Cracked Says #GamerGate Is Harassment Campaign Tied To White Supremacy
(Last Updated On: November 28, 2016)

A millennial working for did a video chastising gamers for liking video games and violent video games. He cites Jonathan McIntosh, running to his defense (something even Anita Sarkeesian stopped doing) and decided to stop calling himself a gamer because Google links “gamer” with #GamerGate, and according to him #GamerGate is a harassment campaign tied to white supremacy groups.

#GamerGate is actually about ethics in journalism, and based on the Federal Trade Commission’s own investigation – and a 1,700 page Freedom of Information Act request – the FTC used more than 50 pages worth of #GamerGate material during the ongoing investigation into Gawker Media. The hashtag was also used to out other websites and journalists violating FTC trade standards and even helped compel them to update their guidelines for video game reviews and YouTuber endorsements. There has never been any cited evidence that #GamerGate is a harassment campaign.

Nevertheless, the Cracked video is eight minutes of disinformation and what most people would consider to be Social Justice Warrior propaganda. It doesn’t use any facts or relay any kind of citations, with the millennial relying mostly just on talking points put forward by cultural agitators like Jonathan McIntosh. You can check out the video below.

Four minutes into the video, the millennial claims that if you mention that “this movie is sexist” it’ll receive far less backlash and outrage than if a gaming website mentions “this game is sexist”. He doesn’t provide any evidence for this, nor any citations.

However, the main issue with his argument isn’t that he’s right or wrong, but that many mainstream media websites have either closed down, banned, or deleted many of the comments on articles pertaining to sexism, gender politics or movies like the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot. Sites peddling propaganda about gender politics and misappropriating the issues have many of their discussion threads closed off. So it’s a disingenuous comparison, really.

I found a few articles with their comment sections still open; Screen Rant had an article from back in July that has 128 comments relating to Ghostbusters, and the comment section isn’t closed. I also found an article from the Washington Post talking about Ghostbusters and sexism/misogyny, with 419 comments… the article was published back on July 14th, 2016.

On the gaming side of things… just recently there was a Rock, Paper, Shotgun article calling Rimworld sexist… it received 691 comments to date. The Kotaku article discussing Rimworld and sexism received 619 comments. Both comment sections remain open.

It’s a tough comparison to make between movies and games given that hot button topics on many major mainstream media websites shutdown their comment sections for movies, where-as games are just heavily moderated but keep them open.

In some fringe cases like Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 not coming to America due to Koei Tecmo wanting to avoid SJWs, the Gamespot article from December, 2015 received a total of 836 comments with a lot of gamers pissed at SJWs for keeping a game out of the Western region. But then again… there isn’t really an equivalent scenario to Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 when it comes to movies. It’s not like American Pie was denied release in America for being too sexy. It’s tough to think of any prominently well known movie franchises that were barred from coming West due to potential media backlash.

The millennial in the Cracked video goes on to make a lot of other false equivalencies, poorly structured arguments and simply wrong conclusions about various topics that a lot of people didn’t like.

1 – A lot of people consider games like Journey, Unravel, Two Brothers and Shadow of the Colossus to be art. Feel free to make arguments saying that they aren’t or explaining how they aren’t art.

2 – People hated the Mass Effect 3 ending not because it was trying to be art (because it wasn’t) they hated it because it was inconclusive and left a lot of loose strings dangling open like Randy Orton’s forehead at the end of Summerslam. Based on the dozens of hours gamers invested into the game, they felt BioWare should have given a conclusive ending to a journey that spanned three titles.

3 – He says games aren’t relaxing, completely ignoring zen games like flOW, Pure Chess, Flower, Cloud and Abzu. These games are designed as stress relievers and are oftentimes classified in the “zen” sub-genre. And while he’s correct that various types of games have been measured to increase stress levels (notably racing games, according to research from years ago performed by Dr Simon Goodson and Sarah Pearson from Huddersfield University for the British Psychological Society) either he doesn’t play enough games to know that zen games exist… or he’s trolling.

And that brings us to the final point: this Cracked video is filled with misinformation, thus it’s easy to assume that no one could proclaim to play video games and be that daft and uninformed about the industry. Cracked likely put the list together to get rage clicks.

Even still, it was enough to foment strong responses, including a video response from Brad Glasgow over on

Cracked has been promoting people like Zoe Quinn (and in the video above, Jonathan McIntosh) so they obviously don’t have honesty or legitimacy in mind with their content (especially given that Quinn spearheads Crash Override Network, who was outed for doxing and harassing people). They’re likely using their platform for fresh clicks and to get gamers riled up to make ad revenue on it.

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  • slimgrin

    Called cracked for a reason. Get a grip guys. Try facts sometime.

  • 5 Ways Cracked Are Holding Back The Video Games Industry:

    1) Restricting artistic expression / creativity
    2) Restricting free speech
    3) Committing unethical journalism
    4) Being racist and sexist against Caucasian male gamers
    5) Authoritarian policing of developers, publishers and localizers

  • Alistair

    I wonder if got sponsors and bosses that must be hoping the website does not dispute itself by fellow geek employees.

