War Of Rights New Update Reveals Day Cycle, Weapons And CryEngine V

Those who have been following War of Rights likely noticed that there was a drought of news regarding the action multiplayer simulator game. Well, there’s good news for backers and supporters, as of recent developers Campfire Games posted up an update page going over real time lighting, weapons, and making the switch from CryEngine III to CryEngine V.

Currently holding no release date, the Civil War simulator known as War of Rights that will be playable online, finally got some love from the developers. This love spans across day/night cycling, weapons and upgrading the core engine of the game.

First, the lighting system now shines even brighter than before, seeing how the devs switched and upgraded engines to a more robust volumetric entity that now draws cloud particles and sun rays in a more dynamic focus. The results are clear when comparing the older videos to the newest video that comes in by War of Rights channel.

This now leads us to the weapons of the mid-19th century. For starters we get to see the 1859 sharps Carbine and Rifle, which were an engineering marvel that was produced by Christian Sharps, in 1848.

Although not evident in the video below, we do learn that Sharps’ work is joined by the Colt M1847 Walker, Colt M1849 Pocket, Colt M1851 Navy, Colt 1860 Army, and the Whitworth Rifle.

Moreover, a test demonstration regarding Sharps M1859 rifle can be seen below, which will be usable whether you are a Bucktail or U.S. Sharpshooter in-game.

Looking over to the engine switch that the developers made, the near year old CryEngine III is now done away with in the development of War of Rights, and now sees the fresh CryEngine V in play. In addition, the new engine will change weather effects, weapons, lighting, better rendering, improved procedural vegetation/smaller objects, and much more.

To learn more about the PC game War of Rights and the developers Campfire Games, you can head on over to warofrights.com.


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