World War Toons Trailer For PSVR Channels Battlefield Heroes Gone Wacky

A new PlayStation VR game called World War Toons from developer Reload Studios has received a new trailer highlighting its VR gameplay and the wacky visual style that accompanies a Battlefield Heroes-style setup.

The trailer was recently posted up over on the PlayStation YouTube channel where it covers a minute and a half worth of gameplay and features for World War Toons.

The game features caricatured depictions of classic war classes, ranging from infantry to snipers to tank operators. You can check out the trailer below.

The game isn’t just another hero-shooter like Overwatch or Battleborn, and it certainly isn’t another MOBA game like Smite or Paragon. It manages to combine classic deathmatch with over-the-top power-ups and completely ridiculous gameplay elements, such as a giant, smiling bomb that looks like an explosive version of the Kool-Aid man.

The game has a lot of wacky elements going on. Hamsters powering flying ships; sharks in a tornado, players turning into angels when they die, chickens… I don’t even know what’s up with the chickens.

World War Toons

There are vehicles at the disposal of players, too. So this adds a bit of a Battlefield strategic element to the gameplay. But vehicles aren’t the be-all, end-all of combat. There are jump pads so players can travel around the maps quickly, all manner of explosive, sniping and destructive power-ups to help aid in the battle, and an assortment of ridiculous characters to play. They don’t mention if playing the different characters will grant you anything special on the battlefield, but at least you’ll be able to look ridiculous while you gun down your foes.

World War Toons will be available on October 13th along with the launch of the PlayStation VR. The game will be playable as a free-to-play title and you won’t need a PlayStation VR headset to dive into the action. For more info, be sure to visit the official website.


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