Cemu 1.6.2c Wii U Emulator Download Available With RAM, Shader Fixes

Cemu 1.6.2c has been released to the public after having a week of exclusivity given to Patreon supporters who give their hard earned money to the team developing Cemu. The latest update for the Wii U emulator features a lot more fixes and improvements to the overall functionality of the application.

They posted up a brief rundown of the changelog on the Reddit forum, highlighting some fixes for the CPU, including a number of crashes and they added five new CPU instruction sets to the recompiler, along with modifying a separate section set to generate faster code.

They’ve improved the FSA thread and made a number of changes to the graphics emulation to improve OpenGL feedback, reduced some shaders required for compiling to speed up emulation, and improved some bugs in the buffer cache and textures loading into RAM.

Ultimately, these fixes improve overall functionality and game optimization for some titles, which were recently uploaded by gamers to give the general public a more real-time take on what these updates entailed. You can check out videos below of DuckTales Remastered and Citizens of Earth running on the Cemu 1.6.2b, courtesy of Emulators for PC.

The overall improvements for the latest version of the Cemu emulator didn’t come without costs, though. Some users on the GBA Temp forums have been mentioning that there are some memory dump issues where after playing the Cemu they run into issues with the memory not flushing correctly and they end up with the blue screen of death.

It may have to do with the new change to the way the textures are being loaded into and out of the RAM.

The Cemu team is quick to fix these issues, so expect them to be addressed in 1.6.3.

You can download Cemu 1.6.2c right now, for free, by heading to the download page on the official Cemu website.


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