Censored Gaming Gets Censored By YouTube

Censored Gaming recently received a community content strike from YouTube after people reported the video game censorship channel to the YouTube community team.

Some content on the channel is being labeled as “porn” and has been censored from YouTube. This was made public after the outlet posted up about the community strike via Twitter.

Censored Gaming also posted up images of the community strike and the guideline that it points to that the channel violated, both of which can be viewed below.

As the first image describes, the strike was handed out for Censored Gaming’s video entitled “Japanese Version of Mafia III Censors Sex Scenes & Nipples”. YouTube removed the video from online and handed out a community strike for it.

The video showcased the differences between the North American and Japanese version of Mafia III, and the censorship that was applied to the Japanese version.

The news is kind of odd given that there’s a previous video on Censored Gaming’s channel showing some of the sexually explicit moments in Mafia III and explaining what would likely not appear in the Japanese version of the game. It’s obviously not safe for work.

YouTube, however, censored the actual comparison video between the Japanese and North American versions by removing it and giving a community strike to Censored Gaming.

The comparison videos on the channel have been quite popular from Censored Gaming, as it’s really the only outlet online that sedulously does side-by-side censorship comparisons in video format between lots of different games released in various regions.

Despite the fact that people are being informed and educated about regional censorship, YouTube considered the video to be either “pornographic” or “sexually provocative”. Unfortunately they didn’t detail the exact nature of why they censored Censored Gaming’s video, but only that it broke their nudity and sexual content community guidelines.

Three community strikes within three months will result in the account being permanently terminated, as mentioned on the Google community guidelines page.

Some people mentioned in the Twitter feed that it was likely the title of the video that earned it a trip to censorship lane, and that the videos may have to be titled less explicitly.

The video, however, was no different than other content on Censored Gaming channel, which focuses mostly on the differences between censored and uncensored versions of different games. You can see what some of the content is like below.

Others also pointed out that there are far more explicit videos still on YouTube that have not been censored, taken down or hit with a community strike, and this has led some people to believe that this was likely the work of trolls attempting to get Censored Gaming’s channel taken down.

After reaching out to Censored Gaming, it was mentioned that they have already attempted to appeal the strike against the channel, but they have not heard back from YouTube or Google’s community team as of the writing of this article.

I also reached out to YouTube for comment regarding the censoring of Censored Gaming’s video and the community strike against the channel, and if they decide to respond the article will be updated accordingly.


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