Dishonored 2 Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

With Dishonored 2 out and available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, a lot of gamers are probably looking for a little help getting through the game as Emily or Corvo. There are walkthrough guides available for both characters.

They explain in the beginning of the game that a paid killer murdered Emily Kaldwin’s mother, Jessamine Kaldwin, and tried to use Emily as a pawn in their conspiracy. They explain that someone known as the Crown Killer has been setting up Emily and Corvo to make it look like they’ve been killing their enemies.

The beginning of the game is a tutorial, teaching you how to play and how to get about the town.

The left analog is to move around, you can use ‘A’ (or ‘X’ on PlayStation) to vault over objects. Running and pressing ‘B’ (or Circle on the PlayStation) allows you to slide.

When underwater you can press ‘A’ to swim up and ‘B’ to dive. When not running, ‘B’ puts you into stealth mode. When near ropes and chains you can use ‘X’ (or the Square button on PlayStation) to climb.

When using melee weapons, the right trigger is to attack, the right bumper is to block. Properly timed blocks will counter-attack enemies and throw them off balance. Properly deflecting an attack and using the right bumper shortly after will allow you to grab them and choke them out.

After the opening tutorial and cinematic you get to choose to play as either Emily or Corvo, as outlined in the complete gameplay walkthrough from RabidRetrospectGames.

The playthrough above focuses on Emily’s campaign and is just over nine hours long using stealth tactics.

When you start with Emily in the room that they lock her in, you have to go to the window, open it and climb out.

In order to open the secret door and get out of Dunwall, you’ll need the signet ring from the head guard Ramsey. You can either go through stealthily or causing noises. You can use the right bumper to choke out the guards and press the ‘X’ (or Square on PlayStation) button to pick them up and dump them in a safe place.

You can wait for Ramsey to leave the throne room and follow him up the steps to knock him out or kill him, take back the signet ring and open the secret passage that leads toward the tower exit. You’ll find some weapons, health elixir and some gold that you can use to help in your journey.

If you decide to let Ramsey live, you can lock him in the safe room before proceeding out of the tower.

Head down through the city and take out the guards. You can do this either loudly or stealthily. You can follow the video and stick to the aqueducts to get past the guards.

Head through the house at the end of the hall and you can head upstairs. You have a choice in saving the journalist or letting him die. Given how much hate most people have for journalists, you’re likely going to be hard pressed to save him. Unlike today’s news media, however, the journalist is repentant for the misinformation he fed the people of Dunwall regarding the Crown Killer.

Head past the roadblock and through the house to get to the other side of the alley, which will take you down to the docks. You can either shoot your way past the guards or stealth your way onto the ship toward Karnaca.

If you choose to take the Outsider’s power you can use the left trigger to teleport around quickly.

The next mission involves infiltrating the Watchtower at Karnaca. It starts at around 53 minute mark.

Dishonored 2 - The Watchtower

Head through the alleyways into a dank building using the heart to find a bum that will inform you on how to get past the guards.

There’s an optional quest from a skeeze named Mindy who wants a body. The body is being held by the Overseers and if you decide to get it you can give it to her in the basement below the dentist’s office.

You’ll need to head into the apartment with the bloodfly nests and you can use the gun to shoot the nests and pave a way through the apartment and get past the Wall of Light.

You’ll then need to move through the Overseer’s tower, take out the guards and you can get your hands on some Raw Whalebone by opening up the safe in the main office.

The safe code in the Overseer tower is: 617.

The body that Mindy wants is on the floor just above, dead in a room on a chair. You can grab the body and the rune on the desk and head outside toward the basement of the building next door. You’ll need to distract the guards to clear a path, or shoot and kill them like a phantom version of the Punisher.

You can give the body to Mindy and then make your way to Addermire, either using the streets or by using the rooftops.

You’ll find Dr. Hypatia’s key on the upper floor of the building inside the shop across from Addermire station.

If you head downstairs there’s a giant safe that you can attempt to unlock behind the stairs. The code for the safe is: 140

Head up through the station and take out the guards to take the carrier to the island institute, where you can attempt to meet Dr. Hypatia. The mission starts at the 1:53:00 mark in the video above.

