Gawker Settles Hulk Hogan Lawsuit For $31 Million

Arch-nemesis to #GamerGate, Gawker, has settled with Hulk Hogan over the lawsuit that originally saw the jury awarding Hulk Hogan $140 million in damages. This was in response to Gawker leaking the sex tape of Hulk Hogan, and defending it to the company’s grave.

The settlement, according to the BBC, is for $31 million. This comes after had its doors shuttered by its new owners at Univision, who bought the conglomerate out after they had to auction off all the assets due to the legal fees and verdict.

Denton smugly recapped the story on his blog, placing the blame on tech mogul Peter Thiel and his financial injections into the Hogan case, attempting to portray Gawker as the victim in the whole thing. He also notes that he’ll continue to lurch around the internet’s social meeting places like an anti-#GamerGate rapist lurking around the porn recruitment scene. Denton states…

“I will continue to work on topic forums, still convinced that the internet can bring people together in shared understanding rather than just triggering conflict between them. Hulk Hogan’s retirement will be comfortable.”

Many wrestling fans are hoping that Hogan and WWE chairman Vince McMahon can repair their relationship and get back to doing business together. McMahon separated from Hogan during the trial after snippets from the sex tape were revealed and Hogan was on camera using racial slurs.

Many gamers are still hoping to one day bring down Kotaku, but they did manage to set their sights on Gizmodo after the outlet tried targeting Palmer Luckey’s girlfriend in an attempt to incite a harassment campaign against her.

The fight for ethics in journalism continues, but on the upside the hub of media corruption – – was felled by the giant slayer Hulk Hogan (with a little bit of help from #GamerGate and Operation Disrespectful Nod).


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