Beholder Cheat Trainers Give You Infinite Money, Rep Points
(Last Updated On: November 15, 2016)

One of the new games that have been taking hold of gamers and giving them a lot more than they bargained for is Warm lamp Games’ Beholder, the dystopian game about spying on people. The title puts players in a hard place as they make difficult decisions when it comes to helping their family, spying on tenants and wrestling with doing the right thing. Well, one way to make things easier in the game is with a few cheat codes, such as infinite money and reputation points.

There are two trainers available for Beholder, there’s a free one from Cheat Happens that was posted recently, and it works for the Steam release of Beholder, granting gamers the ability to add money or reputation points to Carl’s profile.

You lose reputation points every time you perform certain actions, so being able to add both money and reputation will mean that Carl can buy all the high-tech, high-end, super powerful cameras and spy tools that he needs, as well as all the items necessary to take care of his family.

There’s also another trainer available on the Mr. Antifun download page that simply gives you infinite money and reputation points. Before you activate the cheats be sure to start up a game first and once things are settled in, you can then pop open the cheat trainer and activate the cheats. From there, you no longer have to worry about money being an issue with holding you back from being one of the most prestigious tools for the totalitarian State.

The difference between adding money and infinite money is that adding money gives you a set amount of money where-as infinite money just gives you infinite amounts of funds.

Either way, you can grab the cheat trainers for Beholder to help you along the way. The thing is, the money alone won’t solve all your problems in a game like Beholder. Sometimes it’s not just a money problem that will have your nerves wrecked and your eyeballs teary, but it’s more about the moral dilemmas you’ll be faced with.

Regardless, Beholder is available right now and doing well on the sales charts. You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now for only $7.99 from the Steam store.

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