Dishonored 2 - Addermire Institute

You can get into the Institute by teleporting around to try and get inside from an open window or you can go through the front door by knocking out (or killing) the guards. There will be a number of guards and civilians roving around inside, so depending on if you want to go in stealthy or loud will determine how easy or hard it will be. There are several guards usually in each room, so keep that in mind.

You can make your way upstairs through the hallway with all the dead bodies. However, there are guards on the stairwell. After you head upstairs move outside onto the balcony and through the other rooms to cue a cutscene.

Continue through the hallways and follow the marker to Hypatia’s officer where you’ll learn more about her work and gain access to to her key, which is on the desk.

From there you’ll need to continue to head through the institute toward Sokolov’s location.

Dr. Alexandra Hypatia turns out to be the Crown Killer after being forced to take the experimental serum by the Duke, warping her mind in the process and turning her into a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hide. Her assistant wants Emily to help save her and has a counter-serum. The code to get into the assistant’s safe is: 121

You’ll need to get an extra ingredient from the body by the bloodflies and then cook up the serum at the chemist’s work table. Head back up to the floor where Hypatia is to deliver the serum to her.

If you choose to help her and not kill her, Emily offers her refuge on the on the Dreadful Wale. From there you can head outside where the Watchtower is located and you can shut it down to complete the mission.

At the 3:00:00 mark the next mission gets underway, where Emily must find Sokolov at the Clockwork Mansion.

Dishonored 2 - Clockwork Mansion

You’ll find a Bonecharm in the upper floor of one of the buildings on the main street. There’s also a safe in one of the buildings through the alley on the second floor. The combination is: 767

Down the street there’s an abandoned building with bloodflies inside that you’ll overhear two women talking about. Head inside to get a new rune. Be sure to shoot or cut the bloodflies out of the area otherwise they’ll pester you while you’re inside.

Head down into the little underground building to ask the shopkeeper about a tool to rewire the Wall of Light. She’ll tell you to come back later after Paolo visits. Head outside and wait in the alleyway until Paolo comes in to get his goods and leaves, and then you can head inside and talk to the shopkeeper.

After you get the device, you’ll need to rewire the Wall of Light using the device you picked up on the front security box at the Clockwork Station. Once the Wall of Light is disabled you can then enter into the station and take the carriage to the mansion.

The next mission takes place in route to the Aventa District at the 3:30:00 mark. You’ll need to find a way past the blockage on the carriage tracks.

Dishonored 2 - Guards

An optional quest includes finding the carriage gate code.

You’ll find the new gate key code inside the guard station on the second floor where the veteran is sleep. The code is: 259

You can then input the codes to unlock the blockade and allow the carriage to take you to the Clockwork Mansion.

Once inside the mansion you’ll need to find Sokolov and either subdue or kill Kirin Jindosh.

Head past the entryway and use the space behind the walls to get through and around the mansion.

Move through to toward the guard patrols and you’ll find a sleeping guard on a couch with the waiting room key on the sofa.

You can use the Dark Vision to see through the walls and monitor the guard’s patrol patterns in order to get the jump on them.

Head up to the machine room to get the specs on on Jindosh and Delilah’s plans. Head outside and you can teleport down to a balcony and then take the elevator up to Jindosh’s lab. You’ll also need to find the electroshock machine, which is in Jindosh’s lab. You can place Jindosh in the chair and activate the control panel to rotate the floor and grab the charm under the main lab’s floor.

In order to use the electroshock machine on Jindosh you’ll need to power it up. You can see how to power-up the machine with the puzzle at the 4:18:46 mark in the video above.

Take the elevator to the jail cells and you’ll find Sokolov in the maze of cells with a giant robot guarding him. You can sneak past the robot and use the pressure pads on the floor to rearrange the room and sneak past by the guard with Anton Sokolov’s unconscious body.

Head up the stairs and head back to the elevator.

Carry Sokolov back to the Aventa District carriage to escape from Jindosh’s facility.

You’ll need to take out a few enemies just outside the Aventa train station and then get Sokolov to safety on the Wale.

The next mission involves going after Ashworth, one of Delilah’s lieutenants at the Royal Conservatory. You’ll find the mission at the 4:52:00 mark in the video above.

Dishonored 2 – Delilah

You can learn some additional info about Ashworth by taking on an optional quest with Overseer Byrne.

There’s an additional sidequest offered by a shopkeeper in the Karnaca district to check on an acquaintance at the Royal Conservatory.

