Final Fantasy XV G-Star 2016 Video Features Griffon Boss Battle

Square Enix was on hand at this year’s G-Star 2016 event in South Korea and they showcased some new footage of Final Fantasy XV during a stage presentation at the event ahead of the game’s release on November 29th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

YouTuber dallop T posted up 16 minutes of footage featuring a boss battle with the Griffon from Final Fantasy XV during a stage conference at this year’s G-Star 2016 event in Busan, South Korea. You can check out the footage below.

The video starts in a town where the player character moves through a market, talking with some of the shopkeepers and even manages to pick up a quest where they decide to sit down to eat some cooked Griffon, but they have to go hunt and kill it first.

This leads Noctis and his fellow boy band members to buy some gas to refill the Regalia with fuel and then they proceed to drive to hunt down the Griffon so they can eat some bird meat.

The first five minutes is just picking up the quest, walking through the bazaar and then driving down the road as it turns toward night time. The Regalia burns through gas pretty quickly even though the mission is only a few kilometers away.

They step out of the car after getting close to the destination and then ride Chocobos to the location. We get to see Noctis’ white Chocobo in action as they ride toward the camp site to unlock some AP and eat some delicious looking food.

The boy band suckle down on some meat before continuing their mission.

Final Fantasy XV - Steak

After stuffing their mouths with steak, the pedo-bait party ride to the field in order to battle the Griffon. The boss flies into the area in a very dynamic fashion, with the boss music playing apropos to what’s taking place on screen.

It’s hard not to feel a little amped up from seeing the fight. It looks like something out of Monster Hunter.

We also get to see more of the unique weapon varieties, such as a short range exploder that Prompto uses to ground the Griffon.

For the firs time we get to see some really high-level skills on display, such as Noctis’ ability to chain-link combos in mid-air and then use the shift break to pause the combo and then start a new combo all while still up in the air. The developers uses a multi-shift break to fly high into the air while fighting the Griffon to clear the Mobhunt mission.

Final Fantasy XV may be “J-Pop the JRPG Incarnate” but the combat still looks sexy. You can look for the game to drop this upcoming Tuesday for the PS4 and Xbox One, or you can check out the leak footage circulating around YouTube and Daily Motion to see more of the game.


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