    Let the bosses know that your website is in dispute with your fellow readers and your fucking glasses geek of a regression up mactosh arse pissing on gamers.

    Another website to boycott.

    • C G Saturation

      I tried correcting their lies in the comments when I first saw them posting bullshit, but the hipster cuck regressive hugbox is ultra strong over there. You’re not allowed to point out misinformation or they tear your head off. Never gone back since.

  • Ghost

    Cracked is on crack, yo!

    • C G Saturation

      Cracked is licking Soros’ crack and taking Soros up their crack.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    I remember when Cracked used to be kinda funny. Now it just spews SJW propaganda and nothing more.

  • m0r1arty

    I think my only real complaint about this video was the use of “We” from the person presenting their ideas.

    I certainly don’t relate to a beta-cuck like that and am insulted that it got past the editorial level regarding use of identity language without proper citation.

    But then I remembered it was Cracked and that’s never really bothered them because anyone can write (And now apparently make approved videos) for them.

  • giygas

    Cracked has turned into clickbait trash. Even other SJW rags like VICE have shit on them for making things up and citing non-existent sources.

    • durka durka

      yup but it pays the bills and in the end that is what it is all about.

  • Arbitrary

    I miss non-SJW Cracked from five years ago.

    • C G Saturation

      I miss non-SJW planet Earth from five years ago.

  • C G Saturation

    I’m pretty certain Cracked was one of Soros’ high priority takeover targets to help distribute his agenda of lies. They were taken over by SJWs a few years ago, and since then they’ve been pumping out blatant bullshit lies mixed with a few facts to trick people into believing them.

    • I remember when I first saw Cracked’s horrible article “6 Sexist Video Game Problems Even Bigger Than the Breasts”, which used bullshit analogies, cited Anita Sarkeesian as being in any way credible, and basically shouted down at its audience to “listen and believe” any time a woman wants to talk about her experiences in gaming. I wanted to give them a chance after that, I really did. But then GamerGate started a few months later, and one of the first things they do is let Zoe Quinn write an article for them, which needless to say was nothing but slander meant to make her look completely innocent while gamers are the devils. From that point on, I was done, Cracked was dead to me, with one exception: maybe a year later, I did check out one of their lists I happened to stumble upon, I figured I’d give it a read just for old times (forget what it was, 7 classic cartoon characters that were really fucked up, or maybe 7 disturbing episodes of classic sitcoms). But I’d come to regret doing this, as out of nowhere, the writer takes a swing at “gamers who can’t stand women in gaming”, clearly another mischaracterization of those of us in GamerGate, and all the proof I needed to see that Cracked still never learned shit. I was pretty much like “fuck these guys” and continued to ignore them once more.

  • After Koei Tecmo’s Tweet, I had to laugh at the sheer fucking gall of the SJWs claiming that they weren’t the reason that DOAX3 failed to make it to the West, and that it was purely a “business decision” by Koei Tecmo.

    They know full well that had DOAX3 made it to the West, they would’ve completely pissed and shat on it with the usual “sexism, misogyny, [email protected] culture” crap, and they would’ve dragged Koei Tecmo out onto the street and strung them up via the nearest lamp-post.

    These people need to scram out of the video games industry.

    • C G Saturation

      In direct reaction to the DOAX3 fiasco, the SJWs also claimed the Koei Tecmo tweet was “obviously” fake news, and that SJWs don’t have any power to influence anything, and that SJWs don’t actually exist.

    • The sad thing is that, even when DOAX3 failed to make it over here, they shat on it anyway. In one of the few cases where they bother to give an import-only title the time of day, some of these sites did so just to bash on it and talk about why you shouldn’t play it (granted, I’ve seen more honest people deriding the game since its features are supposedly gimped compared to DOAX2, but we all know these hack journalists are deriding it for reasons that anyone buying the game in the first place shouldn’t give a shit about).

  • dsadsada

    Cracked was how I got into Gamergate. The first article they had on the subject led me to find out that much of the contents of the article were lies or taken out of context, especially with regards to 4chan harassment because archives are a thing, and I further found out about the situation with TFYC which led me to conclude that the person who submitted the article was a lying piece of shit.

    I honestly would have just ignored the whole thing if that was that since Cracked has hosted stupid articles like ghost hunters and puppet fellating camwhores before. But not even a week later and they had 3 articles on the topic which pissed me off and out of cracked permanently. Haven’t been back since and I clearly haven’t missed anything. This led me to hang out at other places that were more accommodating to GG which in turn made me want to keep track of things more and get more involved.

    • C G Saturation

      Yeah. I remember glancing at their initial GamerGate article, and it was completely full of bullshit lies. It’s depressing that they have so many viewers who lack basic knowledge of reality and the resourcefulness to do their own research, that they believe the bullshit without question, so much so that they will sacrifice their lives to defend it.

      • dsadsada

        It’s ironic too since the site and its users were shitting on the media for poor reporting and lack of proper research at the time. Then they throw all that away because muh feels.

