Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Campaign Walkthrough

Infinity Ward’s highly anticipated Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has launched for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and gamers are getting an opportunity to head into deep space in the far future in the newest game. For gamers looking for a complete gameplay walkthrough of Infinite Warfare’s campaign mode, you can find the walkthrough guide available right here.

The game starts with an explanation that the Settlement Defense Force is trying to take out everything Earth; blockading Earth forces from raw materials and raiding colonials. Players take on the role of Wolf at the start of the game as they raid a facility using some high-tech weapons. You can check out the full campaign walkthrough below, which clocks in at six and a half hours. YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames has the video.

The first mission is extremely linear. You simply activate the appropriate doors and shoot the guys in front of you. However, there is a segment involving a meg. You will need to break the mech down. Each bodypart on the mech has a health bar. If you take out the legs it will destroy the mech. However, shooting the arms prevents it from doing a lot of damage to you.

After killing the mech you simply activate the weapon and from there it’s a cinematic revealing Jon Snow as the main bad guy, with Conor McGregor as his right hand man.

>Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Another cinematic plays and players take control of Lt. Nick Reyes who must walking-sim his way through the building as he follows Lt. Salt to the dropship. Before anything can happen, though, the AA guns shoot down the fleet and crash the dropship with Reyes and Salt on it. After waking up, Reyes and Salt go Lethal Weapon on the SDF forces and try to take out the enemy troops who are targeting and killing innocent civilians.

The right bumper is to throw frags, ‘X’ (or the Square button) is to reload. You can hold down the left trigger to aim and the right trigger to shoot.

Much like Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 the level designs are slightly larger than previous games, affording players to move around with a bit more freedom.

You can throw grenades back at enemies when they land at your feet by pressing the right trigger.

Make your way through the city streets and kill everything in sight that has a weapon. Avoid civilian casualties.

You can press the R3 (depressing the right analog) to melee enemies.

Just like Black Ops 3 there are ammo caches to refill your ammo. You’ll gain a hacking tool that you can use with the left bumper to take control of enemy robots.

You’ll need to head toward the tower and take out enemies along the way. You’ll get your first taste of the space combat in a mission where Reye flies from the ground up to space and you’ll need to shoot down enemy SDF forces in some dogfighting action and partake in a rail shooting segment.

After finishing up the mission another cinematic will play involving Captain Alder being killed and Lt. Reyes being promoted to Commander, thus placing him in charge of the Retribution following Alder’s death.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

You can listen to some intel logs in the dead captain’s office before going on the next mission.

The next mission starts at about an hour in at the 56:00 mark.

You can choose your weapon from the weapon stash and pick a loadout just like with Black Ops 3.

The mission will feature a semi-cinematic where you will need to shoot some SDF targets while driving into the moon base facility. While inside you can shoot out the glass to suck the enemies out hiding behind structures and furniture. Shortly after the windows are blown out the shutters will close.

Electric weapons work best on the stage since a lot of the enemies will be robots.

You can get a personal shield by destroying one of the mini-boss robots. You can also pick up a new weapon with two different types of firing modes, one being the standard machine gun type and the other being a shotgun mode that you can switch to by pressing down on the D-pad.

You’ll end up losing your helmet and your weapons and you can select a new arsenal after Reyes and crew get sucked out into space.

Head through the base and take out the robot fleet in the cargo bay.

You’ll need to get back into the ship and do some more dogfighting against the gunships before heading back up into space. Use the grappling hook to get around in space by tapping the left bumper while aimed at certain surfaces or enemies.

Head up toward the bridge of the enemy ship; blow out the bridge window and head inside. Proceed into the elevator shaft and toward the combat control system to disable the secondary weapon systems.

You’ll need to take down the weapon systems and then head back to the Retribution. You can modify your weapons for the next mission depending on the mission you select. In the video above it starts at the 1:34:00 mark.

