align with the historical values of the political Right, (like free market, strong currency, classical western ideas about Freedom & Free speech, Ethics, Individuality and etc) to be “Alternative Right”. The “Alternative” there usually means that they do not conform with the Traditional cultural values of the political Right: they don’t care about tattoos, piercings, hair color, sexuality, sexual morality appearance, symbolisms, religiousness and etc.

        As I said, they have to align with Right-wing values to be Alt-Right, so I don’t believe CON can be classified as Alternative Right, I would say they’re more closely related to the Radical Left, in which they spearhead their Left-wing Ideals without concern about the damage they will do to innocents or the ethical repercussion of their own acts: all is permitted for the rise of a better future, it doesn’t matter the means.

      • C G Saturation

        I dunno, I don’t classify by left/right or whatever. I go by their connections, their track record, their behavior as individuals, etc. Groups are never an accurate definition of its members, and people easily fall into the trap of generalizing and assuming.

        Another leak showing Huffington Post staff committing to making sure Hillary is elected the next president:

        Just like they committed to making sure GamerGate gets smeared as a “hate group”. Would certainly like to see the internal mainstream mails about GamerGate.

  • Grey

    I’m glad our legal system doesn’t work by the same standards of evidence as wikipedia and media news sites.

    “We have you on tape expressly talking about your crime and a creditable witness verifying what happened. What do you have to say to that?”
    “It was edited.”
    “Oh, shit. Okay. Pack it in, guys! Nothing to see here! It was edited!”
    “Should we at least investigate the situation further, chief?”
    “No, she says it was edited. That’s probably close enough to true. In fact, that’s SO close enough to true that no one is even allowed to talk about it anymore.”

    • V_for_Vodka

      “Here we have a confession recorded by the defendant detailing how he committed this crime.”
      “Objection! That confession is a primary source and therefore not valid as evidence.”

  • NeoTechni

    So, who is taking bets on which CON member is the next sex offender?