You can sneak into Byrne’s office to find out more about Oracular Order and this further convinces Emily to eliminate Breanna Ashworth.

You can sneak past the guard checkpoint using the teleportation, and there’s a house you can enter to use to get around some of the enemies and make your way toward the Conservatory.

If you pick up a new rune in an abandoned old apartment, the Outsider will give you a brief backstory on Ashworth, informing you that she ran off with Delilah instead of being married off to a suitor by her parents, and that Vice Overseer Byrne wants all of the occult shenanigans out of his city, which is why he would have no love lost if Ashworth were killed.

If you head up into a house filled with bloodflies there’s a safe with some coins and ingots and pistol bullets inside. The combination to the safe is: 105

You can head through the witches’ quarters to get into the main Conservatory’s hall. You can either take them out stealthily or engage in an all out fight.

Continue through the Conservatory toward Ashworth’s office, where she will reveal that Jindosh and Delilah were working to developing technology to “touch the Void”.

Head toward the void machine and destroy the Oraculum. Once the machine is deactivated Ashworth will be finished.

Head back to Meagan to finish the mission.

The next mission involves heading to Aramis Stilton’s place. The mission starts at the 5:54:00 mark in the video above.

You’ll have to make your way through the Dust District to meet up with Meagan.

The dust storms from the mines will help cover some of your tracks so you can get through areas without being spotted by the guards.

You can meet up with Meagan who will give you the choice of subduing either Paolo or the Vice Overseer and giving one of them to the other in order to get them to help you get into Stilton’s place. GamerrZombie offers a non-stealth walkthrough of the same mission at the 16 minute mark.

Durante is one of the Howlers that that might be able to help open the Jindosh lock on Stilton’s place. You’ll need to find him to access the door.

If you decide to go after Paolo, you’ll be able to enter into their hideout and find an Outsider shrine on the top floor inside Paolo’s office where you can acquire a new rune.

On floor just below that, Durante’s room is guarded by two of Paolo’s men. There’s a note on the door saying that he was nicked by the Abbey boys.

If you use a sleep dart on Paolo, remember that he has to be “killed” twice. So if you knock him out once he’ll turn into rats and disappear. You’ll have to find him once more and subdue him for a second time.

You’ll need to bring Paolo to the Vice Overseer at their main base where Durante is being held. Durante’s items – and a way to get through the Stilton gate – are being kept at the Overseer base, but first you must deliver Paolo by heading to the penultimate floor. The key to Durante’s office at the Howler’s hideout is located on the desk opposite of the Vice Overseer’s desk. You can use the key to get inside his office and find out how to open Jindosh’s lock.

The code for the lock is printed on a piece of paper inside the office.

Dishonored 2 - Stilton Lock

The lock code is:
Madam Natsio – Snuff Tin
Lady Winslow – War Mdeal
Baroness Finch – Diamond
Countess Contee – Bird Pendant
Doctor Marcolla – Ring

The next mission involves infiltrating the Aramis Silton place.

The mansion is where Delilah grew up with Emily’s mother, Jessamine, and what helped her cultivate her cunning ways to lure Duke Luka Abele under her guileful ways.

You can’t use your powers in the Stilton place so be sure you have enough arrow bolts and bullets.

You can travel between time after you talk to Stilton and a short cinematic plays, with the Outsider giving you the Timepiece. You can reach Stilton by heading up to the floor above and walking around to the room he’s in and dropping down below.

The Timepiece can be activated using Square to unfold the lenses (or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller) and then pressing the left trigger to alternate timelines.

Use the Timepiece to switch back and forth between time and make your way up to the waypoint. There’s an area it’ll lead you to but it’s covered in Bloodfly hives and a zombie. You’ll need to remove the hives and then head back to venture into Stilton’s backyard.

The backyard checkpoint is covered at the 26:00 mark in the video above.

You’ll need to make your way to Stilton’s study, but it’s blocked by a chamber lock. You’ll need to lure the guards away from the door and input the following code to unlock the door: 875

Inside Emily will learn that Delilah was revived from the Void and her spirit locked inside of a statue that Duke Luka Abele protects.

Once you see the séance you can then leave the mansion and head back to the Dreadful Wale, however a cinematic will play.

