Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 4 Walkthrough

The fourth episode for Batman: The Telltale Series has gone live for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC, along with mobile devices. The fourth episode is called the Guardian of Gotham. For those who need a walkthrough of the different choices in the game, there are a few video guides available.

RabidRetrospectGames continued the walkthrough of the game that’s commentary-free, following the storyline of Harvey who didn’t get his face smashed in by the Penguin. You can check out the walkthrough below.

The beginning of the game sees players in a room in Arkham Asylum. There isn’t much to do other than get dressed and participate in a fight.

The fight is scripted for Bruce to lose until the Joker comes in to help. You have a distinctive choice in lying to cover for the Joker after he saves you, or to rat him out to the doctors. This choice will have a distinct effect on the relationship that the Joker and Bruce.

You can ask some of the inmates about the Joker, as well as talk to the Joker about Lady Arkham. If you tell him that you plan on getting revenge against Vicki he’ll remember that, and you can also agree or not to owe the Joker a favor while in Arkham if he helps Bruce escape.

You can use the phone or help stop the fighting; you can either call a lawyer or if you have good connections with Gordon you can call him to have him get you out.

During the car ride out of Arkham there’s a phone call where Bruce and Harvey will talk. Players will have a choice of being mean or nice to Harvey – the choices will clearly decide whether or not Harvey and Bruce become embittered enemies or if Bruce can attempt to patch things up.

Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 4

When investigating the crime scene you’ll need to link all the clues together to discover what happened. Link the photo on the shelf with the logo on Mr. Vale’s jacket.

Proceed to connect the syringe with the neck wound on Mrs. Vale. Examine the blood splatter on the wall and then connect it with the belt buckle. Connect the clean knife with the hair sample and Batman will then piece the whole scene together.

Examine the hidden panel under the stairs to discover the little boy.

If you tell the boy not to be scared he’ll give you the information you need.

After examining the crime scene and dissecting the malfunctioned gadget, you’ll have a choice of talking to Harvey about his attempt to kick Bruce out of his home. If you go as Bruce you won’t be able to convince Harvey at all – if you go as Batman you can be more firm with Harvey.

You’ll have a choice of either helping Alfred at the Wayne Manor as Harvey launches an assault against Alfred, or you can go to Wayne Enterprises to stop Penguin from hacking into Batman’s tech.

If you choose to head to the Wayne Manor, you’ll have to engage in a fight against Harvey and his men at the Wayne manor. After beating them, you’ll need to choose to either have Harvey sent to Blackgate Prison or Arkham Asylum.

If you keep Lucius at Wayne Enterprises to work from behind the scenes, he’ll warn you about the hacks from Cobblepot. XcageGame shows an alternative of when Batman goes to talk to Harvey on the rooftop. Instead of Wayne being brought into Crime Alley to be executed, Harvey has Gordon brought there where Batman will have to save Gordon from the two cops.

In XcageGame’s walkthrough Batman heads to the Wayne Enterprise headquarters to subdue Penguin from hacking into his Batcave’s computer. If you keep Lucius working at Wayne Enterprises he’ll be able to help you navigate the building.

If you battle Cobblepot at Wayne Enterprises, you can use Batman’s special abilities to break Cobblepot’s leg in half with a sledgehammer. The firewall device used to hack into Batman’s arsenal can also be destroyed.

The episode ends with Wayne Manor burning while Harvey laughs.

Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 4


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