Weekly Recap Oct 22nd: Nintendo Switch, Voter Fraud, And Voice Actor Strike

This week was a farce. The BBFC was put in charge of censoring the internet in the new Digital Economy Bill and a bunch of people living in the U.K., are going to get reamed out harder than the Indiana election official who reported that voter fraud was taking place after 56 counties in the state were found to have been sabotaged by a splinter cell shadow group following a police sting.

A series of videos also revealed that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been directly funding other shadow organizations performing black ops to subvert Donald Trump’s campaign, and this was followed by Wikileaks revealing e-mails that Clinton’s campaign have been working closely with major media outlets to collude on damaging the image of Bernie Sanders and Trump. SAG also let their head get bigger than their already stacked bank account and decided to try their hand at turning the gaming industry into a whipping boy but publishers laughed in their face like Bill Clinton laughing in the face of the women claiming he sexually assaulted them.

And speaking of sexual assault, more male feminists have come under fire for abusing women, making it a weekly trend to either get nailed for sexual assault, molestation or rape, turning the social justice circle into a circlejerk of sexual deviancy. The only bright spot in this week of malfeasance and utterly contemptible corruption is that Nintendo is going to save gaming again in 2017 with the Nintendo Switch. These stories and more in this corruption-filled edition of the October 22nd, 2017 Weekly Recap.

BBFC Appointed To Censor The Internet

There are a couple of really crazy stories that took place over the weekend, one of which includes the BBFC being appointed arbiter over internet content, allowing them to sanction and fine websites as well as classify them as “adult” to prevent them from showing up in search engines. We’re not sure what the end goal is for this particular move but it doesn’t look good. The Democratic Committee was also called out for voter fraud and rigging votes, using buses of undocumented individuals to boost votes at the polls for the Democratic Assembly. Where Summer Lesson fails VR Kanojo excels; the game from Illusion will give gamers the 18+, adult-themed VR experience they’ve been so desperately craving from the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Friday The 13th: The Game has been delayed because the developers wanted to add an offline single-player mode. And Phil Spencer wants to add backwards compatibility for OG Xbox games on the Xbox One, attempting to make it the rare three-generation, all-in-one entertainment gaming device.


Democratic Agitators Spurred On Violence At Trump Rallies

The violence taking place at various rallies for Donald Trump were actually the work of Democratic agitators – PAC groups paid to rustle feathers and create chaos. These agents of agitation were discovered in a report by Veritas, exposing them for the world to see. Rockstar has teased a new Red Dead game, but whether it’s a sequel, prequel or original game remains to be seen. The Screen Actors Guild threatened to go on strike if their final demands weren’t met. And Correct The Record, a Hillary Clinton Super PAC was found out to have established a memo on how they can disrupt chan boards, Reddit and Twitter with disinformation.


DNC Fires Black Ops Contractors Amidst Corruption Scandal

The Democratic National Committee issued statements denying any involvement in corruption, despite the fact that there is an actual paper trail leading to the Federal Election Commission revealing that they indeed have an involvement with the black ops committees. Smash + Grab has closed down and developers United Front Games, the makers of Sleeping Dogs, have shut down. Rockstar Games finally announced Red Dead Redemption 2, but SJWs didn’t waste a minute to pick the game apart with their diversity-peddling outrage bait. A brand new Attack on Titan game is in the works for the Nintendo 3DS, and another anti-#GamerGate critic and author, Sunil Patel, has been outed for his abuse against women.


Britains Fight Back Against BBFC Internet Censorship

The BBFC has been appointed as the censorship arbiters of the U.K., internet. The new ruling also comes with the new Digital Economy Bill that has plenty of censorship talk lodged inside and some Brits have put together a petition to fight against some of the language that disrupts the privacy of consenting adults. The Home Free dog simulator is still alive despite the developers seemingly taking some time off. Darksiders: Warmastered Edition is coming for PS4, Xbox One and Wii U this November. And there’s an all new adult VR content provider called WankzVR, offering high-end HD+ content for VR headset wearers.


Nintendo Switch Announced

The Nintendo NX has received an official name in the form of the Nintendo Switch. The console is a truly remarkable marvel, featuring dual functionality as both a mobile device and as a home console. Logan received the first major trailer and a lot of gamers are calling it a rip-off of The Last of Us. The first gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 was let loose into the public sphere and it shows some impressive technological improvements. A new story pack for Stellaris has been announced in the form of the Leviathans. There have been additional revelations of voter fraud happening in Indiana, which is being alleged by election officials and the police.


Huffington Post And The Guardian Collaborated With Clinton Against Sanders

If Bernie Sanders wasn’t a bonafide cuck he would be pissed enough to go nuclear on the Democratic National Committee and the corrupt media to let them know that they rigged the elections and screwed him over. However, Sanders is a political cuck, and therefore he will sit back and take his lashings like a good cuck. This axiom was reaffirmed again when it turned out that the Huffington Post and The Guardian have collaborated with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to run hit-pieces against Bernie Sanders. The graphics options and system requirements for Watch Dogs 2 have been made public. PS4 Pro’s specs have been revealed and Sony has made some minor upgrades to the system to accommodate the 4K capabilities and VR. And Wikipedia editors are willing to approve a draft on the Crash Override Network page regarding the Skype and Trello leaks only under the condition that it’s non-damaging and completely contextualizes nothing.


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