Football Manager 2017 Cheats Give You Infinite Budget And Transfer Budget
(Last Updated On: November 7, 2016)

One of the most popular sports simulators around managed to come out of the starting gates with a bang, ushering in the next annual outing of Sega’s premier football management game. With the release of the game also comes the release of some brand new cheats for the title to help give you an edge during the career mode.

After making the top 10 Steam games list for the week of sales ending on November 5th as reported by Blues, Football Manager has gone on to become the much needed victim of cheat culture.

Mr. Antifun has a basic set of cheats available in a trainer that allows you to unlock infinite budget, so you can spend all the money you want on the best coaches, trainers, pitch regiments and players to help make your team the best team that money can buy. The second cheat allows for an infinite transfer budget. Now in games like Football Manager 2017, sometimes the team budget is separate from the trade budget, and you’ll a separate currency to make as many transfers as you want without incurring a penalty.

Now before you use the cheats you’ll need to play through an entire day in Football Manager 2017. After a day has passed, open up the trainer and activate the cheats that you want. It’ll likely be a lot more fun to play if you only used the cheats at the start of the campaign, purchasing the best that money can buy, and then you play honestly from then on to keep the intensity intact. Otherwise you might lose the winner’s edge.

Football Manager 2017 hasn’t had the best time on the market, though. The game has suffered from a lot of criticism from the core gaming community over recycled features from Football Manager 2015 and Football Manager 2016, and there have also been complaints about the game having some other technical issues, but those can always be solved with a patch here or there. Another common complaint was the lack of natural Chinese language, something we’ve seen from various Chinese players cropping up here and there with some releases, so maybe Sports Interactive will look into adding natural Chinese to quell some of the surliness.

Anyway, if you’re already enjoying your time with Football Manager 2017 but you want to cheat your way to victory, you can do so by grabbing the cheat trainer from the Mr. Antifun download page.

Alternatively, there is a six cheat trainer that modifies player conditions such as happiness, morale and fitness, along with money cheats as well. You can grab the other premium trainer on the Megadev download page.

(Main image courtesy of NINJA)

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