WankzVR Wants To Take Adult VR Entertainment Mainstream

The company WankzVR is a virtual reality content hub featuring lots of adult-themed videos. It’s like any other typical adult website, except all of the content is themed around and catered toward virtual reality headsets.

Most people have recognized that VR enthusiasm has a market niche carved out for pornography, but slow adoption rates for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have slowed down software appeal and made sure most people only view VR as an expensive hobby for only the most die-hard technophiles.

Even though porn is accessible on current VR devices, it hasn’t really been advertised as a go-to software app hub for the headsets. WankzVR wants to change that.

According to a representative, the company is focusing all of their content around 1600p resolutions for HD+ output, along with stereoscopic 3D support for additional, protuberant 3D effects to give the illusion of depth perception. There’s a 180 x 180 degree field of view for 180 degree head swivel movement, and the audio supports binaural support for a 3D sound effect when viewing content.

It’s a lot of effort put into making porn as high-fidelity as possible for top-shelf VR headsets.

This not only gives Gear VR users an opportunity to dive into more high-end adult content themed specifically for the headset wearer, but it also means that Vive and Rift users will have something that takes full advantage of their capabilities as well. The only one missing from the party would be the PlayStation VR… but that all depends on whether or not access to WankzVR through the PS4 is made possible.

There have been a few other porn sites that have offered VR sections for headset wearers, but it’s all been met with relatively lukewarm feedback. A large part of the apathy toward VR is due to the lack of a killer app. It would be really hilarious if something like WankzVR happened to be that killer app, especially after Facebook has gone on record as saying that they do not want to support adult entertainment apps, software or media on the Oculus Rift, as reported by Reason.

(Main image courtesy of Omega Level)


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