Unlike previous Call of Duty games, you can choose your next mission based on a star map from the bridge. To start the mission simply head down into the launch bay and climb into your ship.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

For the Ingress stealth mission, you’ll need to utilize stealth and avoid being seen. The mission is like a first-person version of Hitman. You’ll need to play it smart and avoid alerting enemies. There’s a circular HUD on-screen that indicates how detected you are by enemy AI. If the signal detector spikes too much, it means that they’ve spotted you.

Head through the munitions deck and grab the credentials from the lone officer in the room on the second floor.

You’ll need to escape and proceed to nab a ship and gun down enemy shuttles in space to help the Retribution. After the enemies are cleared out you’ll need to land on the runaway of the Retribution to complete the mission.

Operation D-Con is another mission where you’ll need to take the fight to the SDF. It involves destroying chemical weapons and blowing the living daylights out of their carrier. The mission starts at the 1:51:00 mark.

Before you can board the ship you’ll need to take out some of the enemy fighters in a dogfight. Before the ship escapes, fly up along the side and head into the side bay. Try to stay under the turret fire to avoid being filleted.

Get into the bay and follow the marker to the chemical weapons inside the armor. You can blow the gravity, take out the enemies, hack the armory door with the ‘X’ button (or Square) and then you’ll need to do a quick defense segment against waves of enemies.

Operation Pure Jackal is a basic mission where you head to the SDF’s Solus and disable the ship. You can check out the mission at the 2:04:00 mark.

It’s a standard dogfighting mission in an asteroid field. You’ll need to take out the bogeys and then disable the destroyers.

In another mission you’ll need to recover a SATO Tech weapon and rescue some engineers. You’ll need to head through the ship’s corridors after clearing out the soldiers on the outside you then breach the hull and head inside to take out Captain Barkov. Inside the ship it’s a stealth mission with multiple routes in and around the area. To avoid alerting the enemy troops, you can use stealth to get to the hostages, and inside the room there will be about a dozen enemies. You ‘ll need to take the guards out from the top first and work your way down by the time you get into the cargo bay where the hostages are being held.

You’ll need to recover the P-Law from the weapon containment area and face off against a few mini-bosses using the weapons.

For Operation Safe Harbor, you’ll need to destroy more destroyers to safeguard a UNSA outpost. It’s a dogfighting mission so you’ll need to fine-tune your weapons for space combat. You can see the mission in action in the video above at the 2:40:00 mark.

Operation Grave Robber is another dogfight where the Earth forces battle the SDF at a salvage yard. The mission starts at the 2:46:00 mark in the video above.

Operation Burn Water is a main story mission and not one of the side-quest missions. It starts at the 3:10:00 mark.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The mission involves a dropship onto the Titan.

The team has a little bit of robophobia for Ethan, but the Staff Sergeant gives him a little bit of loving as they head planetside to take the fight to the SDF.

Follow the squad through the ridge up top to the facility. And inside the habitat.

The mission’s success will be dependent on how well you can stealth through some of the more difficult patrols and segments. Use a silenced rifle to take out enemies quietly to avoid being flanked and flooded with enemies.

You can work with the AI teammates for tandem takedowns.

Continue to head through the facility until you get the C12 mech drop to help take down the facility. Use the wrist computer to assign targets to the C12’s rockets. You can use the C12 rockets at any time when the computer lets you know that it’s “ready to fire”. Don’t hesitate to spam the enemy with rockets.

After you make it further into the base the C12 will get the crap beat out of it by an enemy mech. You’ll need to use a rocket to disable one of the weapons on the mech and then jump onto it.

After you take out the mech you’ll transition into the SCAR to take out the fuel tower on Titan. First take down the aerial enemies and then land on the station and get out. Head up to the top of the tower, but be sure to take it slow and steady and watch your six because some enemies will try to flank you from behind. The shield will be essential for this segment.

After opening the turbine you’ll then need to escape via SCAR, only Reyes doesn’t make it back to the retribution.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Following a cinematic, Reyes and Ethan make it back to the Retribution for the next big mission.

