Vaccine Offers A Throwback To Classic Resident Evil Action Horror

Developer Rainy Night Creations is going way way back to 1996 retro gaming to create a survival-action horror game based on the original Resident Evil‘s concept, in their new game Vaccine.

Rainy Night Creations  also has another retro throwback to Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine called Freeze Me (I highly recommend you check that one out).  Seeing the final product for their previous game gives me hope that Vaccine will be a well thought out and fun game, which will hopefully do justice to the genre of classic action-horror games.

In Vaccine, you have the choice of playing one of two characters, Rita O-Conner and Manuel G.P. Both characters are partners that work for  the special bio-hazard rapid response team. Each character comes with their own unique skills and weapons when you start the game, and whoever you choose to play as the main protagonist will force the other to become infected with the deadly zombie-like virus. Your job, is to attempt to save their life.


Based on the trailer, it appears that you will have about 30 minutes to search the compound for a Vaccine to save your partner’s life. To add to the challenge and to add more gameplay, the building you are in will be randomly generated for each playthrough, changing the entire layout of the building to make it more difficult to navigate.

The enemies in Vaccine look very similar to classic Resident Evil monsters, so that is either a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. Vaccine also has the old retro, low resolution and low polygon count from the late 90s era of gaming, but if done right, it could be a nice throwback to the era without it becoming a bad ripoff clone. A few people have seen the trailer and shown interest in Vaccine because they feel the new Resident Evil games have abandoned the original concept and has lost its way, so they are looking forward to seeing if Vaccine can continue the genre and do it justice.  You can take a look at the below gameplay teaser trailer for Vaccine to see a bit of the gameplay for yourself.


Vaccine is currently on Steam Greenlight looking for approval from the community, and has a release date for the first quarter of 2017. If you are interested in supporting them, you can follow the above link to cast your vote or visit the official Rainy Night Creations Website for further details and information about the game.


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