Emily learns that the Outsider was killed 4,000 years prior and that when Delilah was inside the void she should have been lost but she cunningly used the Void’s power to talk to people from beyond the Void, and used the séance to come back from the Void, locking part of her spirit in the statue of bones.

Head back to the skiff to complete the mission.

The next mission involves going after the Duke and find the statue with Delilah’s soul inside. You can check out the first part of the mission below.

There’s an optional quest to find the Duke’s body double and get him to talk.

You can make your way toward the Grand Palace by first disabling the Wall of Light – if you have Shadow Walk you can slink in to the junction box and turn off the security system.

There’s a delivery woman with the alley gate keycode. The code is: 732

You’ll find the code for the black market at the guard’s quarters.

If you want to avoid a lot of a lot of the clutter of going through the front gate, you can instead dive into the water and swim around to the side of the palace and enter through the abandoned storage facility. There are nests of Bloodflies in there, so you may want to take those out first.

You can use the storage room to access the balcony, which can lead you into the palace. When you get into the main reception area there’s an elevator to the left that will take you upstairs.

You’ll find the body double for the Duke on the second floor. He’s guarded by a robot and two guards. If you take out the guards and robot, the fake Duke will get scared and hide in the corner, but after a short while he will stand up and you can talk to him.

If you want, you can choose to subdue the real Duke and have the fake Duke take over by snatching a special medallion from the real Duke and deposing him from his position.

You’ll find the Duke up the stairs in his chambers with a veteran guard watching over him.

Dishonored 2 - Duke Abele

If you nicked the keys from the Duke’s desk you can get into the Duke’s vault, which houses Delilah’s spirit.

There’s a single Clockwork robot guarding the spirit. Take out the guard and use the heart to on the bone cocoon that Ashworth made to capture Delilah’s spirit into the heart.

From there, exit the vault and venture to the skiff with Meagan to complete the mission.

Emily takes the skiff to Dunwall Tower for a final showdown with Delilah.

The streets are barricaded and the Tower is guarded. The only enemies on the streets are dogs.

You can go through an apartment before you enter into Dunwall Tower. The key to the apartment is on the maid’s dead body just outside by the side of the steps.

There’s a safe inside the apartment in the dining room that you can unlock using the code: 451

You’ll need to teleport up onto the railway tracks and then teleport up onto the balcony to get into the building that has a rune on the Outsider’s shrine. There’s a barometer on the wall that you can rotate to open the secret wall and get the stash of equipment and goods inside.

Use the teleportation skill to get up onto the rooftops and make your way into the Tower.

There are various witches and hounds patrolling the courtyard. You can either sneak past them or kill them all on your way into the tower.

You’ll need to sneak past (or kill) the witches inside the tower. And you can disrupt Delilah’s secret project by crafting a corrupt rune and using it in the fight against Delilah. All the ingredients for the rune are in the chapel, and once you finish that you can then head to the elevator that leads to Delilah.

However, before you can get the elevator working you’ll need to restore power by heading to the security room first.

The room can be accessed by going through the door under the stairs through the main hall. Head up through the wall and then through the kitchen area and then down the stairs into the security room. You’ll need to restore the power by refilling a glass case with whale oil. First use the whale oil dispenser to bring out a new canister and then place it in the whale oil liquid dispensary. Flip the switch to fill up the canister and then place it into the slot empty slot to turn the power back on.

Head back through the main hall to the elevator and kill a hound that’s inside. From there you can head to the the tower rooftop after taking the elevator up to the top floor.

During the fight you’ll need to use the heart on her and then she’ll travel to another dimension where she’ll make duplicates. You’ll need to kill all the duplicates before the real Delilah appears from out of a portal just in front of the throne.

You can defeat Delilah by either placing the corrupt rune on the throne, or by disabling her or by killing her.

If you place the corrupted rune on the throne before she opens the portal to reshape the world it will allow you to trap Delilah in her own corrupted fantasy. After you kill the duplicates and the real Delilah appears, stun her and hold down the right bumper to grab her and knock her unconscious. Place her on the throne and she will head back into her painting and stay there in her own alternate reality. Save Corvo and the game will end.

Depending on the choices you made throughout the game will determine the ending you receive, similar to Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

There’s a much shorter stealth walkthrough available of Corvo as well from RabidRetrospectGames that you can check out below.


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