For the mission Operation Sudden Death, it’s another dogfighting-only mission over Titan. It starts at the 3:54:44 mark in the video at the top of the article.

The mission is short and sweet and simply requires taking out the targets and returning to the Retribution. The mission is only a few minutes long and then you’ll be back on the Retribution.

The next mission is a primary story mission called Operation Dark Quarry. The mission is a special recon mission to head into the quarry to find out why the quarry went dark.

Since the mission focuses on an area dominated by robots, an electric-themed weapon would work best.

The mission requires you to avoid heading out into the open where the sun will roast you. Head through the facility and follow the markers toward the survivors. However, there are no survivors, only ravenous, deadly guard bots who will try to rip your head off.

When you get to the door that requires a proximity hack, you’ll need to battle waves of enemy robots while the hack takes place. Be sure you have a powerful enough weapon to take down the robots.

Head through and continue to take out the robots until you get to the survivors. During the escape Omar doesn’t make and turns into human fried chicken while attempting to help the survivors escape.

Operation Trace Kill is another side-mission that allows you to dogfight in the SCARs for a limited run while attempting to avoid getting burned crisp like Omar. It’s a standard seek and destroy mission with an added timer. You’ll need to kill 5 of the SDF aces before time runs out. Be sure to bring weapons that can fire fast and kill the ships quickly.

There’s another primary mission called Operation Black Flag. It kicks into gear at 4:47:00 in the video at the top of the article.

Players don’t get control until after a cinematic plays that involves the transponder they need being stolen by unknown forces. Players end up back in the Geneva city, fighting forces in an attempt to recover the transponder. It’s another standard, linear, Call of Duty mission where you follow the checkpoints and kill whoever is in the way.

For the enemies that pin you down inside the busted up shop with the floodlight, a sniper rifle is perfect for taking them out by landing a few good headshots.

After making your way up the tower, Reyes fails and gets boot-kicked. The transponder is destroyed after the AA guns are disabled and Admiral Kotch’s fleet comes in hot to destroy HQ.

A final mission takes place where Reyes boards the Olympus with the help of Ethan and Reyes. Players will be able to modify their loadout with a few weapons lingering around on the ground.

Make your way to the bridge and hack the bot to take out Admiral Kotch.

Take over the Olympus and then you can head to Mars to take out the SDF’s capital ship fleet. Use the Olympus Mons to destroy the nearest capital ships first and then take out any capital ship attempting to flee.

Make your way down into the weapons ordinance within the Olympus in order to get the cannons back up. There are still some SDF forces down there that you’ll need to take out. Head to the bay and get into the ships to take out the SDF aces and the destroyer ships. You can check that out at the 5:29:00 mark.

Another cinematic will play after you take out all the SDF ships. After being shot down, your next mission will be to enter into an SDF facility. You can outfit your weapon loadout and customize your guns before heading out.

Your opponents will mostly be robots, so a weapon good for bots is ideal.

You can use the targeting computer to take out the AA guns – you’ll need to take out three guns in total.

Make your way through the quarry, and use the hack devices as often as possible to take control of the robot drones to utilize them to get behind enemy lines.

Another cinematic will lead you to the top of the tower. Take out some of the enemies and then disable the bot launchers to prevent them from sending in any reinforcements. Chief Mac will die in the process of stopping the launchers but will stop the enemies from bombarding those left on the surface of the planet.

The last and final, final mission will see Reyes going in solo to unlock the weapon systems for the destroyer ship at the ship bay. Majority of the combat will be against robots, so be sure to have proper weapons and explosives to take out the robots, including a Hunter with dual shields.

Make your way to the weapons control center and use the drones to help route out the SDF forces dug in behind the barricades. Once the enemies are destroyed you’ll need to take control of Ethan to blow up the core and unbuckle the couplings on the destroyer to finish the mission. Reyes will die in the process of the ship yard being destroyed, with his name ending up on the memorial board that Lt. Salt views before leaving and the credits rolling.


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