Wikipedia Editors Accept David Pakman’s Summary Of Crash Override Network Leaks
(Last Updated On: October 23, 2016)

The filibustering of the Crash Override Network page continues over on Wikipedia. Administrators and editors have taken up charge of camping the page and preventing anyone from mentioning that the Crash Override Network leaks contain targeted harassment, doxing and admission of sabotage. However, they are willing to allow the leaks to be mentioned if only in a non-contextual, non-damaging manner.

The supposed anti-abuse organization co-founded by Alex Lifschitz and Zoe Quinn had chat logs and Trello cards leak revealing that the group partook in targeted harassment and doxing. No further descriptive edits have been made to the Wikipedia entry for Crash Override Network since the page was locked by administrators on September 13th, 2016. However, on October 19th, 2016, one of the editors, MjolnirPants, an admitted male feminist, approved of his own edit that another user approved of, coming up with a safe way to acknowledge the leaks without detailing anything about the leaks.

Mjolnirpants wrote out a brief entry draft for what should be mentioned on the Crash Override Network Wikipedia page regarding the Skype and Trello leaks. The entry would be based on a brief segment regarding the leaks that aired on the September 14th, 2016 edition of the David Pakman Show. Wikipedia editor UncleThursday fixed up the mock draft made by MjolnirPants, which would read…

“In September 2016 a series of leaked Skype chat logs and Trello page documents appeared to show future members of CON assembling dossiers on various individuals related to the Gamergate controversy, including David Pakman; Pakman characterized the activity as “opposition research”.”

MjolnirPants has been one of the biggest opponents against any mention of the Crash Override Network leaks that might portray the organization in a negative light. Nevertheless, he replied with an “Approved” checkmark.

The mock draft hasn’t been added to the Wikipedia page yet. However, the blockquote that they would add to the page completely bypasses things like Quinn admitting that she, Davey Wreden and Tom Jackson intended to sabotage the Polaris Game Jam. It completely side-steps the chat group questioning Randi Lee Harper on the act of doxing people associated with #GamerGate; it ignores that the group went after Frederick Brennan, the former administrator of 8chan,  actively trying to cut off every source of financial income so that he wouldn’t have any money to take care of himself. Heat Street and Washington Examiner described the group as “bullies” and partaking in “harassment”.

The entry that MjolnirPants approves of explains nothing to anyone who doesn’t already understand what “opposition research” means in context to #GamerGate and Crash Override Network. The short blurb also does little to explain why the leak occurred, what the leak was about or why it should be added to the Wikipedia entry.

It was revealed in the Crash Override Network chat logs that a previous Wikipedia editor, Ryulong, was on beck and call for the group to make edits to pages on the digital encyclopedia, including removing facts or making changes to ensure that Zoe Quinn was portrayed in the best light as possible.

PeterTheFourth is another editor who also would hang out with Ryulong on anti-#GamerGate communities and make edits to articles pertaining to Zoe Quinn and her friends. Some Wikipedia editors have argued that the current entry for Crash Override Network reads like “hagiography” and is little more than a promotional stub for the organization.

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  • C G Saturation

    It’s difficult to take anyone called “MjolnirPants” seriously.

  • giygas was created as a direct response to the corruption and ideological bullshit peddling on Wikipedia. It’s still in it’s early stages, but the stated goal is to create a decentralized global knowledge core without the culture of ideology, deletionism, or arbitrary “notability”.

    • Parrikle

      Infogalactic is also trying to sell the ability to control topics to vested interests. I’m not exactly convinced that you can avoid the “corruption and ideological bullshit” by institutionalising it.

      • giygas

        That does look suspicious.

  • This is damage control and an attempt to misinform and get the public off their backs.

    Because so many people know about the CON leaks now, the leaks have been spreading like wildfire.

    Therefore, normies or newcomers who are not fully knowledgeable in this GG/anti-GG/CON fiasco will be seeing all the leaks scattered around and seeing people mentioning the leaks, but wondering why it isn’t on Wikipedia.

    So MjolnirPants, by creating and posting a clearly biased and dishonest entry about the leaks onto Wikipedia, it means that when people confront and question SJWs/feminists about the leaks, they can just point to this Wikipedia entry and say “see that’s all it was, just calm down and forget about it now”.

    It also means that when newcomers/normies see it, they’ll really believe that was what it was all about, which means they’ll likely stop questioning it or researching further into it.

    Because after all, a vast majority of people still take Wikipedia as gospel.

    It’s actually a pretty smart move by them, because this upcoming entry will give people an answer. We all know know it’s going to be complete biased crap, but unfortunately the ‘normies’ do not know.

    • This is exactly what I got from the entry. They’ll continue to filibuster until they can get in some kind of sanitized take on the matter that completely glosses over everything. It’s enough to say “The leaks are mentioned” and then they’ll call it a day.

      Given that Mjolnirpants identifies as a male feminist, I’m tempted to look further into this guy. He might end up being rapist given that it seems to be a recurring trait amongst SJW male feminists.

      • giygas

        On the subject of investigating SJWs, I think you’d be interested to know that Mike Cernovich is planning to open a Gawker-like website in 2017. Only instead of picking on regular people, it’ll be exposing the scandals of sociopathic liberal journalists, CEOs, and other guys in tech. Turning the media’s own tactics against itself. It’s not known what the name of the site will be, but it’ll be hard to miss once it goes live.

        He poses the idea on his blog here:

        He confirmed his plans on a podcast the next day. I highly recommend listening to the whole thing (1h41m), especially if you aren’t familiar with him.

      • Meittimies

        “He might end up being a rapist given that it seems to be a recurring trait amongst SJW male feminists.”

        Just dont let that become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Heavy assumptions make it easier to fall on the dark side and fabricate evidence for your own confirmation bias. Odds are the guy can also be just an archetypical antisocial white knight with no social skills IRL.

        • No need to fabricate anything with these people. In all cases involving SJWs and male feminists, the evidence speaks for itself. Heck, NeoGaf’s owner outed himself for sexually abusing a woman while he was out traveling in Spain because “she was asking for it”. These scumbags seem to hide behind the male feminist identity to cover for their sins.

        • Reggie Anderson

          Quite true.

          The human mind is easily hacked and it’s very easy to start seeing phantoms where none actually exist.

          That being said, there’s strong evidence to suggest that the louder they are, the likelyhood of them overcompensating is high. This is a very well studied psychological phenomenon as well. If I recall correctly, the term is “Compensation” (however you may find many hits on your favourite search engine if you type in “overcompensation” and “psychology.”)

      • anopolis

        you might be on to something billy..lock the sjw male fems up..for our womens safety…also take note of almost all of the I’m gonna go to the “site” and shoot everyone there…most of them have been liberals…so if we keep guns out of the hands of libs.. that might push the homicidal killing spree down.