Craft Keep VR Lets You Role-Play As A Blacksmith And Alchemist
(Last Updated On: November 15, 2016)

Virtual reality has the opportunity to grant gamers an all new take on experiencing certain gameplay activities in more immersive ways, such as Craft Keep VR from developer Arvydas Žemaitis and publisher Excalibur Games.

The independently made title for the HTC Vive sees players in control of an alchemist and blacksmith who must order supplies, take requests from customers and builds weapons for them. The game isn’t particularly spectacular looking, but you can definitely tell that the development was focused on the ingenuity of interaction and not necessarily the graphics or visual effects. It utilizes the HTC Vive’s motion controllers to take advantage of the 3D space.

In fact, 3D spatial recognition is one of the game’s selling points, as players will walk around and pick up objects, interact with customers and fulfill orders. It’s one of the few games to make good use of the Vive’s lighthouses. You can see a demonstration of Craft Keep VR with the Early Access launch trailer below.

Even in the game’s simplicity there’s something appealing about the fact that the design of the game goes back to the old-school foundations of simply giving gamers a focus on mechanics and the effects of interaction. You can throw objects at customers and knock them out. You can test weapons on the range; you can order supplies on the manifest and construct odd potions using your alchemy skills, or you can just trade goods like a common shopkeeper.

Craft Keep VR currently has a positive rating after recently launching in Early Access on Steam. The developers plan on keeping the game in Early Access for anywhere between four and six months. After that it’s up and out and on to the next big milestone, which is the official graduation and launch onto the Steam store.

If you have an HTC Vive and you’re interested in crafting weapons and making gear for virtual NPCs in a virtual 3D world, you can give Craft Keep VR a look-see for $14.99 over on the Steam store. Alternatively you can wait out the six months and pick up a copy when it finally graduates from Early Access.

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