Weekly Recap Oct 8th: Digital Homicide Commits Digital Suicide
(Last Updated On: October 8, 2016)

After the constant attacks launched against Jim Sterling and his followers, indie developer Digital Homicide stepped it up by attempting to sue Valve and 100 Steam users. The suing of Valve and its users caused Valve to delete Digital Homicide’s titles and that move proved to be fatal for the developer as they had no money to keep up the lawsuit against the people selling their games. Digital Homicide committed digital suicide.

Wikileaks let some new documents loose that revealed Hillary Clinton’s true plans for the country, which came alongside some distracting news about Trump talking about poontang pie from 11 years ago. The Washington State Gambling Commission has come down on Valve for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling rings using their Steam OpenID API and both the LA Times and CBC take a vow of silence regarding the Crash Override Network leaks after promoting the organization just a year ago. These stories and more in this October 8th, 2016 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Digital Homicide Bites The Dust

After launching an all-out assault on their own audience and Valve, suing up to 100 Steam users on harassment grounds for the negative reviews they turned in on their games, Digital Homicide has been the victim of financial homicide. The outcome was both fitting and expected. Amazon has introduced a new way for users to engage in Twitch with Twitch Prime, which offers all the benefits and incentives of Amazon Prime but with a few gaming themed bonuses as well. And there’s an interesting new game on the way for PC called Scarf: Walking With Souls, which is set to launch on Steam in 2017.


Twitter Censorship Reaches New Heights

Twitter has managed to become even worse in the eyes of the grand stage of geopolitical journalism. They’ve been purposefully censoring journalists to adhere to the dictatorial rule of Turkey’s President. A new psychological horror game in the form of a Donald Trump Presidency simulator has launched called Make America Great Again. We have a review up of the game Lost Sector Online, detailing what works, what doesn’t and if it’s worth playing. And Resident Evil 7‘s VR version will be a timed exclusive on the PlayStation VR starting next January.

Wikileaks Documents Set To Arrive Before Elections

A series of documents will be released in relation to the U.S., election courtesy of Wikileaks before November 8th. The Wikileaks documents will also contain information about Google. The demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon is due to drop later this month for the Nintendo 3DS, giving gamers an opportunity to play-test the game ahead of the official launch. A new game mimicking the 1990s style Resident Evil games called Vaccine is on the way. And 4chan may be going under or they may have to try new means of securing funds after the new owner let everyone know that the site could be going under unless drastic changes are made.

Valve Gets Butt Checked By Washington State Gambling Commission

The Washington State Gambling Commissioner sent Valve a cease and desist letter regarding allowing gambling sites to utilize their openID Steam API for the betting and gambling of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins. Syberia 3 for home consoles and PC has been delayed up until the first quarter of 2017, and the reason is that they not only wanted to polish the game but also add more content to it. It’s rare that developers delay a game because they want even more content added to it. Endless Space 2 managed to land on Steam Early Access for gamers looking for a grand strategy adventure in space. And the system requirements for the Windows 10 edition of Gears of War 4 has been made public and you’re going to need a heck of a lot of space to play the game on PC.

Beyond Good And Evil Sequel Announced

After years of waiting and lots of begging, Ubisoft has finally obliged gamers with a sequel to Beyond Good and Evil. Ubisoft is playing it coy with what the game entrails but they definitely wanted everyone to know that it’s coming. Valve getting sued for their involvement in the gambling rings involving Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been dismissed. The judge felt as if the issue involving illegal gambling was a state issue not a federal issue. Ice Cube ended up doing the theme song for the launch trailer for Mafia III called “Nobody Wants to Die”. The song managed to get a lot of people hyped because the game’s launch trailer was actually pretty good.


CBC And LA Times Support Crash Override Network Doxing

Two more news outlets were caught out for supporting Zoe Quinn’s Crash Override Network while avoiding talking about the group being involved in doxing and harassment. The two outlets in question? The LA Times and the CBC. The classic OG Xbox title, Voodoo Vince, will be making a return to the Xbox One and Windows 10 on PC in early 2017. There’s a walkthrough available for Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister Location. The PS4 will allow for mods with Fallout 4 and Skyrim, but there’s a huge caveat… no external assets. And Mafia III is hard-locked at 30fps on PC but 2K Games plans on releasing a patch over the weekend to address the issue.

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