Cemu 1.6.3 Available For Patrons With A Few Extra Bug Fixes
(Last Updated On: November 21, 2016)

The newest version of the Wii U emulator by the team Cemu crew is for version 1.6.3. It arrives shortly after the emulation team put together 1.6.2c, which followed up on the 1.6.2b release. All the 1.6.2 series of updates made a lot of minor tweaks and changes to the way the emulator handled instruction sets for a series of different processing purposes.

Version 1.6.3 takes a modest approach to the latest update outing. It’s all about fixing some of the code and structures of the API that Cemu uses, as well as fixes a series of shader and instruction sets on the graphics side, and a few other bugs, including one for the keyboard overlay for AMD GPUs. The changelog isn’t very long but it’s available for Patreon backers on the official Cemu website.

Over on the YouTube front, reznoire posted up videos of various Wii U games running on the latest version of the emulator that you can check out below.

Super Mario 3D World looks good here. The soft shadows show density variance, something rarely seen in many emulators, especially running at high speeds. We get to see transparency, proper alpha filtering for smoke effects, as well as dynamic shadowing and per-pixel lighting.

Games like The Legend of Zelda Windwaker look phenomenal. The higher resolution and sharper image combined with the clean shaders and proper shadowing gives the game the kind of strikingly vibrant look that you could only find at the house of Nintendo.

Texture filtering seems to be continue to improve, as they mention in the changelog, and they also mention that they’ve improved the texture LOD parameters for vertex shaders. They don’t mention if that’s for main actors or just in general, but regardless of that… when you see games like Mario Kart 8 in action it’s easy to appreciate just how much work they’ve put into the emulator and how far along they were with near complete accuracy to playing a real Wii U.

If you want to contribute to the cause you can do so by donating to the official Patreon of Cemu. Alternatively, you can wait exactly one week and get your hands on the public release of 1.6.3.

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