        I was more of a liberal back then. I had already started seeing the signs that liberalism wasn’t quite right with its constant focus on what’s sexist or racist and whatnot. Researching gamergate reinforced that idea and then the constant articles and circlejerking in the comments section because apparently women can’t tell lies and we don’t need to check for bullshit if they cry about harassment made me realize that the ideology was for all intents and purposes a cult.

        I’m just glad that one user in the comments section kept trying so hard to redpill people. I wouldn’t have looked into TFYC if not for him and would probably have remained a neutral.

      • durka durka

        Honestly man i think it is intentional there is so much bullshit that people read online that if there is a thing there is an anti thing. Many of those sites exist simply to peddle clickbait hoax bullshit or to provide that anti thing, i have never taken any of those sites seriously but nowdays it has reached a new low of clickbait bullshit and anti thing opinions.

  • Hopefully Common Sense

    Saw Cracked slowly going down this route about 2 years ago.

  • Migi

    It’s still amazing that these kinda crackpot”s get their voices heard, all they do is spew untruth’s and lie their asses off to make a name for themselves they aren’t even looking at facts and stats and all they do is judge and force their ideology. Sometimes it feels we aren’t going forward in time but backwards with these kinda ppl.

    Who’d ever imagine that George Orwell was right about the future,

    • Ethan42

      Good video by George Orwell. But yeah, it’s sad to see 1984 taking shape through SJWs spewing nonsensical garbage and pulling their puppet strings.

      • Migi

        Its the best reminder on why we should raise our voice and question everything.

        But sadly ppl nowadays act on the “feel good” moments and not the reality of facts.

    • Arbitrary

      And are you doing anything about it?

      • Migi

        Yes constantly debating ppl’s crackpot opinions online and trying to debunk their retarded logic. Sadly they mostly end up sending me death threats considering those kinda ppl can’t stand ppl talking back.

        I actually had to change my profile name cause somebody pretended to be me on Reddit and used info from my personal account, so i had to delete anything related to that profile name.

        • C G Saturation

          Delusional Sorosites are busy assholes.

          • Migi

            It kinda makes ya wonder if they actually believe the crap they are spewing out, or if its just an attempt to get clicks or attention.

            But one thing is sure, They are more dubbel faced then most ppl.

  • durka durka

    Jut let them have this one. Trump is president, he put Steve Bannon in charge, youtube and most social media are filled with alt right and shitlords, just let them have their fucking cracked videos. We are humane, we wont remove them from the surface of the internet….unlike zuckerberg that doesnt let me have a fake profile on facebook and wants to see my papers so he can rat me to FBI.

    • C G Saturation

      I’ve had a test account with an obviously impossible name for years, and they don’t care. I used to know someone whose proper real name got flagged as fake, and they wouldn’t believe it was his real name.

      Suckerberg and his “fake news” bullshit can go to hell. You know they’re fk’d up when they arbitrarily decide if people’s names are real or not.

      • durka durka

        Well you go on alot about conspiracy theories, but all of those have one idea in common, that people will ask for these new world order measures in order to be protected. People will ask for more surveillance and control for the sake of security and accessibility and connectivity. Those things are not necessary bad it is how you use them, but the question is would you trust anyone with that kind of power? No which is why they should not have it, but as is the case with the likes of piratebay, everything that ever gets done is for the benefit of the corporations, there isnt anyone behind all of this, just big entities like corporations or in this case the cracked staff, getting convinced to change the way they do things for $$$$. This is how the worst things have have happened in this planet, because someone gave someone else $$$$ and that person did not think about it even for a second in a world of corruption that getting by is becoming harder and harder every day, some extra cash is always needed, not wanted, NEEDED, so it is impossible to avoid corruption.

        This is the basis that the radical left moved towards socialism and got people like Fidel Castro in charge, to save themselves for the immorality of money, but as it turned out that they exchanged one corrupt overlord for another one and even in the socialist utopia of Cuba or the communist utopia of the soviet union, they needed money, so everyone engaged in corruption.

        The question is do you prefer a system that ensures that no one has the power to imprison you or take away your freedom, just cause….. or do you want to sacrifice yourself to the fake morality of the supposedly ethically advantageous socialist/communist left, while in all communist countries or castro’s socialism they imprisoned gays because they did not like em.

        Anyway you see it you got a bunch of useless corrupt people taking advantage of someone’s else work and the man with the most money wins.

        At some point there will be another revolution for “liberation” or “bringing down the aristocrats” and that will lead to dictatorships and then the whole thing will start all over again.

        There is something seriously wrong with the way the western way of governance is organized but dont let anyone tell you the rest of the world is doing it better than the west. I like to be romantic and think that all of those internet laws on copyrights, advertising, fake news policing, discriminatory language are a side effect of the teenage years of the internet just like all those morons politicians that dont understand what the net neutrality is and yet they were gonna vote for it…but i kinda get the feeling that we are heading towards a cyberpunk dystopian future where everything is watched by the government which is controlled by corporations because they got more power than the governments because without corporations making profits paying taxes and hiring people, there is no state. So the state and the bribed politicians have to turn a blind eye and we can all pretend that we are free and we live in the best country in the world while around us we can see that the world is fucking rotten.